History's Number 1 Founder

Chapter 7: Celeritas vs PeaChapter Blossom

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Lin Feng led Murong Yanran and the other two arriving outside of Stone Village, the area of battle before had not been cleaned up yet, the ground was littered with dried corpses and it was as terrifying as hell on earth.

It’s not just Murong Yanran who nearly dry heaved when seeing this miserable scene, Ye Ge and the white-robed youth also had a big frown on their faces and felt nauseous.

The strong contrast of the charred withered tree trunk of the old peach tree at the village entrance matched with the charming peach blossoms entering the eyes made people feel a wave of uncomfortableness.

In this living hell like environment, the more exuberant the peach blossoms were the more eerier they appeared.

Lin Feng was just about to speak when a disturbance suddenly rose up in Stone Village. The swearing of adults and the crying of children mixed together, everybody ran towards the outside of the village from different directions. all of them keeping away from the old peach tree at the village entrance.

Lin Feng focused his eyes looking over, seeing that in the village, brilliant red peach blossom petals were flying in the air, chasing behind the villagers.

People that the flower petals attached to immediately had their vital essence sucked clean, turning into dried corpses.

Seeing in the crowd Xiao Budian who was protecting other people and running away with everybody, Lin Feng let out a long sigh of relief, calling out lucky in his heart.

Fortunately he encountered Murong Yanran and co., or else with the old peach tree striking out this quickly he really wouldn’t have had any way to deal with the demon.

Against the peach blossoms chasing outside of the village, with a loud yell Lin Feng held his head and ran away, seemingly receiving a great fright.

Murong Yanran and the white-robed youth stared at the back of Lin Feng’s figure that had already run far away, releasing a cold snort in unison: “Coward.”

Lin Feng didn’t know that his actions were in the middle of being looked down upon by people, even if he knew he also wouldn’t care.

Of course he has to run, if he lets Xiao Budian and the village elder see him like this then how would he continue to act like a peerless master?

On the other hand, Lin Feng also needs to leave the sights of the three people from the Celeritas Sword Sect as quick as possible to make preparations for himself striking out.

Regardless of who wins and loses Lin Feng will still make a move.

If the old peach tree wins Lin Feng naturally would not be happy, Right now it’s not just the safety of Xiao Budian, he also has to ensure that if Murong Yanran and co. lose that they do not die and are able to escape alive. At least Murong Yanran this little chick absolutely cannot die.

Or else who would go to the Xiao family to break off the marriage?

But if Ye Ge and co. win too easily, then for Lin Feng that is also definitely not a good thing. God knows if they will take an eye towards Xiao Budian’s potential and take him into the Celeritas Sword Sect’s door?

Then Lin Feng will have lost everything.

A lose-lose situation for both sides is the result that Lin Feng is most happy to see.

And so, carefully finding a place and hiding himself, Lin Feng took out the Northern Aurora Sword, closely paying attention to the battle.

The white-robed youth had already pulled his sword out of the scabbard, engaging the old peach tree first.

Only even though a level of Qi Disciple level 10 is impressive and he cut down a couple of peach blossoms, it is far from being the old peach tree’s opponent.

When the white-robed youth’s sword aura was about to cut the tree trunk, a change suddenly occurred to the old peach tree. The peach blossoms on the tree branches together released a pink coloured mist, connecting together and enveloping the old peach tree.

When the white-robed youth’s sword cut into the pink mist, it was immediately like being caught in quicksand, unable to move.

“Vile spawn thou dareth?” The white-robed youth’s expression changed, wanting to call back the flying sword but it was caught by the pink mist, no matter how hard he tried he could not take it back.

Not only so, the red mist followed the white-robed youth’s mana eroding over, counterattacking him. The white-robed youth’s face was instantly flushed red, as if drunk from alcohol, only able to difficulty hold on.

The situation drastically plummeted, Ye Ge and Murong Yanran were all greatly alarmed. Murong Yanran wanted to help out but was stopped by Ye Ge: “There’s something strange about this tree demon, don’t interfere.”

Ye Ge extended his arm and released an invisible sword qi with a sweep of his arm, cutting off the connection between the white-robed youth and the old peach tree. Saving the white-robed youth he handed him over to Murong Yanran: “You guys stand down, I will face this demon.”

Finishing speaking he pulled his sword out of the scabbard, stabbing forward and also releasing a golden coloured sword aura.

Ye Ge’s sword aura is a lot fiercer than the white-robed youth’s, like a fogbow streaking across the sky, the dazzling sword aura cut straight towards the old peach tree. (TL: Fogbow – a phenomenon similar to a rainbow, produced by sunlight shining on fog.)

The old peach tree repeated the same trick, the red mist became increasingly thicker blocking Ye Ge’s sword aura. Waves of ripples like water rose up on the red mist, the strength of Ye Ge’s fierce attack was actually also averted by her.

Lin Feng secretly said: “Thank god.” Taking head on the attack of Ye Ge who is a Foundation Establishment rank cultivator, this old peachtree really also has Foundation Establishment rank strength.

Good thing I wasn’t rash before or else even with the Northern Aurora Sword, running over to solo the old peach tree would just be a futile attempt without return.

Ye Ge gave a cold snort, the bright sword aura turned into a mist, suddenly expanding. The sword qi spread upward, forming a very imposing cloud pillar.

The cloud pillar expanded to the extreme, the mist directly burst apart becoming a rain of sword qi like a swarm of locusts, hundreds of thousands of sword qi together shooting in all directions.

The old peach tree was in no rush, the peach blossoms on the tree branches all floated down, forming a rain of flowers in the air and shooting towards Ye Ge.

Unlike the seemingly weak and floaty appearance seen before, the flower petals this time were like sharp arrows, soaring through the clouds and splitting rocks

The rain of flowers all over the sky met in mid air with the boundless sword qi, breaking out a striking collision.

Flower petals split, sword qi vanished, the two sides mingled together, the world was turned into a haze.

Lin Feng was hiding in cover and watching enraptured: “This is the power of Foundation Establishment rank cultivators, they are indeed skilled.”

Lin Feng thought while watching, if he met a Foundation Establishment rank cultivator, how should he deal with the person?

Naturally it would be best if he didn’t have to fight, but if he had to attack then he has to first set up Nine Heavens Thunder Summoning to ambush, and then immediately use the Northern Aurora Sword to do a pincer attack while the person is dealing with being stuck by lightning.

Success is between these two moves, if even this kind of attack cannot defeat the opponent then he will immediately run away, running as fast as he can.

Overall, under the premise of first plotting against the opponent and ambushing, it’s not that he can’t win, but his chances of winning are still pretty low.

While Lin Feng was in the middle of his thoughts, the battle over there had already gradually intensified.

Between the collision of the sword qi and the flower storm, it seemed like Ye Ge was the better. After the sword qi crushed over a hundred peach blossoms, the remaining momentum did not stop, continuing to bombard towards the old peach tree.

Concentrated sword qi like a storm landed on the old peach tree.

The entire body of the old peach tree rippled with a layer of crimson red demonic aura, gorgeous and brilliant, bearing the bombardment of the sword storm head on.

Like a rainstorm hitting water, wave after wave of ripples rose up on the red demonic aura. Maybe one beam of sword qi cannot break open the old peach tree’s defense, but the attack this time is more than thousands of beams of sword qi. Being repeatedly attacked by such concentrated sword qi non-stop the old peach tree really does have a sort of precarious feeling.

Murong Yanran and the white-robed youth were all loudly cheering.

The Stone Village villagers that had escaped far away also stopped their footsteps, paying attention to the battle. Seeing Ye Ge have the advantage they also cheered together.

Only Lin Feng’s eyes were slightly focused, his heart tightening a bit: “Something’s wrong.”

Naturally he wouldn’t be worried about the old peach tree, it’s that he sensed that the old peach tree seemed to be holding back.

Seeing the old peach tree only have the ability to withstand the attacks and not have the strength to retaliate, Ye Ge who has a cautious nature was also in high-spirits, the sword sign of his hands changed, his body fusing with the sword and together flying upwards.

The mist like sword qi also instantly became a brilliant sword aura at this instant, human and sword as one, cutting straight down towards the old peach tree.

This attack gave up on the formless, fluctuating characteristic of the mist and focused all of the strength into lethality and destructive power. Ye Ge’s mana surged, forming a powerful sword aura dozens of meters long and as wide as a door with peerless might and an invincible aura.

But right at this moment, a light laughed rang beside Lin Feng’s ear.

It was that low and hoarse female voice, her laughing voice was filled with disdain and contempt.

Lin Feng’s eyes jolted wide open, seeing the bright red demon aura around the old peach tree suddenly condense into a ball of light only the size of a fist.

The light orb looks unremarkable, but watching that light orb Lin Feng felt even his soul slightly tremble.

That is a strength compressed to the extreme, the destructive power has also reached the extreme. Lin Feng even saw that even the air around the light orb had already distorted, the space had a trend of collapsing towards the inside of the light orb.

Ye Ge’s expression dramatically changed: “What a cunning demon!”

But he had already reached the end of his move, there was no more time to change. He could only brace himself and attack.

Ye Ge’s sword aura collided with the old peach tree’s light orb, a dazzling light burst forth causing everyone to be unable to open their eyes.

The instant that both sides made contact there was not much activity, but the next instant a deafening roar rose up.

A massive shockwave expanded in all directions, the Stone Village villagers far away were like blades of straw being blown all over the place by the powerful wind.

Against the shockwave, Lin Feng who was very far away also felt his chest tighten, the breath that he was originally about to exhale was actually suppressed, unable to breath out.

At the heart of the explosion, a human figure flew out, heavily falling onto the ground, is was exactly Ye Ge.

The Ye Ge right now no longer had the sage like appearance when they first met, the white robe on his body had already been dyed red with fresh blood.

Murong Yanran and the white-robed youth were all aghast, hastily going up and helping up Ye Ge. Before they could even speak they were cut off by Ye Ge, the old man hurriedly yelled: “Go, go quick!”

Before his voice has died away, the old peach tree’s flowers fluttered in the wind, already preparing for a new round of attacks.

The three people of the Celeritas Sword Sect did not dare to hesitate, supporting each other and running away in a fluster. Right now their minds no longer had any thought of slaying evil, their only thought was one word: Run!

Yet at this moment Lin Feng summoned the Northern Aurora Sword, its blade pointing straight at the old peach tree.

“Now is the time!”

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