History's Number 1 Founder

Chapter 8: I’ve Remembered You

I’ll say this beforehand since I don’t really think it’s a spoiler. As you’ll see in this chapter, yes the tree is a female, and if you were to base things off this chapter and with every novel you’ve read, you would assume they end up together. But, I am 1000 chapters in and there is almost zero indication of Lin Feng getting together with anybody, in fact, if it weren’t for the fact that I’ve never seen a novel where the MC doesn’t end up with somebody, I would tell you 100% that Lin Feng doesn’t end up with anybody. Honestly if he does end up with somebody, judging by the way things are going, it’ll at least be a couple hundred more chapters. So yeah, you guys will have to wait like 10 years or something to see if that happens or not…

The showdown between two Foundation Establishment rank powerhouses came to a close with the old peach tree’s victory.

First appearing weak to the enemy and then after luring Ye Ge to advance rashly decisively using the strongest strength to engage, beating the complete crap out of this Foundation Establishment ranked cultivator of the Celeritas Sword Sect.

But the old peach tree herself also paid a relatively big price, that brilliant red protective demonic aura of hers had also vanished at this moment, only able to use the red mist and flower rain to organize a new offensive.

Even like this she is still not what the injured Ye Ge and co. can withstand, Ye Ge and co. hurriedly escaped.

Right at this time from a different direction, a powerful wave of mana fluctuations suddenly burst out, lightning and thunder surged making people breathless.

Lin Feng’s face was pale, drenched in sweat.

Above his head the Northern Aurora Sword floated in the air. The sword was covered with arcs of lightning, sparks continuously jumped, the “Crackling” sound of electric currents roared.

Lin Feng’s hand formed spell signs, his mouth complaining: “This thing consumes too much mana, but this is still far from enough.” He felt his mana was practically about to be sucked dry by the Northern Aurora Sword.

Lin Feng didn’t have a lot of chances, taking advantage of while the old peach tree has been heavily exhausted by Ye Ge is the best opportunity to defeat the old peach tree. this is a golden opportunity.

Suddenly, Lin Feng thought of something: “Oh right, how did I forget about that thing?”

He hurriedly took out the Heaven Thunder Moon Jade, attempting to draw out thunder energy from within.

With this he almost screwed up, the thunder essence in the Heaven Thunder Moon Jade is pure and so colossal, flowing into Lin Feng’s body in an instant it almost turned him into charcoal.

Lin Feng’s entire body was covered by lightning, from top to bottom his body was coursing with dense blue and purple lightning aura.

Don’t mention sparks flying out from his entire body, even the hairs on his body had thunder energy that could not be held in blowing out.

At the crucial moment, Lin Feng circulated his Nine Heavens Thunder Technique to the extreme, his mind linking with the Northern Aurora Sword above his head.

The colossal thunder energy finally found an outlet, immediately charging into the Northern Aurora Sword like a flood breaking through a dike.

Lin Feng carefully controlled the flow of the mana and spirit energy in his body, making himself become the bridge of communication between the Heaven Thunder Moon Jade and Northern Aurora Sword.

With the massive power supply of the Heaven Thunder Moon Jade the Northern Aurora Sword instantly became powerful, the lightning aura on the sword became increasingly condensed, in the end becoming a pure white, even the Northern Aurora Sword itself turned into a lightsaber.

At the tip of the lightsaber, lightning aura converged into a lightning ball. The size became increasingly bigger, revealing a power of mass destruction. Compared to the lightning that Lin Feng summoned before using the Nine Heaven Thunder Summoning it was also even stronger.

The scariness of this lightning ball could already rival the light orb that the old peach tree created.

The commotion over at Lin Feng’s side had already alarmed the people in the battle, both sides stopped fighting in uncertainty. Even though they couldn’t see Lin Feng, they were all paying attention to the movement over at Lin Feng’s side.

But before they could react, Lin Feng had already let loose.

An incredibly overbearing and powerful beam of dazzling lightning burst across the sky, striking towards the burnt old peach tree.

Northern Aurora Mystic Light!

The flowers of the old peach tree all violently shook, boundless red mist and and an endless flower storm went to engage the Northern Aurora Mystic Light.

The lightning along with the red mist and flower storm met in mid-air, time seemed to stop at this instant, becoming infinitely slow. It was clearly just an instant, yet it was like a century had passed.

Every person looking discovered that they could clearly see the the flower rain and red mist bit by bit fragment, becoming specks of dust and then being swallowed by the lightning.

The enchanting flowers, inch by inch, foot by foot, all disintegrated like dust.

Lastly the old peach tree itself that is 8,9 meters tall with a diameter of a whole dozen meters was also covered in cracks like fractured porcelain.

Breaking, disintegrating, constantly fracturing, breaking again!

Countless pieces of wood charcoal fell onto the ground, this incredibly massive old peach tree was directly obliterated by this Northern Aurora Mystic Light of Lin Feng’s!

Too bad for it that it had already been struck by lightning before and is now suffering a lightning calamity again, it is unable to hold on anymore.

Lin Feng saw the result of his one sword blow letting out a long sigh of relief. His mind felt a wave of weakness, he does not have the ability to do it again.

A sea of thunder energy was poured into the Northern Aurora Sword through his body causing his body to also bear a huge bearden, especially his heart which was suffering from waves of numbness.

But he quickly pulled himself together because he faintly saw that after the old peach tree was destroyed there was a while light that flashed by.

Even though it was just a split second, Lin Feng’s expression still greatly changed.

That is a bare-footed woman with snow white clothes, her beauty is one that Lin Feng has never seen in his life before.

Murong Yanran could already be considered incredibly beautiful, but in front of this woman she was still a step below.

The beauty of this woman was in that her entire body did not have any imperfections, her beauty was breathtaking, her beauty was intoxicating… Her beauty was inhuman.

But Lin Feng’s heart did not have the fiery feeling of seeing a beautiful woman like before.

He only felt a bone chilling coldness, his back drenched in cold sweat.

The white-clothed woman had her hair loose, her entire body did not have any accessories but she naturally revealed a tempting beauty.

Lin Feng felt her look over towards him, that low and hoarse female voice once again sounded beside his ears.

“My name is Long Ye, please remember it, because…” (TL: Long Ye, 胧夜, hazy night.)

Different from her elegant and enchanting appearance, her voice is extremely deep, yet it formed a sort of special allure, attracting people to willingly indulge in it.

But Lin Feng’s mind did not have any romantic or amorous thoughts because the other half of this woman’s sentence is like this.

“… because, I’ve remembered you!”

Finishing speaking one sentence, with a flash the white figure had already disappeared, only leaving behind the remains of the wrecked old peach tree all over the ground.

Lin Feng brushed his nose, if it was possible he really wanted to say: “ Big sis, please don’t have good memory.”

Being remembered by a hot chick is a good thing, but that definitely doesn’t include Long Ye.

At this time, the other people were also like they had woken up from a dream.

The villagers of Stone Village were all cheering in joy when Ye Ge had the advantage, who knew that the situation would take a sudden turn for the worst and that the three people of the Celeritas Sword Sect would be defeated and flee. Right when people were in a panic, a sudden bolt of lightning from the sky directly killed the tree demon.

The ups and downs of life are honestly too quick, when the villagers returned to their senses a lot of people cried from joy, one by one they kowtowed in the direct that the lightning was released.

Ye Ge and co. who had escaped for a while were also dumbstruck at this moment. The white-robed youth said angrily: “Isn’t this guy a bit too good at picking up opportunities? Only attacking while taking advantage of after Elder Ye and that tree demon took each other down.”

Ye Ge shook his head: “Seeing the power of that lightning, that person’s strength is only above mine and not below.”

Murong Yanran said hesitantly: “Should we go back and take a look?”

While speaking, a hostile aura suddenly came over from the direction of the lightning, powerful mana fluctuations once again sprang up.

Ye Ge and co. all had an unhappy look, the white-robed youth said furiously: “Actually daring to provoke us the Celeritas Sword Sect?”

Murong Yanran glared at him: “Elder Ye is currently hurt, we can only let him be cocky.”

“Forget it, let’s go. In any case the tree demon has been eliminated.” Ye Ge sighed, looking towards Murong Yanran: “It’s just that we’ll need to delay a period of your time, I can only accompany you to the Wuzhou province Xiao family after I’ve recovered.”

Murong Yanran hurriedly said: “Of course it’s elder’s injury that is more important.”

Scaring off Murong Yanran and co., Lin Feng let out a breath of relief. He looked towards Xiao Budian in the crowd far off, his heart instantly becoming fervent: “Busying about for half a day it’s finally about to reach harvest time.”

As for the future trouble brought by Long Ye, Lin Feng could only first put it in the back of his mind. Right now all of his thoughts are about how he is finally about to have his first disciple.

Hurriedly changing into the taoist clothes and reverting back to that sage-like master appearance, Lin Feng snuck back to the elder’s house, finding a most comfortable position and then sitting in the elder’s house yard, quietly waiting for Xiao Budian and them to return.

After a moment, a group of people followed the elder and Xiao Budian walking into the yard, originally they were going to discuss the matters of taking care of the aftermath.

Who knew that just entering the door he saw Lin Feng carefree and content, sitting cross-legged, a magic sword placed horizontally across his knees. The lightning arcs that occasionally jumped on the magic sword instantly flashed them blind.

Xiao Budian was the first to react: “Daozhang, it was you that got rid of that old peach tree?” (TL: 道长, daozhang, a way to refer to taoist priests. I just left it out before or changed it to you, but I’ve just decided to leave it as daozhang from now on.)

Lin Feng lightly smiled but did not speak.

Thinking of that talisman he gave to Xiao Budian before that summoned lightning and then seeing the Northern Aurora Sword on Lin Feng’s knees, thinking of that miraculous lightning strike that destroyed the old peach tree, the Stone Village villagers immediately started cheering.

Everybody looked at Lin Feng in reverence, all of them kneeling down and thanking Lin Feng for saving them.

Even with the thickness of Lin Feng’s skin he still felt embarrassed, but he still had to continue acting like a master so he could only force himself to hold on.

The old elder also walked over at this time thanking Lin Feng. After thanking him he seemed to have something to say, his gaze hesitantly shifting between Lin Feng and Xiao Budian.

Lin Feng’s appearance was indifferent, but the corners of his eyes were looking at Xiao Budian the entire time, his inner heart calling out affectionately.

“Xiao Budian you little guy, hurry up and come into master’s bowl.” (TL: Come into his bowl, become his, you get it.)

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