I Have the Alchemy Emperor in My Head

Chapter 1652 - 1652 Wang Yifan Backs Down

Chapter 1652 - 1652 Wang Yifan Backs Down

1652 Wang Yifan Backs Down

The man’s eyes were locked on Chu Yunfan. To ordinary people, this man was like a beast that chose to devour people. Even Chu Yunfan’s divine power began to circulate, and all the hair on his body stood up.

This was an existence that surpassed the Abstract Stage, a true disciple!

This person was undoubtedly a true disciple of the Flying Celestials. Chu Yunfan had wanted to keep a low profile and not provoke a true disciple, but the other party chose to bully him. He had no choice.

Chu Yunfan did not cause trouble, but he was never afraid of trouble, even if the other party was a true disciple. He had a lot of trump cards. If he really exploded, he might have a chance to teach the other party a lesson.

The man saw that Chu Yunfan had a calm expression. Chu Yunfan didn’t look like an ordinary person who was scared out of his wits.

“You dare to kill people in the Flying Celestials? You’re courting death. Do you really think you can do whatever you want as an Abstract inner disciple?” The man looked at Chu Yunfan coldly.

Chu Yunfan could sense that this person had come with ill intentions. He gathered all his mana and was ready to attack at any time. Although the man in front of him was very powerful, it was impossible for to Chu Yunfan simply surrender.

“How dare you condense your divine power in front of me!”

The man snorted coldly and attacked. He casually slashed down with a sword light.

Chu Yunfan’s hair stood on end, and he felt as if he was in extreme danger. He quickly formed an energy shield in front of him to protect himself. But in an instant, the energy shield was cut through and the sword light landed on him.


Chu Yunfan was sent flying, and a huge wound appeared on his arm, causing blood to spurt out.


The man frowned when he realized that he had failed to kill Chu Yunfan in one hit. Although he had only casually attacked, an ordinary Abstract should not have been able to block his attack and would have been killed. However, only Chu Yunfan’s arm was injured.

Chu Yunfan’s eyes flashed with a sharp light. He was about to activate the bloodline of the hou in his body and transform into a hou. Then, he would use the Monster Vanquisher to fight this man.

He had a chance of winning!

“Wang Yifan, you dare to touch my people? Don’t force me to make a move!”

A crisp and cold voice suddenly came from afar. Immediately after, Yi Yunyao came on a beam of light. She stood before Chu Yunfan and blocked the man, Wang Yifan.

Chu Yunfan now knew who this man was. When he was reading “The World,” he had seen records of the Flying Celestial true disciples. As there were not many, all of them could be recorded in the book. It was just that the records were not very detailed. After all, this was a big taboo, but he knew some basic information.

Wang Yifan was one of the Flying Celestial’s true disciples. His strength was unfathomable, and he possessed extremely powerful cultivation from a young age. However, he was temperamental and extremely murderous.

“So this is your man Junior Yi. This person killed one of my disciples. He violated the sect rules and should be sentenced to death.”

When Wang Yifan saw Yi Yunyao appear, he immediately restrained his expression and glared at her. He did not even look at Chu Yunfan. In his opinion, Chu Yunfan was just an inner disciple who was a little more than he had imagined. He was nothing. Who he truly was afraid of was Yi Yunyao.

“Wang Yifan, you don’t have to tell me. I know the rules of the sect better than you do, and I also know that every single one of your disciples is as arrogant and despotic as you,” Yi Yunyao said with a cold smile. “If we really think about it, attacking a fellow disciple is a capital offense. Chu Yunfan was just defending himself. What’s wrong with that?”

“Does this mean you plan to disrespect me, Junior Yi? For a lowly inner disciple?” Wang Yifan’s voice became colder and colder as he stared at Yi Yunyao.

Yi Yunyao said indifferently, “I’ll settle this feud. If you’re not satisfied, we can have a fight now and end this matter.”

Wang Yifan stared at Yi Yunyao coldly, then squeezed out an ugly smile and said, “Since you’ve spoken, I’ll let you go this time. If he encounters any disaster in the future, I won’t be held responsible.”

Wang Yifan’s words were full of threats. He did not care about the disciples that Chu Yunfan had killed. What he really hated was that Yi Yunyao did not take him seriously. The threat in his words was clear as day. Could Yi Yunyao watch Chu Yunfan for the rest of her life?

If Wang Yifan wanted to get back at a small inner disciple, he just needed to say the word.

“You don’t have to worry about that. Such a day will never come,” Chu Yunfan said, “Senior Wang, you should be careful. Take care that a disaster doesn’t befall you.”

“I’ve never met an inner disciple as arrogant as you,” Wang Yifan said fiercely. Of course, he knew what Chu Yunfan meant, and his eyes flashed with a fierce light. “Your subordinates are talented, Junior Yi. I want to see who will be in trouble when the time comes.”

After Wang Yifan finished speaking, he left.

“I’m sorry I’ve brought you trouble, Senior Yi,” Chu Yunfan said as he cupped his hands.

Yi Yunyao answered, “No need for sorry. Those disciples didn’t attack you because of you, but because of me. I have a grudge with Wang Yifan, and they wanted to help him vent his anger. Who would’ve thought that they’d kick a hornet’s nest?

“Inner disciples are nothing compared to true disciples. With your status, it’s impossible for you to casually kill them. Now that this matter involves two true disciples, the two of us can bring a conclusion to this matter.”

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