I Love You, Monster: The Blindfolded Wife x The Masked Husband

Chapter 10 Step #01

That same day Sei left, Davi took her bag and went out of the gray mansion. She insisted going out on her own but the worrywart butler just won't let her, so she ended up being escorted until she reached the hospital.

She spent the day with her recovering little brother and then went to her high school best friend at night. Her best friend Hinari was actually a hardcore fan of all sort of romance related things. Currently, she was aiming to become a successful romantic author and the fact that Davi couldn't even count the number of boys she dated back in high school made her the right person Davi needs. Of course, Davi's intention in meeting her was because of her new mission. She went to her to seek for advice.

And thus, days went by in a flash but Sei didn't come back. Davi's notebook were already filled with the notes she gathered for the three nights she spent with her best friend. Unfortunately, Hinari was set to go on a trip so Davi was left with her brother and was now spending her time surfing and reading all sort of articles and books, related to what was called the art of flirting and seduction.

After seven days.

The gray mansion was in chaos. The old butler can't control the mansion's wild princess anymore. 3 days ago, the butler mentioned that Sei was actually taking such a long time whenever he goes abroad and he said that a month was surprisingly the shortest, making Davi shocked. At the same time, glad, for she didn't expect that she will be given such plenty of time to prepare for the approaching battle. She then came and insisted to make some changes in the mansion's garden. She wanted the dark, chilly garden to turn into something romantic. She wanted to add some colors in its monotone look. She wanted to transform it into a perfect dating spot for future purposes.

Well everyone was pleased with her idea if not for the fact that she wanted to do it herself, something that made the butler and the maids completely bewildered but couldn't do a thing. Their lady boss was just so stubborn and kind at the same time, giving them no choice but listen to her.

However, under the bright sunny day, a blizzard suddenly covered the bright sky. Shockingly, Sei suddenly appeared making all of them tense. The servants were scared for they were caught red handed for the fact that they servants were clean and tidy while their lady boss was like… a dethroned princess who turned into a beautiful gardener.

At that same moment, Davi was quietly standing like a soldier waiting for her superior to scold her, wearing another large white printed tee paired with black jogging pants. Her hair was tied in a messy bun while her face and neck was wet with sweat, indicating her long time of working under the sun.

However, Sei didn't talk, he just skimmed the quiet girl before her. He noticed her hand, looking dirty as if she just played with muds.

"Uhh, this is… I'm planting in the garden," she said smiling pleasantly at him. "W-welcome back."

Davi stared at the masked man in front of her, and without any care about how she looks, she instantly transformed herself into what she called 'the instant mission mode'. She remembered the first thing she wrote in her notebook; 'Step #1: gaze and smile'. Hinari told her that the power of gaze was actually huge that it can melt even the thickest invisible wall between you and your target, while a dazzling and natural smile was effortless sexy that can melt even the coldest heart.

Therefore, Davi put all her energies in her eyes and did her best not to look away from him while trying to bring out what Hinari said, her flirtatious nature. However, one thing was off, the mask was on the way, almost being a huge block that kept distracting her. Well, she can't see his eyes so eye contact might be useless but she still did it anyway, she was unsure about whether he was affected or not but she has to follow her plans at all cost. Besides, she never knows, it might actually work on him.

Meanwhile, Sei was observing Davi's expressions. The girl suddenly showing such warm wide smile, and eyes filled with intense energy made Sei quietly baffled. He could tell that the girl was up to something, but for some reason, he seemed pleased a little bit.

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