I Love You, Monster: The Blindfolded Wife x The Masked Husband

Chapter 16 Horrified

Time passed by and Sei's uneasiness kept rising as they move further inside the haunted house. The house was pitch black and all sort of scary things were inside it. Even though, this was his first time entering this kind of place, he could tell how skilled the maker of all the things inside. It's because everything was looking realistic, even the sounds, and the ghosts in disguise.

However, Sei's expressionless face slowly changed. His brows were knitted as he kept glancing at the girl behind her. It was because the girl who was just looking excited just now suddenly turned amazingly quiet ever since they entered the house. She was tugging Sei's shirt tightly from behind as if she wanted to rip it into pieces as she leaned her head in his back as though she was hiding from someone.

Sei then halted the moment they reached a dim lighted room surrounded by little candles looking like a room where rituals of witches were held. He turned towards the girl and his eyes turned slightly wide upon seeing her pale face. Her mask was hanging on her neck and the girl's eyes were tightly closed. Her forehead down to her neck was wet with sweat.

And seeing the girl in that state, Sei decided to go back. He then held her shoulders.

"Let's go back," he said and his voice instantly made Davi's back stiffened. Her mind wasn't even working properly anymore because she was busy forcing herself to imagine pleasant things yet Sei's voice was like a bang that startled her. Her grip in his shirt loosen.

And she suddenly opened her eyes, however, the first thing she saw was a wooden thing that looks like a wooden coffin surrounded by candles. Her eyes instantly turned wide and she was about to cover her eyes when the coffin suddenly opened while a hand of rotten corpse appeared.

"Ahhh!!" Davi screeched and she instantly hug the man in front of her. She was shivering as her loud piercing scream still echoed inside the house.

Sei was speechless. He was dumbfounded.

He could tell that the girl was scared to death. So he raised his hand and patted her back as the girl was still hugging him as if she's trying to squeeze him.

"That was just a ghost in disguise," he said but the girl didn't stop shivering. She didn't even loosen up her intense grip.

At that very moment, Davi remembered her young self, sitting alone while hugging her own knees in the corner of a dim room. She was just ten that time when she experienced that traumatic event in her life. It wasn't even a month yet when she found her mother hanged herself in her room, it wasn't even a month yet since her burial and yet the evil people who was after her wealth were now attacking her as if she was a rabbit being chased out by wolves. They did all sort of dirty things to drive her insane and drive her out of her own home. They scared her every night, turning their huge family mansion into a horrifying place, filled with blood and ropes akin to what her mother used to kill herself. That time, Davi was just a child and she was alone in a huge house. She found out years after that those ghosts and horrors she had witnessed were all fake and were made just to make her leave the house on her own accord. However, the scar and the emotional trauma never went away even after many years. And that cruel memory remained fresh in her nightmares, leaving her horrified every single time she remembers it.

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