I Love You, Monster: The Blindfolded Wife x The Masked Husband

Chapter 17 Zombie Apocalypse

After a long while, Sei felt that Davi couldn't seem to calm down.

"We're leaving," he uttered but the girl didn't seem to hear him. He then moved his face closer to her ears then said the same words gently.

Davi who was still in daze heard his voice. She felt like someone finally called for her to wake up from that ruthless nightmare, making her nodded right away.

Sei on the other hand gently pushed her and he held her hand. He then started walking while the girl obediently followed him from behind even though she was walking too slow due to her shivering knees. She also gripped Sei's hand as if telling him not to ever let go of her.

However, what happened next was disaster.

A group of zombies and white ladies suddenly appeared behind them and they started grabbing Davi's hand and feet as they tried dragging her away from Sei. Some zombies even grabbed him as well and the disguised staffs were really topnotch professionals and they acted realistically as ever.

However, what they did made Davi went berserk. She grabbed Sei's shirt like mad and due to her overwhelming strength, Sei's shirt was ripped. She screamed loudly as she tried running away from them. She even kicked some of the white ladies but like a pro, the staffs didn't stop.

At the same time, Davi's painful cry strangely made Sei felt a surge of indescribable anger. He himself doesn't know why but even though he knew that those white ladies were staffs doing their job, he still yelled at them with a freezing cold tone.

"All of you! Let her go, or else…"

His fearsome voice echoed inside the whole house making all the staffs in disguised frozen in fear. The man's voice was terrifying enough to make them let go of Davi in an instant, they couldn't even move.

Sei then moved closer to the girl who looks like she's almost at the verge of breaking down. He could see how miserable she looks and the next thing he did was embraced her as tight as he could.


At the entrance of the haunted house, Zaki almost couldn't believe his own eyes upon seeing the two lovey dovey couple coming out of the house.

Sei was carrying Davi in his back and it almost looks so damn romantic, if only their looks were fine. The neat and cute couple who entered the house minutes ago were now coming out almost looking like a couple who just survived the zombie apocalypse. Sei's shirt was ripped and Davi's shoe was on his hand. Their clothes were tainted with red paint akin to a blood. And Sei's cute white bunny mask was also tainted in red and its towering ears broke as if someone just punched it.

They literally look miserable yet cool at the same time. And if only a camera was around, it would had been a perfect movie scene.

However, Zaki knew it wasn't the time to keep watching them. It was because he can already feel the dark aura coming from the frozen man meters away from him. Making him hastily ran towards them.

"What happened?" he asked even though he already know that they were mobbed by white ladies and zombies inside.

"Get the car, we're leaving."

Sei's unbelievably cold voice made Zaki acted right away even though he wanted to ask why the hell he seems angry all of a sudden. Is it because of Davi? Is it because of those staffs?

Zaki was puzzled. He knew that even though Sei was always been cold and heartless, no little things could anger him like this. Does this mean what happened inside was such a big deal to him? Seriously?

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