I Love You, Monster: The Blindfolded Wife x The Masked Husband

Chapter 18 Why are you mad?

The next morning at Gray mansion.

Davi woke up puzzled. She realized that it was already the next morning and by the time she remembered what happened to their first date yesterday, she bit her lip and her brain started to turn like a spinning wheel.

My god, what have I done?

She held her head and tugged her own hair as if she's a business woman who just lost her company due to overnight bankruptcy. She could only say, 'my life is over'.

"Is your head hurt?"

Sei's voice was like a cold wind abruptly enveloping Davi's consciousness. She was so frightened that she suddenly grabbed the blanket and covered herself.

"N-no-nope, I'm fine," she replied with a hoarse voice.

Sei's eyes behind his mask narrowed upon seeing the girl's reaction. However, he moved towards her and he sat at the bed while facing her.

"You fainted yesterday. The doctor said, you're phasmophobic. Is it true?"

Davi was still tense but Sei's words somehow felt gentle making her slowly put the blanket down while peaking at him like a cat. And after a short while, she nodded.

"Then why did you still entered the house?"

"B-because you like horrors?"

"Who said I like horrors?"

"Huh? But aren't you the one who chose…" Davi couldn't continue her statement. It was because she realized that it wasn't him who dragged her there, it was her who dragged him. Wait, was it all just misunderstanding?

Davi couldn't believe herself and she bit her lip again. At that same moment, just by looking at her, Sei could already tell that she must have misunderstood him.

"Sorry," she said as she stared at him, fidgeting like a cute shy little kid.

"For what?"

"Because our first date is a mess,"

"It's not your fault," he firmly said and then he lifted his elegant and long arm towards her. He then landed his palm gently in her head and caress her hair, making Davi instantly stunned intensely and speechless. That short moment seemed too long and she felt like all her frozen nerves were melted like a chocolate under the bright sun. W-what's going on?

Upon leaving Davi's room, Sei's gentle aura instantly turned unbelievably cold as his gaze fell towards Zaki.

"What happened to those people who abused her?"

"Hmm… well, they're all shamelessly currently living in that mansion until now."

"Destroy them."

Sei's words was tyrannical as usual, giving no room for Zaki to even speak his mind. However, as expected, Sei's decision was the same as his so he abruptly answered him with an evil smile, telling him that he already did.

"But how about the house? I found out, she doesn't wish to go back there ever again." Zaki said while his gaze was scrutinizing Sei's expression.

However, Sei just replied a short "get it" without showing any emotion at all. Making Zaki a bit disappointed. But still, Zaki was stubborn. He was intrigued about Sei's current mood.

"Anyway, Sei… You're obviously looking mad since yesterday. Why are you mad? Is it because your precious first date with your wife turned out chaotic? Is it because, she ripped your shirt and made you look amazingly miserable for the first time in your life? Is it because your cute bunny mask suffered the same fate as you? Is it---,"

"Shut up."

"Haha. Yeah, yeah. I got it. But I personally think that you're mad because of her, right? You're concerned about th---,"

"Get out. Now."

"Yes, yes. I'm leaving, I'm leaving. Why can't you be soft to me for once?"

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