I Love You, Monster: The Blindfolded Wife x The Masked Husband

Chapter 19 Step #09

Davi was left out dazed on her bed. She didn't expect him to show her such kind gesture at all. All she felt at that very moment was an overwhelmingly warm and indescribable feeling. A feeling that made her unconsciously clenched her fist tight. A feeling that was new and unknown to her.

However, right after Sei shut the door, the first thing she did was jumped out of her bed and grabbed her notebook. Her eyes suddenly glittered in excitement. She could only think at that time that it's finally working. Finally, he showed her a good development.

At last, he showed her a sign that everything she's doing wasn't all futile and useless. That simple gesture he did was like a magical vitamin that boosted her motivation to the highest level.

While scanning her notebook, all she could think was to move forward right away while the momentum is still rolling on her favor. But to her dismay step 5 to step 8 which were supposed to be executed during and after their date, wasn't seem to be fitted to do at the moment anymore. But gladly, step number nine seemed to be a great choice.

'Step #09: Make him a homemade lunch or snack (Cook for him)'

Davi remembered, what Hinari said; 'giving someone handmade things or homemade food will instantly make a man feel he is special and that will be a huge step forward.'

She also remembered an article saying that food can also be an effective trap in making a man fall.

Well, she herself agrees. Food is one of the greatest temptation any human can resist, right?

She then lifted her arm sanguinely and clenched her fist tight as if she just raised a sword in the middle of her minions.

Okay! Let's do this!

Zaki, now disguised as Mr. Chen was quietly staring at the cute white creature asking him for information in a way that it was as if he was Sei's mother.

What does this girl think of me? Don't I originally look like a body guard? When did I became a mother in her eyes?

"Please, tell me, please." The girl pleaded him now looking like a little child asking favor from her dad.

Now I'm a dad, haha, this is amazing.

"Eherm! Young miss, why don't you just go ask him directly?" he finally replied.

"I did, but he said 'none'."

"Ohh… I see," Zaki already expected Sei to answer her that way, and he could only facepalm himself in his mind. It was because he knew that Sei was the type who's just eating solely to survive. He's a freaking stone who will never crave for food. "Young miss, i suggest that you will just cook your favorite food instead. Sei, I mean the young master isn't picky but he's not also very fond of food, that's why he doesn't really have any particular food he favored. Don't worry, I'm sure he will like anything you'll serve him."

"I-is that so?"

Davi can't believe what she heard. She was shocked to know that Sei wasn't fond of food as well but she could only pout in disappointment. She knew that Sei wasn't a man who can be easily pleased to begin with. But she's still surprised because even the supposed to be absolute and majestic food seemed powerless against him.

Ahh, this is tough. Is there really nothing that this man likes? Food is supposed to be lethal, right?

Meanwhile, Zaki right across her was looking amused while watching Davi's every change in expression. She looks like her 120% energy a while ago suddenly drained to 75% upon hearing what he said. And yet it seems like the words 'giving up' wasn't in her vocabulary at all. Her eyes were still burning, almost telling him that she will still do it no matter what the result.

This girl. Who would still be motivated to continue the battle 'till the end when victory is already in the hand of others?

Zaki could only smile mischievously and root for her.

Good, the perfect woman for that frozen stone should have a will of an immovable rock mountain. Hmm, I wonder who'll win, the stone? Or the rock? Dear myself, how about we have a bet?

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