I Love You, Monster: The Blindfolded Wife x The Masked Husband

Chapter 20 Step #08

"Okay then Mr. Chen. I'm leaving first." She said making Zaki surprised for a moment. "Wait. Where?"

"To the market."

"Eh? Why don't you just ask the maids to go instead?"

"No, it's fine. I''ll go buy the ingredients myself."

Davi's jolly answer made Zaki felt somehow amazed. He expected her not to go through so much trouble anymore for a plan that'll surely fail, but she's still giving her all? As expected with a mighty rock.

"Ohh, okay. I'll go call Mr. Gou to acc---,"

"Ahh… No, no. No need, I'm going alone. Don't worry, I'm already used doing this. I mean, going to the market by myself."

Davi's firm tone, her kind eyes and warm smile as she speaks seemed to have something inexplicable that makes anyone just agree with anything she wishes. Making Zaki felt intrigued and just nodded obediently at her without any more questions.

She then turned and started walking away. But she paused the moment she heard steps from the stairs. She looked back and as expected, Sei was there standing like a godly existence while he was facing towards her.

Zaki who was still standing between the two of them instantly tried hiding his presence as he slowly back off a little to have a better view of what was about to unfold before him. His intrigued self was sure that something interesting is about to happen.

But a long silence had passed and Sei didn't said anything. Zaki could only bit his lip hard as he stared at the motionless stone sharply as ever. The whole sofa was suddenly enveloped with nothing but silence and the only thing missing were sounds of chirping birds. Zaki was almost going to burst.

Thankfully, Davi finally walked towards the unbothered masked frozen ice to break the awkward atmosphere.

"I'm going to buy something outside," she said with her usual dazzling smile. However, the cold masked man just nodded at her, making Zaki's mouth twitched as if he was a father so disappointed with his son.

Another long silence went by and strangely, Davi was starting to look awkward. Not because of the awkward and deafening silence, it was because of what's currently in her mind.

Truth was that, Davi already started brainstorming the moment she saw Sei facing towards her without saying anything, and as expected she instantly turned herself into mission mode upon realizing the perfect opportunity in executing the step #08 which was supposed to be executed on their date.

'Step #08: Do simple cheesy things,'

Davi already searched the internet and almost had read every articles about every cheesy thing that exist on the planet. And surprisingly, 'simple kiss' was boldly marked with bright red in the long list of words in her mind.

What Hinari also told her was like a recorded voice suddenly being played in her mind; 'a simple kiss on the cheeks is cute and it's a great force to keep the red carpet of flirting keep rolling forward, you know. Sometimes, it is even more effective than any other intense kisses.'

"What is it?" Sei finally spoke when Davi just stood there motionless, as if she was in her deep thinking. And of course, his cold voice startled her from her brainstorming, making her went instantly tensed.

"Ahh, nothing… I'm going now, see you later," she replied, forcing a smile.

And the moment Davi started walking away, Zaki could only felt an urge of wanting to go and just smack the wooden man as hard as he could. He was so disappointed that he's about to shout at him. Tch! This damn frozen piece of wood.

However, what happened next made his disappointed self, energized into 1000% in an instant.

Davi suddenly halted just before she reaches the door. She turned back and ran towards Sei in a really fast pace. And the moment she reached him, without any warning, she tiptoed and kissed him near his lips before running away without even turning back again.

That cute scene happened in a flash and the girl was long gone. Yet the two men in the gray toned sofa stood motionless for a long while. Sei was still unmoving while Zaki's gaze was scrutinizing him, anxiously waiting for his most awaited reaction.

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