I Love You, Monster: The Blindfolded Wife x The Masked Husband

Chapter 21 Kiss and run

The atmosphere filled with extremely exciting anticipation instantly turned into a plain vast wilderness with nothing but dusts and wind when Sei just walked away like a moving stone as if nothing just happened. Causing Zaki's shoulders fell as he felt like he wanted to cry so bad but no tears were coming out from his eyes.

He felt like he was lifted up to the highest stage of the heaven by a certain monstrous being, just to leave him there with nothing but dusts and wind. It was a completely inexplicable feeling of extreme expectation with extreme nothingness as result.

Why are you doing this to me?! He could only shout deep within and almost fall into his knees.

However, he was not the kind to just self destruct just like that. He needs to at least do something to make the culprit pay even a little.

"Oi! Sei! Wait right there!" Zaki's voice was out of control, he couldn't accept the result he has seen at all. He was still sure that Sei was just suppressing himself to react, and besides, he believes that that long silence after that kiss has a sure meaning behind it.

He then caught up with Sei and put his arm on his shoulder as he grinned at him.

"Hoho, how's it, how was it? How was that flash kiss?" he asked in an intensely annoying way. Causing Sei halted right away as he looked at him coldly as if telling him to remove his arm on him or he'll lose his life.

"Oh c'mon Sei, just tell me okay? Don't be shy, I knew you felt something, you definitely felt something, I'm one thousand one percent sure of it, right? Right?"

Zaki's annoying voice, his annoying words, and his annoying grins were like a powerful force that always makes Sei went extremely pissed to the point that his bloodlust instantly enveloped the entire house.

"Look, you were obviously stunned and dumbstruck, I'll bet with my own two eyes. I'm sure that long pause, that long silence--- OUCH!"

Zaki's loud cry echoed inside the mansion as Sei beat him with one hard strike, making him roll on the floor like a little kid being punished by his dad.

Still, Sei was being pissed even more, it was because the annoying guy was at his insane acting mode again. He could only barely land that blow on him. And Sei knew that even his fastest attack will never match Zaki's inhumane speed.

Stop acting, we're going after her," he said. And Sei's words instantly made the rolling cinnamon on the floor stood like a soldier who was just awakened by his superior with an extremely exciting news.

"Eh? Really? Why? Are you worried? Wait. Do you miss her already? I mean, already? Are you serious?!"

"Shut up or you'll stay."

"Yes, yes. I'll stop now. Let's go!"

Meanwhile, Davi was still biting her lips hard.

That moment she kissed him, she almost couldn't feel anything but heat from her entire being. She felt like her entire body just blushed like blazing red. Her head was in chaos. She couldn't believe that it was all just because of a single simple kiss that wasn't even on the lips.

God, what's happening to me? That was just a simple goodbye kiss and I'm like this?

Davi was having a hard time calming herself down.

She succeeded but her miscalculation was her own reaction, she was supposed to do it naturally. And she was troubled about Sei's reaction. She was troubled about herself. She can't believe that she ran away instantly, making the supposed to be cheesy move turned out to be a kiss and run case.

Ah! This is driving me crazy.

"Miss, we're here!"

The taxi driver's voice startled her and as soon as she stepped out of the car, she shook her head multiple times. She then started walking while trying to focus herself in the noisy yet colorful and lively place before her.

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