I Love You, Monster: The Blindfolded Wife x The Masked Husband

Chapter 22 Fragile looking snow white

"So? What's the point of us coming here if we'll just stay here?" Zaki's voice was filled with nothing but boredom as his face was sticking to the car's window, while his lazy eyes were focused on the crowded place across the road.

"How about you stay here and I'll go?" he continued but Sei instantly replied him with intensely sharp glares as if telling him that he'll lose his legs the moment he steps out of the car. Causing Zaki's face turned extremely bored as though he's about to die with boredom while letting go a deep and disappointed sigh.

But after a few minutes, Zaki couldn't keep his mouth shut and talked again.

"Do you really intend to just wait here forever? You see, women took forever when they go shopping okay? How about I'll go after her and take a video of her in secret while you watch here? Here, I'll use thi---,"

"No need."

"Huh? Listen to m---," Zaki couldn't continue talking. It was because Sei suddenly lifted his phone and a live video of Davi talking happily to a few lively vegetable sellers was already playing in it.

"Who the hell did you sent?!"


"Why that brat instead of me? Why?" Zaki tugged his own brown hair looking so damn disappointed as if he was a kid who just failed to get the role he wanted from their primary school stage play, while Sei just completely ignored him as he focused on the girl on his phone.

After an hour, Zaki was already at his limit and was about to burst when Sei finally put down his phone and looked out the window with no expression. Zaki also abruptly awakened as though his boredom instantly disappeared and stick his face in the window.

A girl in commoner's clothes was now walking with bags of vegetables in her hands. Her long black silky hair was tied and she's completely barefaced and yet people around her can't help but stare at her as if a goddess suddenly appeared in the middle of a noisy market. Her white porcelain skin glowed even whiter under the sun making her appeared as though she's snow white lost in the market.

Watching her, somehow made Zaki felt refreshed. As though, she's a fresh dew in the vast dry desert.

However, what happened next slowly made the car's temperature went down to zero degrees. And as if the fresh dew was about to be stolen by some filthy creatures, Zaki's fist instantly clenched tight as ever.

Davi was walking nonchalantly when three men suddenly walked beside her as they appeared to be offering help to carry the vegetable bags in her hands. The girl was obviously getting troubled, seriously shaking her head to them.

But Zaki who instantly went angry couldn't talk nor make a move, as if he suddenly went frozen. It was because he felt a sudden and extremely cold chill from the man beside him. He slowly turned his face towards Sei like a robot. And the moment he saw Sei's face, Zaki's darkened face instantly turned radiant. Stars almost appeared around his face.

And the reason was because, Sei's expressionless face just now turned a bit angry. His sharp eyes were locked on the guys in front of his wife. Emitting a sudden and intense bloodlust.

Meanwhile, Davi's face turned sour and her bright eyes turned sharp as the persistent men just won't budge at all. She was starting to make a move and escape from them when one of the guys bumped into an old woman. The impact was strong enough that the old woman fell on the ground and the fruits she bought scattered on the ground. And worse was that, the guy responsible didn't even glance at her.

Davi, instantly halted. Her already sour face turned instantly deadly as she glared at the man with intense penetrating stare. She put her bags down and helped the old lady.

"Apologize to her," she demanded but the haughty guy just smirked evilly. He still won't even look at the old woman.

"Ohh… I don't get why a goddess like you is willing to touch an old hag like that. But well. Want me to apologize? Sure, as you wish fair lady." The man talked like a trash and instead of apologizing, he stomped his filthy foot into the old woman's fruits like a madman.

Davi's eyes instantly darkened and the next thing she did halted YiJin, who was about to secretly make a move and just kill the trash man who dared making Sei's wife angry.

YiJin's eyes turned wide when a sudden elegant kick- not that strong but precise and fast- landed on the man's jaw the moment he turned his gaze away. He fell on the ground unconscious, instantly turning the other two fell silent and just walked away.

Everyone looking at them unconsciously raised their hands and clapped as they gave her nothing but praise. They couldn't believe that the fragile looking snow white just now was actually a badass goddess with a kind heart, willing to save the weak from evil beings.

On the other hand, a quiet and non-existent young man, about 14-15 years old, was amazed. He was already told by Zaki that the young miss joined a taekwondo club back in high school but he didn't expect her to bravely apply her beautiful kick in reality.

His keen and sharp gazes then focused on the unconscious man on the ground with an eyes filled with subsiding desire to kill.

Be thankful trash, that kick just save your life.

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