I Love You, Monster: The Blindfolded Wife x The Masked Husband

Chapter 28 Step #10

Somewhere in Blue City…

Davi's mind was busy as she looks around the familiar place. However, she was still thinking about that kiss and run. Truth was that, she never meant to do it that way again, she wanted to kiss him naturally like what couple normally does. However, she thought about the step#07 written on her notebook.

'Step #07; make him think about you/make him curious about the things you do/make him wonder.'

Davi thought of trying to turn the kiss and run into double edged weapon. If Sei will wonder why she's doing it that way, if he thinks about her a bit longer because of it, then it's working. But, if in case, Sei won't react the third time she does it, then she needs to drop that strategy down and think of something new. Because as what Hinari said;

'Experiment, experiment... and see which is working and which is not, but remember, don't overdo it.'

After an hour, Davi finally reached her destination.

Standing in front of a certain school gate, she raised her head then stared at the buildings across the soft ball ground.

While looking at it, a memory from a year ago came back to her as though it all just happened yesterday.

"Listen to me, Mizuri. You're one of a kind, you're the most exceptional student I ever met in my entire career as a teacher for decades, so please don't waste that rare potential bestowed upon you. Do you understand?"

Those words were from her teacher, Ms. Lee. She was a good teacher who was always pestering her to pursue her studies in one of the most elite university in the country. She even gathered a lot of university candidates for her, telling her that she can also get the most exclusive scholarships at those schools.

However, during those times, Davi's mind was clouded. After her graduation in high school, she went straight to find work. Her brother's health was deteriorating. Davi didn't have any choice but work to save her dearest brother. Until times went by and Davi almost forgot about her own dreams, her life was entirely focused in working and her brother, nothing more.

During those tines, she was indeed as what others said, an unfortunate gem that was stock with the gravel stones.

Until the day she met that person. When Davi signed that contract, sold herself to a stranger, one thing was clear to her, that she was no longer allowed to dream for herself. She was ready to burry everything and live a life with unknown future and yet Sei came and told her to keep dreaming. Truth was, Davi still couldn't believe it. She didn't know if Sei just said it for her to ease her boredom but it was everything to her. She will grab the chance he gave her. She will do it no matter what it takes.

"Okay, let's do it!" she said while raising her fist as she finally entered the school, confident and fearless.

After few minutes, she finally met Ms. Lee. The two embraced each other as though they were a pair of sweet grandmother and granddaughter. They chatted for a long while. The teacher expressed her disappointment when she didn't see her name in last year's exams result, however, she said she's still waiting for Davi this whole time.

"I'm telling you Mizuri, I'm really glad that you finally realized that a life without dream is nonsense. Even if life will break you to pieces, as long as you won't let go of that dream, you can survive anything. Believe in yourself."

Ms. Lee's words is like a spear that pierced through Davi's heart. This teacher is still indeed the best teacher she ever met and could only answer her with a tight hug and a "Yes Ms. I'll do my best."

The teacher then arranged her to take the entrance exam for the top three elite universities, next month. Davi told her that she wanted to avail the full scholarship, so in order for her to get it, her challenge is to top the exam.

The next day, Sei arrived home but the girl wasn't there. The butler told him that Davi went to Blue City early in the morning.

Not asking anymore details about the whys and whats, Sei went straight to the sofa. He saw thick books under the table. His line of sight fell into the book on top entitled, Medical Microbiology.

By simply looking at it, Sei could already tell what the girl was up to.

After a while, Sei went to the kitchen when he noticed something that was sticking on the fridge. He moves closer to it right away.

Truth was that, even if Davi wasn't home, she didn't forget about her priority. She was thinking that she needed to take another step and do her sworn mission even when she's away from him.

'Step #10: Level up cheesy moves'

One of the leveled up cheesy move written in her notebook was the so called 'cute romance in a love note'. And one of the ultimate strategy was to cook something for him, then leave a love note with it.

And to do that, Davi woke up early in the morning and cooked a snack for Sei. Afterwards, she left a cheesy lovey dovey note sticking in the fridge.

"I made a snack for you. I hope you will like it. ~ Davi" Was written and a cute heart with a smile inside it was drawn after her name.

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