I Might Be A Fake Cultivator

Chapter 21 - The Little White Rabbit's Counterattack

Chapter 21: The Little White Rabbit’s Counterattack

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Beyond the dim blue barrier, a gigantic book was suspended in the air above the area An Lin was in.

On the book there lay a tall and slender woman with slightly curly hair and red glasses.

Black silk leggings covered her long and well-proportioned legs which were bent upwards and she had a smile on her face as she looked down towards the ground.

“Tsk tsk. The kids below are so interesting. Being the subject representative for mortal studies, An Lin better not bring any shame upon my subject. At the very least, he should lose with some dignity.” Her lips curled into a smile as she fixed her bright and piercing eyes onto the students below.

This female was none other than An Lin’s mortal studies teacher, Earth Immortal Yue Ying. She was currently responsible for overlooking the battles in the region An Lin was in.

The fact that An Lin was completely surrounded by a few aggressive and overbearing students had her greatly intrigued.

Afterwards, something even more interesting occurred.

In order to win the opportunity to beat An Lin up, the four students started arguing endlessly amongst one another.

Right at this moment, little white rabbit An Lin couldn’t help but open his mouth to speak.

“Um… I think you guys should battle it out to see who is most suitable to become my opponent.”

Upon hearing An Lin’s suggestion, everyone suddenly fell silent.

“Yeah, you’re right! How come I didn’t think of this?” Zhong Wen exclaimed in realization.

“That’s a good suggestion. If a problem can’t be solved through discussions, then it can only be solved through force.” Li Zhengyang’s eyes also lit up at this suggestion.

“The observer sees clear 1 ; An Lin has finally thought up a good solution.” Chen Shubao nodded his head in approval.

“Then let us draw lots to decide our opponents!” Xia Shiyao said eagerly.

Just like that, the four of them started cheerfully drawing lots…

An Lin was hiding to the side and there was, in fact, something else he didn’t dare say out loud: Don’t you guys realize that you could directly decide who gets to beat me up through drawing lots?

Of course, as long as he hadn’t become sick and tired of living yet, he would never say this out loud.

Just like that, the battles began.

The first match was between First-year, Class Nine’s Xia Shiyao and Third-year, Class Twenty-six’s Zhong Wen.

Both of them emitted an extremely astonishing aura as soon as the battle began.

They were both on the same rank of Eighth Stage Dao Body, thus, to have a chance at victory, they needed to use their full strength.

As a result, the battle was extremely intense right from the start.

There was an insane amount of force behind Zhong Wen’s meteor hammer, with every strike smashing a deep pit in the ground.

He was confident that the battle would be over as soon as his meteor hammer struck Xia Shiyao once.

However, Xia Shiyao was a cultivator of the agile ilk and her petite figure moved swiftly, leaving only streaks of pink afterimages on the ground. This made it very difficult for Zhong Wen to pinpoint her exact location.

The meteor hammer whistled over, and Xia Shiyao nimbly dodged it, before rushing towards Zhong Wen with great speed.

“Heehee, you’re too slow!”

Xia Shiyao squinted her eyes and smiled, her cute little canine teeth protruding out. The dagger in her hand stabbed ruthlessly towards Zhong Wen.

There was a flash and the extremely sharp dagger easily penetrated Zhong Wen’s chest.

“Ah!” Zhong Wen screamed in pain as he stumbled backwards.

Xia Shiyao pulled the dagger out and followed up her attack quickly as Zhong Wen’s blood sprayed out. The sharp dagger once again became a deadly blur as it stabbed towards Zhong Wen’s body.

Zhong Wen screamed in pain as his blood gushed out. After a short while, his body was covered in wounds and his upper garment was drenched in blood.

The speed of the girl in front of him had made Zhong Wen feel a sense of despair. No matter how he counterattacked, he couldn’t land a blow on her. He was on the back foot and could do nothing as he was repeatedly stabbed.

The spectating An Lin was absolutely terrified by what he saw.

He’s going to die! Student Xia Shiyao is about to kill somebody!

The image of a petite and cute girl transforming into a bloodthirsty killer and ruthlessly hacking at her senior was already deeply seared into An Lin’s mind.

Finally, a golden defensive barrier appeared around Zhong Wen’s body, signaling his defeat.

“Senior, thanks for letting me win 2 ,” Xia Shiyao said cheerily.

She sheathed her dagger and clasped her hands behind her back, once again regaining the demeanor of a cute little girl.

Zhong Wen held his bleeding body and glanced at the girl before him in pain.

He sighed softly and remained silent as he was teleported out of the event battleground.

Xia Shiyao turned her head back and glanced at An Lin, raising her eyebrows in provocation before turning her attention to the other battle.

Xia Shiyao’s glance made An Lin’s skin crawl with goosebumps.

No, please don’t let the final victor be her! An Lin roared in his mind.

An Lin would rather have a meteor hammer knock him unconscious with one blow than being stabbed repeatedly with a small knife. Being stabbed in such a manner was far too frightening!

At this moment, the battle between Chen Shubao and Li Zhengyang had also come to an end.

It took Li Zhengyang quite some effort to defeat his opponent, with his clothes now tattered and streaks of blood visible on his firm muscles. He was also panting furiously from overexerting himself.

Seeing Li Zhengyang in such a state, An Lin was secretly worried.

Xia Shiyao pretty much crushed Zhong Wen. Now that she’s facing off against an injured Li Zhengyang, won’t she easily crush him as well?

Li Zhengyang was also slightly surprised when he realized that his opponent was Xia Shiyao. Evidently, he didn’t expect her to be the victor.

Soon after, the battle between Xia Shiyao and Li Zhengyang erupted.

Li Zhengyang performed much better than An Lin had anticipated, and the battle didn’t become a one-sided affair.

Even though Li Zhengyang wasn’t in a good state, he still had a rank of Ninth Stage Dao Body after all. Adding the fact that his swordsmanship was exquisite and overbearing, he was temporarily able to be on equal footing with Xia Shiyao.

Xia Shiyao was starting to feel a little anxious that the unpredictable attacks of her dagger were unable to penetrate Li Zhengyang’s defenses.

Dashing Shadow Stab!

The shadow of a black blade appeared on the dagger which was rushing towards Li Zhengyang and it suddenly extended, stabbing at Li Zhengyang.

This was Xia Shiyao’s strongest skill, of which she had kept concealed. The shadow blade transformed into a sword which had more than triple the speed and power of her previous attacks.

This move consumed a large amount of her spiritual energy, thus she needed to end the battle quickly after using this move.

Li Zhengyang didn’t have time to dodge and the shadow blade pierced through his body.

Li Zhengyang didn’t retreat after being struck. Instead, he took a step forwards and slashed at Xia Shiyao with his red blade which was shrouded in raging flames.

Bursting Flame Slash!


The flames exploded and the ground within a three-meter area was pulverized.

A petite figure, which appeared to be in extremely dire straits, leapt out of the smoke. Her pink clothes were slightly tattered from the explosion and there were burns on her body.

“You actually dare to damage my beautiful clothes? Very well…”

Xia Shiyao spat out a mouthful of blood and a cold look appeared in her eyes. She raised her dagger and once again rushed towards the male who was now standing amidst the smoke and dust.

Immediately, there was another burst of explosions.

“Bursting Flame Slash!”

“Dashing Shadow Stab!”

Boom! Boom! Boom!

An Lin started to sense that the two of them were now beginning to fight with no regard for their own lives.

Xia Shiyao was hellbent on stabbing Li Zhengyang, even if it meant that she would be cut by his sword.

Li Zhengyang was even crazier, continuously using his Bursting Flame Slash on Xia Shiyao…

An Lin watched on dumbfounded. “Good heavens! They’ve both gone crazy!” he exclaimed.

Finally, during an explosion, Xia Shiyao spat out blood and flew backwards. She collapsed to the floor and a golden barrier appeared around her.

Xia Shiyao still wanted to stand up and fight, and her expression made it clear that she was unwilling to accept defeat.

However, the teleportation function of the spell formation activated at this moment and her body suddenly disappeared…

“Haha, I’m the final victor!”

A brawny male who was bathed in blood laughed triumphantly as he walked out of the battle with the poise of a victor.

Li Zhengyang’s body was swaying as he stopped in front of An Lin, and he coughed up some blood from time to time.

“Oi, senior, are you able to continue?”

A string of curses raced through An Lin’s mind as he looked at the senior in front of him, who appeared as if he was going to die any second.

You’re already so bloody injured, how has the Defeat Judgement Seal still not activated?!

“Men cannot say that they are unable to continue!” Li Zhengyang roared. He waved his sleeves and pointed his red sword at An Lin.

“Come, my rival in love. I’m in a bad state right now so I’m unable to pummel you slowly.

“I’ll use my strongest sword strike and finish you off with one hit!”

An Lin: “…”

“Bursting Flame Flying Slash!”

Li Zhengyang feigned a slash towards An Lin and a blazing sword aura rushed fiercely towards him.

As Li Zhengyang had already exhausted most of his power, the force of his strike was much weaker than before.

However, Li Zhengyang was confident that towards trash like An Lin, such a strike was more than enough!

An Lin didn’t want to speak and replied with his Mountain Quaking Fist.

The shadow of the golden fist possessed boundless power as it collided loudly with the blazing sword aura.

Afterwards, much to the disbelief of Li Zhengyang, the blazing sword was shattered by the golden fist, which then smashed into his body.

“Pfff!” Li Zhengyang was tossed into the air by An Lin’s strike, and the massive force from the fist made him feel as if his bones had been crushed. He spat out a large mouthful of blood and tumbled to the ground.

“How is this possible! How is it possible that you are this strong…”

Li Zhengyang was clearly unable to accept this reality and he stared at An Lin with a look of shock in his eyes.

An Lin was also slightly surprised as he looked towards his own fist.

Even he himself felt that his fist appeared to be a bit too powerful.

However, An Lin came to his senses quickly and remembered that there was only one thing he should be doing in such a moment.

He clasped his hands behind his back and calmly looked towards Li Zhengyang.

“So that’s all you’ve got?” An Lin said slowly.

“How extremely disappointing. This was such a boring battle!”

An Lin looked down upon Li Zhengyang and shook his head in disappointment, a look of ‘kingly contempt’ appearing in his eyes.

“You…!” Li Zhengyang’s blood boiled and he spat out another mouthful of blood.

The slow-coming golden defensive barrier finally appeared around Li Zhengyang’s body.

“I can’t accept this!” Li Zhengyang wasn’t accepting of such an ending.

Why is it that I struggled so much to win the opportunity to beat up An Lin but ended up being beaten by him instead?!

If he had a fair contest with An Lin, the outcome would definitely have been different!

Perhaps Li Zhengyang would never realize that An Lin had already foreseen such an ending when he made his suggestion for them to battle it out…

Seeing Li Zhengyang finally disappear, the corners of An Lin’s mouth tugged into a smile.

“Hehe, I thought there would still be an intense battle. Who knew that it would go better than expected.

“You really thought that I was a little white rabbit awaiting his death? What a joke!

“If I truly had no intention of putting up any resistance, I would have slipped away much earlier when you guys were fighting each other.

“You’ve got to realize that my rank has also reached the Seventh Stage Dao Body! Even if I can’t defeat him, I can at least escape!”

An Lin experienced the thrill of dressing up as a pig to eat a tiger 3 and finishing off an injured opponent.

At this moment, a voice sounded from behind him.

“Huh? Are you An Lin?”

An Lin: “…”

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