I Might Be A Fake Cultivator

Chapter 22 - Lining Up to be Defeated

Chapter 22: Lining Up to be Defeated

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Hearing this sentence again, An Lin was about to go insane.

What the hell is with this sinister cycle?

“Ahhhh!” An Lin swung his fist backwards violently.

“Big Brother An Lin, please spare me!”

Sensing the frightening power contained within An Lin’s fist, the male was frightened to his knees.

Hearing this familiar voice, An Lin’s fist froze, and a look of surprise appeared on his face. “Liu Dabao?!”

The newcomer was slightly plump, and his appearance made him seem completely harmless. Right now, he was looking at An Lin with an eager expression on his face.

He was none other than Liu Dabao, who An Lin had befriended after their slight tussle.

Up in the sky, Earth Immortal Yue Ying sat upon a gigantic book. Her hands danced about quickly as she recorded data onto her notebook.

Li Zhengyang—Combat Capability: 120; Achievement Score: 40; Note: Defeated by An Lin.

An Lin—Combat Capability: 100; Achievement Score: 28.

Earth Immortal Yue Ying’s lips curled into a slight smile as she recorded An Lin’s data.

“Ha, this kid has performed unexpectedly well. He was actually able to pull off such a counterattack.”

She appeared to be deep in thought as she readjusted her red-framed glasses and swayed her legs about.

“I remember that he only had a Zeroth Stage Dao Body when he enrolled, right?

“However, judging by the aura he emitted when he was fighting just then, it appears as if he has already reached the Seventh Stage Dao Body.

“Such terrifying advancement speed… Is he hacking?”

Right at this moment, Liu Dabao suddenly appeared behind An Lin.

Behind Liu Dabao, there were another dozen or so students.

“Haha, it can’t be that these students are also here to trouble An Lin. Could it be that An Lin has a trouble-attracting physique?”

Earth Immortal Yue Ying had a smile on her face as she saw this interesting scene, and she once again cast her sight in An Lin’s direction.

Seeing the unfamiliar group of students behind Liu Dabao, An Lin’s eyes twitched involuntarily.

“Why are you here? It can’t be that you’re here to fight me, right?” An Lin questioned.

Liu Dabao waved his hands vigorously. “I wouldn’t dare! Big Brother An’s superb skills are unparalleled. Even if I was to fight you, I would have no chance of winning!”

What he spoke was the truth. When he had just arrived, he saw An Lin displaying his invincible might and beating Li Zhengyang down with a single blow of his fist.

The clash of immortal spells was visually stunning and left Liu Dabao shocked. Regardless of how confident he was, he wouldn’t dare fight against the present An Lin.

“Even after a short absence, people change and should be judged anew,” Liu Dabao shook his head and sighed.

Liu Dabao was both astonished and envious of the fact that An Lin had suddenly become so strong, and he dearly wished that he could be in An Lin’s position.

Hearing that Liu Dabao wasn’t here to pick a fight with him, An Lin secretly breathed a sigh of relief.

Right at this moment, the system sounded, and a notification appeared:

“Congratulations! You have successfully defeated an enemy who has an Eighth Stage Dao Body or above. You have now ranked up to the Eighth Stage Dao Body!”

At this moment, An Lin could feel his power increasing by leaps and bounds, and his bones and muscles also became purer and stronger.

He was overjoyed with the transformation taking place within his body, and numerous thoughts appeared in his mind.

The fact that the system recognized a last hit 1 as defeating an opponent was welcoming news to An Lin.

Next, he needed to continue performing last hits.

I’ll definitely become the ‘Last Hit King’!

The reason that An Lin was so eager to perform last hits was because the condition for ranking up had already changed to the following:

“Ninth Stage Dao Body—Condition: Defeat ten enemies who have a Ninth Stage Dao Body or above head-on.”

To the past An Lin, defeating ten enemies ranked Ninth Stage Dao Body or above was an unfathomable task. Now, however, there was a chance.

If he couldn’t defeat them head-on, he could simply perform last hits!

Just as An Lin’s thoughts were running wild, Liu Dabao opened his mouth again.

“Big Brother An, after seeing you display your invincible might, I have a favor to ask of you.”

“M-hm, go on, what might that be?”

An Lin was a bit curious. Forming teams was forbidden in the free-for-all battle. Under such conditions, what help could he provide?

“It’s like this,” Liu Dao cleared his throat and said solemnly, “I wish for Big Brother An to defeat me!”

An Lin: “…”

So, in the end, I still need to fight?

Liu Dabao appeared as if he was ready to die a martyr’s death. “Who since the ancient times has not died? To die by the hands of a brother is an honorable and just end to this life!”

The corners of An Lin’s mouth twitched as he finally understood Liu Dabao’s intentions. “You want me to beat you until the Defeat Judgement Seal activates so you can escape this bloody place, right?”

“My goodness brother! Even if you see through my plans, you don’t need to lay it so bare!” Liu Dabao moaned, “Coming here with a rank such as mine, I can only act as a punching bag!”

As he said this, Liu Dabao glanced towards the group of students behind him. “If one is too weak, it is impossible for them to beat the Defeat Judgement Seal of another into activation. That said, the attacks of stronger students are far too fierce, and might cripple us in one blow. It would be truly tormenting if we became unable to leave our sickbeds for half a month,” he continued.

“It truly is a blessing to meet Brother An now.

“All we ask now is for you to control your strength and beat our golden defensive barriers into activation!”

Liu Dabao gripped An Lin’s hands and looked keenly towards him, a pleading expression etched on his face.

An Lin drew a deep breath, unsure of what expression to wear when facing this group.

Lining up to be defeated… Do you accept this gift or not?

Just like this, Earth Immortal Yue Ying—who was beyond the boundary of the battle arena—once again witnessed something farcical.

Below her, the students lined up to fight with An Lin. Then, with a single strike, they were all dispatched by him…

“First-year, Class One-hundred, Liu Dabao. Student An Lin, please enlighten me!” shouted Liu Dabao as he rushed towards An Lin.

Then, he was sent flying by An Lin’s one-tenth power Mountain Quaking Fist.

The enormous force of the strike had Liu Dabao vomiting blood as he tumbled to the ground, and the massive difference in power instantly activated his Defeat Judgement Seal.

Amidst the golden barrier, Liu Dabao looked at An Lin gratefully and an expression of happiness appeared on his face…

“First-year, Class One-hundred, Li Yuanqing. Student An Lin, please enlighten me!”

Then, Li Yuanqing was sent flying by a single strike of An Lin’s fist. Amidst the golden barrier, he had an expression of happiness as he looked towards An Lin…

“First-year, Class Ninety-nine, Song Jingwu. Student An Lin, please enlighten me!”

Earth Immortal Yue Ying slapped her forehead and didn’t know whether to cry or laugh at the events unfolding below her.

She hesitated for a moment before continuously increasing An Lin’s achievement score.

Every time An Lin defeated a student, his achievement score would increase by five points. After all, even such weaklings were human resources and counted for something.

Finally, when An Lin defeated the last student, his data read: Combat Capability: 100; Achievement Score: 108.

The weighted score of combat capability and achievement score was what the updated Immortal Rankings Board would be based upon.

An Lin’s combat capability still remained the same, yet his achievement score had increased by leaps and bounds. This was all thanks to Liu Dabao and the group of students who had lined up to be defeated!

“Student An Lin truly is fortunate! However, if he keeps walking forward…”

Earth Immortal Yue Ying watched the advancing An Lin with anticipation.

He had expended most of his energy defeating the dozen or so students.

An Lin planned to continue wandering around after finding a place to rest and recover his strength.

Looking into the distance, he could see that ahead of him lay a small mountain covered in greenery.

In this bare land, it was extremely rare to come across an area with vegetation. What was most lacking in the Forest of One-Thousand Peaks was food and water.

After seeing the small mountain, An Lin knew that his food and water problems had been solved.

Just like that, he started to walk excitedly towards the small mountain.

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