I Might Be A Fake Cultivator

Chapter 2202 - Ambassador of Spring

Chapter 2202: Ambassador of Spring

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Tina retrieved several golden seedlings from her storage ring. She then dug a hole in the ground and scattered these golden seedlings inside.

These were no ordinary seedlings. Rather, they were a divine-rank material called the Essence of Spring. Giving them just a drop of water would result in the growth of an entire forest!

This wasn’t an exaggeration—these seedlings could genuinely grow into an expanse of flourishing forest. In fact, this was also proof of the divine abilities and vitality of these seedlings.

“Healing the foundation of the world can be done from the inside to the outside or from the outside to the inside. Little Na, are you trying to make the environment resonate with the foundation of the world by greatly changing the current environment? And then you want to look for a particular path to heal the foundation of the world?”

“Giant An Lin is so clever,” Tina said with a smile. “This world is like a well without water. I’m trying to fill the well with water first, and I want to allow this water to seep out from the bottom of the well. I want to see if it can come across any other water of the same nature. If it can, then the path to recovery is decided, and I’ll be able to make a plan according to this path.”

An Lin nodded in approval. This was indeed a very good method. However, this method was also very testing of a God of Creation Stage diving being’s comprehension of themself and the Heavenly Dao.

After planting the Essence of Spring seedlings into the ground, Tina retrieved a jug of water to pour onto the earth. This water was a soft green color.

In fact, this water was also a divine-rank material called the Divine Water of Fortune. This was water that could save someone on the cusp of death. If cultivators took a sip, they would be able to wash and strengthen their bones and raise their talents by several notches. When this water fused together with a living matter, it could flawlessly spur the life force of that living matter.

The Essence of Spring and Divine Water of Fortune were a perfect match.

To say nothing of transforming a desert into a forest, these two divine-rank materials could form a forest even if they were planted in an expanse of void and chaos.

Sure enough, a sapling quickly sprouted from the ground before growing taller and taller.

A thriving green plain started to appear on the dry and cracked desert.

An Lin witnessed this vitality rapidly spreading through the dull and monotonous land. Before long, small trees started to sprout from the ground and small rivers started to flow through the land. All kinds of flowers started to blossom and cover the land. The desert was replaced with green, and the sound of the howling winds was replaced by the sounds of the chirping insects and tweeting birds. Vitality had returned to the Divine Mirror World!

The Essence of Spring seedlings transformed into seven green and healthily growing humanoids. They started to show off their muscles as they continually spread vitality and life force into the surroundings.

Some of them started to do push-ups, while others started to do yoga. Meanwhile, some of them were even starting to do situps or breakdance. They were as lively and energetic as youths.

“These humanoids are so adorable,” An Lin said in praise.

“They’re the ambassadors of spring,” Tina said with a smile. “Look at how lively and full of vitality they are! As long as they’re present, the Divine Mirror World can definitely transform from a desert into a flourishing land of greenery.”

The ambassadors of spring seemed to be delighted upon hearing this, and they immediately started to sway their bottoms and lush green limbs before Tina and An Lin. At the same time, they raised their heads and started to engage in a lively and enchanting dance.

They wore expressions of extreme pride.

“Giant An Lin, do you see? Look at just how powerful their life force is. In fact, it’s so powerful that they can develop awareness and intelligence even without the interference of a God of Creation. They’re the future of the Divine Mirror World!” Tina was filled with admiration as she said this.

An Lin pointed at the dancing green humanoids and said, “M-hm, I can understand their coquettish dancing, but what’s with their green heads suddenly turning a shade of grayish-brown?”

Tina faltered upon seeing the patch of grayish-brown on their green heads.

At this moment, the grayish-brown suddenly spread over the entire bodies of the green humanoids.

The happily dancing humanoids also detected this sudden change. Their actions faltered, and they exchanged a glance with each other. They were then horrified to see their little friends transforming from green to a grayish brown…



The little grayish-brown humanoids started to squeak in anguish.

Tina’s expression suddenly changed, and she said, “Damn it! They’re suffering a backlash from heaven and earth!”

She immediately activated her authority to prevent this from happening.

However, the power of this backlash was so powerful that even Tina couldn’t control it.

Heaven and earth had already become accustomed to the hundreds of millions of kilometers of desert. As a result, they were extremely resistant to the sudden appearance of the lush and thriving greenery before Tina and An Lin.

The foundation had already been damaged, so only desolation and destruction were fit for this world. Any living being would be resisted by this world; it was as if the entire world wanted them to personally walk toward destruction…


The mini grayish-brown humanoids continued to jump around, yet they quickly collapsed face-first into the ground.

The green grass and blooming flowers started to wilt, and the thriving trees and lush leaves started to become yellow. The trunks of the trees were eroded by sand, and the rivers were directly buried by the large and violent sandstorms.

“No… no!” Tina’s eyes instantly became red. However, she was helpless as she watched the scenes of spring being destroyed by the brutal and merciless sand. It was as if the world were descending into destruction again.

The greenery quickly vanished into nothingness.

The ambassadors of spring who had been happily dancing just then were all unmoving as they lay face down in the sand.

Meanwhile, An Lin was helpless as he watched from the side. He couldn’t stop this backlash, and he couldn’t interfere in this evolution of life either. Otherwise, he would only make matters worse.

The entire world returned to drabness and desolation.

Tina pursed her lips as she scooped up the ambassadors of spring. However, these ambassadors quickly transformed into specks of light that vanished into the air. They left her nothing, not even a corpse to remember or display her grief toward.

“So… this path was still impossible in the end?” Tina murmured.

“The concept was correct, but the ambassadors of spring couldn’t resist the backlash. In other words, those little green humanoids were too weak,” An Lin concluded.

Tina puckered her lips and said, “The Essence of Spring and the Divine Water of Fortune were already the most high-level treasures that I could use. Those were two divine-rank materials! However, even that didn’t work. What else can we do? Even high-ranking divine materials were so easily destroyed. I’m truly suspicious of whether they were real or not…”

An Lin opened his mouth, yet he eventually decided to swallow the words that were on the tip of his tongue.

In fact, those divine-rank materials would have been more than enough to repair ordinary Great Worlds. However, the most important point was that the backlash of the Divine Mirror World was far too terrifying. In fact, it was so terrifying that even he had felt a sense of apprehension.

Moreover, the strength of the backlash directly reflected the level of the world. In other words, Tina’s Divine Mirror World was already freakish beyond belief.

An Lin pondered for a moment before retrieving a green teardrop-shaped item from his storage ring.

“Little Na, why don’t you try this?”

“What’s this?”

Tina accepted the small green teardrop-shaped item. When she placed it before her eyes, what she saw was a large expanse of green. It was as if this item contained something extremely unique.

“M-hm… This is something that I coincidentally obtained in the world of the Heavenly Life Goddess. It possesses an immensely powerful life force, and it’s definitely a level above the two divine-rank materials that you used. You can plant it like a seed and see how everything goes…” An Lin pretended to be calm and composed as he said this.

He had obtained this item after making an exchange with the Heavenly Life Goddess.

During this exchange, the Heavenly Life Goddess had given him this item that was called the Heart of Life. She told him that it possessed the purest essence of life and could be used to save his life during a time of critical need.

An Lin felt like this item could perhaps perform a miracle if used on the Divine Mirror World.

As for saving it for himself?

Little Na’s world had already become like this, so he naturally had to give it to Little Na to use!

An Lin hadn’t hesitated at all when making this decision.

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