I Might Be A Fake Cultivator

Chapter 2203 - Heart of Life

Chapter 2203: Heart of Life

Tina could detect the extraordinary nature of the green teardrop-shaped item that An Lin had just given her. Moreover, she could sense that it had a faint resonance with the Heavenly Dao that she ruled over.

“Giant An Lin, this item…”

She instinctively felt that this item was far too valuable.

“This is a treasure that I snatched from the Heavenly Life Goddess. Feel free to use it,” An Lin said calmly.

Tina was still slightly suspicious. However, she finally poked her tongue out and accepted it when she saw the firm expression in An Lin’s eyes.

“Thank you, Giant An Lin!

“What is this item called?”

“It’s called the Heart of Life.”

“The Heart of Life… Life is only a concept, so does it truly have a heart?”

“Even heaven has a heart, so why can’t life have a heart?”

“That makes sense…”

A faint smile spread across Tina’s face as she gazed at the green teardrop-shaped item in her hands.

She then carefully planted the Heart of Life into the earth of the Divine Mirror World. Looking down from above, it was as if a drop of green water had been buried into the earth.

In reality, however, Tina had planted the Heart of Life into the Heavenly Dao.

She believed in An Lin, so she decided to use the Heart of Life to help the Heavenly Dao comprehend life and rediscover the feeling of life!

An unimaginable fluctuation instantly started to spread throughout the entire world.

At the same time, Tina was also enveloped by a peculiar green light.

The land started to become fertile, and lush green grass and blooming flowers started to appear in the surroundings. Saplings of trees also started to sprout, rapidly growing into a tree before transforming into a forest. Large swathes of forests started to blanket the land.

It wasn’t long before tens of thousands of kilometers of the desert was transformed into a flourishing land of vitality. Moreover, this proliferation of life and greenery was still rapidly spreading into the surroundings.

However, An Lin was still feeling extremely anxious.

The sudden death of the ambassadors of spring had taught him to not get too far ahead of himself. They would have only succeeded if this phenomenon could resist the backlash of heaven and earth.

The extremely rich life force swept through the land. At the same time, an azure beam of light soared into the sky from where the Heart of Life had been planted. This light obliterated the impurities in the pale white sky, causing it to become especially blue and clear.

“The commotion caused by this Heart of Life is far greater than that caused by the two divine-rank materials combined. It looks like it might succeed.” An Lin was extremely happy as he said this.

“M-hm…” Tina suddenly groaned as cold sweat poured down her forehead. The most fundamental life force started to ferociously surge toward her body, causing her to involuntarily float into the sky.

“Little Na, why are you suddenly flying into the sky?!” An Lin was given a fright.

“Giant An Lin, I… Your Heart of Life is far too powerful! I can feel an unending stream of water… an unending stream of water…”

As she rose into the sky, Tina’s body gradually transformed into specks of light that fused into heaven and earth.

Only her voice continued to reverberate throughout heaven and earth.

“Giant An Lin, I’m going to repair the essence of the world first!

“Wait for me!”

Immediately afterward, Tina’s presence disappeared altogether.

An Lin continued to watch the world transform as he remained on the ground. He was feeling completely baffled.

What in the world is going on right now?

What happened to the backlash of heaven and earth? Why isn’t it befalling?

Everything worked out in the blink of an eye? Tina can go and repair the essence of the world now?

The Heart of Life is this impressive?

He recalled the Heavenly Life Goddess’ solemn expression when she had handed him this green teardrop-shaped item. It appeared as if the Heart of Life was genuinely a fairly important item…

At the very least, this item probably contained the essence of the Heavenly Dao of Life of the Tai Chu Continent, right?

The power of life continued to surge into the surroundings in an extremely powerful and ferocious manner.

Meanwhile, vitality finally returned to the Divine Mirror World. This was a genuine and flourishing vitality. It wasn’t like the pretentious swathes of forests that the ambassadors of spring had summoned before. Rather, all kinds of landforms, plants, and lifeforms were genuinely starting to materialize and thrive.

Life returned to this previously drab and desolate land.

The world transformed extremely quickly.

In fact, even the Heavenly Dao was encouraging this growth and transformation.

It was as if this world were pushing back with a vengeance after having suffered through countless disasters.

An Lin sensed the transformations, and he could faintly detect that the subconscious will of the Heavenly Dao was still slightly resistant against this power of life. Moreover, the power of life was still indeed experiencing a backlash. However, this backlash was obliterated by the Heart of Life and an even more powerful force inside the subconscious will of the Heavenly Dao.

An Lin came to a sudden realization at this moment.

It wasn’t that there was no backlash from the Heavenly Dao. Rather, it appeared as if there was none because the Heart of Life was far too powerful!

Meanwhile, the Heavenly Dao also possessed two different wills. One will yearned for death, while the other will yearned for life.

Just then, the will that had yearned for death had been in control, and it was because of this that the ambassadors of spring had been violently suppressed.

Now, however, the appearance of the Heart of Life had somehow caused this world to enter a state of euphoria. The will to live suddenly soared and gained control, unleashing a boundless power as it did so.

The Heart of Life successfully endured the backlash of the Heavenly Dao.

This world started to transform completely and comprehensively!

Tina started to use her authority to transform the shape of the land.

Glaciers, polar regions, rivers, seas, mountain ranges, forests…

The sceneries of yore started to reappear in this world.

Vital energy also started to materialize.

An Lin quietly observed these transformations.

He watched this world transform from a desolate hell into a flourishing paradise. This was an extremely peculiar experience; it was like a dream. Witnessing this transformation caused his heart to beat in excitement and elation.

“This is a miracle!

“Life is a miracle!”

An Lin suddenly understood some of the Heavenly Life Goddess’ words.

He could feel the brimming vitality of this world, and he could sense the delight of heaven and earth. In fact, he could even feel the Heavenly Dao transforming from an old and near-death elder into a lively and energetic elder. Indeed, it felt like this elder might even transform into a youth again!

This item from the Heavenly Life Goddess was truly impressive.

However, the item that he had given her wasn’t bad either.

It had been a fair and equal exchange.

Eventually, vitality spread throughout the entire Divine Mirror World.

This world returned to its previous state of brilliance and beauty.

Even the black sea in the center of this world had transformed into a milky-white sea. It had transformed from an abyss-like sea that would engulf everything into a gentle sea of hope.

An Lin was the only intelligent lifeform who had witnessed this stunning transformation.

At this moment, a beautiful and dreamy fairy slowly descended from the sky. Her smile was beautiful, and a refreshing fragrance gently wafted over before she had even arrived.

Tina was in extremely high spirits, and she said, “Giant An Lin, the essence of the world is already being healed. I’m sure that the Divine Mirror World will return to its former glory in no time!”

An Lin was also delighted to see such a lively and happy Tina. In fact, he felt an urge to turn around and give the Heart of Life a five-star review.

This Heart of Life had been totally worth it!

“Oh, that’s right. Can we let the beings of the Divine Mirror World out yet?” An Lin hadn’t seen his old friends for a long time, so he couldn’t help but ask this in eager anticipation.

“I still need to make some preparations first. After all, there are five God of Creation Stage divine beings inside as well as hundreds of billions of other intelligent beings. This pertains to an exorbitant amount of power and energy, so I need a few days to prepare a suitable passageway to funnel them in,” Tina explained.

An Lin was transfixed with shock upon hearing this.

Hundreds of billions of intelligent beings?

The Divine Mirror World is already this large?

Also, five God of Creation Stage divine beings?!

Holy Mother of God!

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