I Might Be A Fake Cultivator

Chapter 2204 - Illuminating the World

Chapter 2204: Illuminating the World

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An Lin was indeed stunned.

What kind of beings was God of Creation Stage divine beings?

They were legendary beings even in the Tai Chu Continent, the center of the universe. If one were to count, ten fingers would be enough to account for all of them.

Moreover, the small goals of these divine beings wouldn’t be to rule over a territory. After all, to them, such a small goal was achievable in an instant. It was beneath them to aim for such low-hanging goals.

Indeed, these divine beings were all the paramount beings of some force or tribe.

Their status was transcendent, and they wouldn’t be afraid even if the sky were to collapse.

Yet the Divine Mirror World had five such divine beings?

An Lin couldn’t help but recall the dragon corpse that he had seen near the black sea. That dragon had also been at the God of Creation Stage. In other words, it was extremely likely that the Divine Mirror World had given birth to far more than five God of Creation Stage divine beings during its long history…

What in the world had the Divine Mirror World gone through?

An Lin felt afraid to think about this.

If he revealed the existence of the five God of Creation Stage divine beings to the members of the Divine Mirror Enforcement Division who were working in the outside world at this moment, heaven knows what kind of expression they would reply with…

Even An Lin was feeling so deeply astonished.

So… perhaps they would be directly scared sh*tless?

An Lin’s eyes lit up, and he asked, “Won’t crushing the heavens become much easier if we add these five God of Creation Stage divine beings to the Heaven Crushing United Army?”

“Little Na also thinks that,” Tina replied with a smile.

“No… God of Creation Stage divine beings are usually extremely independent and have strong opinions. How could they agree to risk their lives for nothing?” An Lin immediately felt a headache forming upon thinking of this.

However, he suddenly felt a soft and warm sensation on his arm at this moment.

Tina had already grabbed onto his arm. She smiled faintly and said, “Giant An Lin, don’t overthink things. They’re all extremely obedient, and they’ll all listen to me.”


“Of course! Since when has Little Na ever lied to you?”

Tina replied readily.

However, she quickly added an extra sentence in her mind. If they don’t come to help me, then why would I have raised so many of them as underlings? I might as well have raised pigs!

An Lin left the Divine Mirror World first.

The essence of the world was already starting to heal, so the next step was for the world to replenish and regenerate itself as well as heal its own essential power. Tina could overlook these processes by herself.

An Lin returned to Yue Tong City.

Right now, Tina could already lock onto his aura and open two-realm passageways according to his location and freely enter and exit the Divine Mirror World.

What was this like?

This was like a hack that he could carry everywhere!

Tina’s world was his world, so when he came across dangers, all he needed to do was shout, “Little Na, save me!”. Upon hearing this, Tina would gather a small army and come over to help him. Was this like carrying a world with him to act as support?

Even God of Creation Stage divine beings weren’t that flashy, right?

It was also because of this that An Lin was accompanied by a wind of swagger wherever he walked.

It wasn’t long before he arrived at the Lan Lin Courtyard.

“Greeting, Emperor!”

“Long live the Emperor!”

The proud and haughty Vermilion Birds respectfully greeted An Lin.

They had once believed that Xu Xiaolan was their only source of light. However, after meeting An Lin, they discovered that there was someone in this world who was actually worthy of their Great Empress.

The Dao partner of their Great Empress would naturally be the emperor.

“You may rise,” An Lin said as he waved his hand casually. “Oh, that’s right. Has Xiaolan come out from her seclusion yet?”

“Emperor, she hasn’t exited seclusion yet.”

Vermilion Bird Nan Li answered respectfully.

An Lin nodded in reply.

Who knew how long Xu Xiaolan would cultivate in seclusion for?

In fact, he had also studied beings who had broken through to the God of Creation Stage before. Some had attained sudden enlightenment in the morning and then successfully advanced to the God of Creation Stage at night. Meanwhile, some had accumulated experience for hundreds of thousands of years or even millions of years until they reached a critical point where they could break through.

Of course, there were also some who were like the Celestial Thearch. These were powerful beings who were still stuck at the Dao Integration Pinnacle Stage even after countless years of cultivation. In fact, there were quite a lot of powerful beings in this category.

Which category did Xu Xiaolan belong to?

She probably couldn’t answer this herself.

In any case, she would just cultivate in seclusion and quietly comprehend Dao.

What if she was actually able to comprehend something?

An Lin didn’t want to distract Xiaolan, so he started to casually wander around Yue Tong City.

This was a bright and sunny day, so the streets were filled with casually strolling soldiers.

They all greeted An Lin enthusiastically. If An Lin were to wave to all of them, he would simply have no time left to do anything else. As such, he decided to act like those high and mighty people and simply nod in acknowledgment. In the end, he became nothing more than a bobblehead as he walked through the streets…

An Lin started to understand why some famous people were so cold and aloof.

If they were more friendly toward their fans, they might genuinely tire themselves to death.

Sigh… Fame can be a double-edged sword…

An Lin shook his head upon thinking of this. He felt like he was about to get some spinal injuries.

At this moment, he suddenly recalled the neck care exercise that Da Bai had taught him.

An Lin looked up at the sky and murmured, “Writing the word ‘sh*t’ at the sky?”


An Lin gave this exercise a try and found that it was indeed fairly effective.

He wasn’t afraid of others seeing him do this either. After all, no one would realize what he was actually doing.

In fact, some of his ardent fans even thought that he was cultivating something and started to emulate his actions. They started to write the word “sh*t” at the sky as well…

After writing “sh*t” at the sky for the twelfth time, the sky was suddenly enveloped by a golden light.


The sky started to tremble.

The Great Dao of Heaven and Earth started to resonate.

It was as if something had exploded in the east.

The beings in Yue Tong City were all given a fright.

Meanwhile, An Lin directly soared into the sky; his eyes becoming a profound black color as he did so. He looked toward the horizon in the east.

A boundless light had erupted from there, and this light was even brighter and more dazzling than the sun.

His vision was swallowed by this golden glow.

It was as if everything in the east had suddenly combusted.

An Lin stared at the east as he tried to decipher something. At this moment, however, a pair of eyes suddenly appeared in the east. This pair of eyes was contained in a boundless expanse of light, and if one weren’t at a high enough level, they wouldn’t be able to detect these eyes at all.

An Lin could feel the radiance and heat from this pair of eyes. It was as if it could instantly purify all matter and turn him into countless specks of light particles.

However, An Lin was unfazed.

He silently stood in the sky and stared at that pair of eyes just like that.

The owner of these eyes was slightly surprised. The expression of hostility in these eyes slowly started to disappear, eventually being replaced by a sense of slight interest and provocation.

The light was still as bright and dazzling as before.

However, the pair of eyes that caused even An Lin to feel slightly apprehensive disappeared.

Everyone in the Tai Chu Continent was astonished by the sudden and blinding light from the east.

The undercurrents in the world were stirred up by this boundless expanse of light.

After experiencing a period of relative stability, everyone knew that commotion was about to befall the continent again!

This was the brightest day in the history of the Tai Chu Continent.

The sky was bright, and the earth was also bright. However, this brightness didn’t carry with it a burning heat. Instead, it made countless beings feel a sense of peace and tranquility.

However, unease also churned in the minds of hundreds of billions of beings.

They all knew that a great calamity was about to befall them!

A blazing battle intent started to burn in An Lin’s mind as he gazed at the east.. “It looks like the Heavenly Light Goddess has successfully completed her transformation. Between her and I, I wonder which of us is stronger?”

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