I Might Be A Fake Cultivator

Chapter 24 - Let's Solo!

Chapter 24: Let’s Solo!

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When a person is faced with a life-threatening situation, they will always be able to gain superhuman abilities. An Lin was no exception.

When he felt an exceptionally alarming amount of energy gathering behind him, he finally erupted!

“Star Guardian Lux, please spare me! I’m just a bludgeeer!”

In the past, An Lin’s voice could only reach one-hundred decibels when shouting. Now that he was threatened with death, he managed to shout at a voice of over two-hundred decibels 1 !

If this didn’t count as an outburst, then what did?!

“Hmm?” The girl behind him was slightly surprised and the energy gathered on her staff started to dissipate.

“I-It worked?” An Lin exclaimed in shock.

An Lin felt the pressure behind him recede, and the halo of light binding him also disappeared.

Soon after, he felt someone softly poking him from behind.

He turned around and found that the breathtakingly beautiful girl had already flown before him and was now curiously studying him.

“Who are you? You even know that I’m Star Guardian Lux.” The girl tilted her head slightly as she sat atop a six-feathered staff. Her beautiful purple eyes blinked as she looked curiously towards An Lin.

“I’m An Lin and I’ve come from Earth. I observed that your getup is very similar to a certain character that I’ve seen in a game. So, in a moment of desperation, I shouted that out,” An Lin replied honestly.

“Earth!” Her eyes lit up and she pointed at An Lin. “I remember now! You’re our schools most networked backdoor entrant—An Lin!”

An Lin scratched his head and chuckled. It appeared as if he was really famous at the university. Even the young sorceress knew of him and his alias!

Although, he had an urge to cry when he heard this alias…

The girl hopped off her staff and walked before An Lin. “You also know how to play League of Legends 2 , right?” she grinned.

An Lin nodded. When he was at school, he would always play with his classmates, and last season he had reached the Diamond Tier in Ranked Games. He could already be considered as exceptionally good at the game.

“Ah! That’s great!”

The girl appeared extremely excited as she took out a mobile phone and handed it to An Lin…

An Lin was rooted to the spot as he stared at the pink large-screen phone in front of him.

“You don’t know how to use a mobile phone?” the girl quizzed upon seeing An Lin’s dumbfounded expression.

“Yeah, I do know how to use it.” An Lin came to his senses and turned the phone on.

A cultivator had just handed him a mobile phone…

This scene was as strange as strange could be!

“Say, what’s the meaning of handing me this phone?” An Lin was puzzled.

The girl whipped out another pink large-screen phone. “Let’s have a solo battle on LoL. If you win, I’ll let you go!” she said excitedly.

An Lin: “…”

A string of curses raced through An Lin’s mind and he felt completely baffled!

Say, is this person really a cultivator? It can’t be that she’s an internet addict from Earth, right?

Also, what is with playing LoL on the phone?

Are you sure this is League of Legends and not Arena of Valor 3?! Also, is there even internet in the cultivation world? I’ve never heard about it!

There were countless complaints An Lin wanted to shout out. However, under the domineering prowess of the young sorceress, all he could do was forcefully endure it and silently tap on the League of Legends icon on the phone…

Sure enough, the Arena of Valor interface appeared when the game opened.

His username was ‘Adorable Little Apple’.

After logging in to the game, a window popped up on his screen.

‘Pretty Little Apple’ has challenged you to a Solo Battle.

This challenge was clearly sent by the girl. So, this phone really can connect to the internet?!

An Lin was astonished. He tapped on ‘Accept’ and entered the champion selection screen.

After entering this screen, he was completely baffled.

F*ck! Why are the champions in Arena of Valor actually those from League of Legends?!

Right at this moment, the pink-haired girl leaned against An Lin. “The range of the information transmission spell formations on these phones are limited,” she said softly. “Come here, let’s get closer. That way the signal will be better.”

An Lin: “…”

As expected, this was a phone which had undergone magical modifications. Moreover, this game had also undergone magical modifications!

Her talent is far beyond my imagination. Should I praise her ‘ingenuity’?

An Lin chose LeBlanc the Deceiver as his champion. He had initially wanted to choose Riven the Exile as his champion, as that was who he was most familiar with. However, he didn’t really know how to perform a quick Q·A combo on the mobile version of the game…

After they both picked their champions, the solo battle determining An Lin’s fate finally began.

The two of them stared at their screens intently as they sat atop a gigantic rock, and their fingers swiped about the screen furiously.

The girl chose Lux as her champion and even used the Star Guardian Lux skin. It appeared as if she was truly fond of this getup.

If they were playing on a computer and their choice of champions remained the same, An Lin was confident that he could crush her, even if she were Challenger4 ranked. This was completely due to the innate advantage of his champion over hers.

Now that he was faced with a mobile version of League of Legends, An Lin dared not make such bold claims and jinx himself.

Luckily, the abilities in this game had not been altered and the champions still had two passive abilities along with four active abilities. The only difference was that all of these had become active abilities now.

The girl’s rule for this solo battle was that whoever destroyed the opponent’s Nexus first would be the victor.

This rule dictated that this was going to be a lengthy war of attrition. However, An Lin would not overlook accumulating an advantage in the early stages.

After a minute or two, An Lin became familiar with the controls.

In reality, the controls were not all that different from those in Arena of Valor.

After reaching level two, he decided to have LeBlanc go ahead and expend some mana.

The E ability of the girl’s Lady of Luminosity Lux was way off target and exploded behind LeBlanc.

Then, Lux was struck by LeBlanc’s Q·W double combo and her health went down by one-third.

An Lin happily moved LeBlanc backwards. When he was casting his ability, he was only struck once by Lux’s normal attack.

This interaction is my win , he grinned. Then, he looked towards his health. I’ve only lost one-third of my health.

Huh? One-third?

An Lin: “…”

Hang on a second. Did I see that incorrectly? Why is my health only on two-thirds?!

An Lin blinked. He was a bit dumbfounded.

At this moment, he was accidentally struck by Lux’s A ability. Then, his health fell to one-third…

A frightening suspicion grew in An Lin’s mind. His finger trembled as he tapped open Lux’s attributes, and he looked nervously towards her stats.

The following stats appeared:

Attack Damage: 65+150

Magic Resistance: 25+150

An Lin closed the stats window solemnly. With teary eyes, he looked towards the girl beside him. She was in high spirits and completely absorbed in the game.

At this time, his LeBlanc was once again struck by Lux’s normal attack.

“First Blood!”

The system’s voice appeared to be particularly loud.

“Yeah!” the girl exclaimed loudly as she threw her arms up in excitement.

She then noticed An Lin’s expression and turned to face him. “Huh? Why are you staring at me? I know I’m amazingly beautiful, but can you please concentrate on the game. It’s bad to lose concentration. What I want is a fair battle!”

A fair battle?

An Lin’s lips quivered. He finally mustered up some courage and said, “I have a question. Why are the stats of your Lady of Luminosity buffed…”

“Oh, those?” the girl chuckled. “I really like Lux the Lady of Luminosity, so I used the ability ‘God’s Blessing’ on her!” she explained.

Towards this whimsical and inexplicable answer, An Lin nodded his head solemnly and returned to the game.

He had already understood the connotation behind that sentence. What the girl meant was this:

I’m cheating, what are you going to do about it?

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