I Might Be A Fake Cultivator

Chapter 23 - Young Sorceress

Chapter 23: Young Sorceress

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After reaching the Eighth Stage Dao Body, An Lin was able to start using the ‘Earth’ category cultivation methods.

“Stage One Earth Lotus Supreme Skill—Condition: Cultivate atop Black Rock Peak for one day.”

Black Rock Peak was a very famous mountain peak in the Forest of One-Thousand Peaks. It was rumored that the mountain was pitch-black and smooth, and that it was impossible to climb up bare-handed.

If one wanted to reach the summit of Black Rock Peak, their only choice would be to fly up.

“Ah… If only I could perform Sword Kinesis Flight 1 ,” An Lin exclaimed gloomily.

Sword Kinesis Flight was a skill that could only be mastered by cultivators of or above the Spirit Nurturing rank.

His rank was insufficient, thus, even if he had grasped the theoretical principles of Sword Kinesis Flight, he would still be unable to fly.

Since I’m unable to fly, I might as well put aside the cultivation of the Earth Lotus Supreme Skill for now…

An Lin stopped pondering about matters relating to the system. His most important objective right now was to reach the small mountain ahead of him.

Of course, there was another relatively important matter, that being finding last hit targets.

It was only in this free-for-all battle that he would have the chance to openly perform last hits. Outside this arena, where would he be able to find so many critically injured people to attack?

In no time, An Lin found a critically injured senior.

He had hurried here by following the sounds of battle, and right as he arrived, he spotted the senior who had just emerged victorious.

Without a second thought, An Lin leapt out. After briefly introducing himself, he kicked into action and started to chase and beat the senior student incessantly.

That’s right, he was chasing the senior student in order to beat him…

Knowing that he was in a bad state and no match for An Lin, the senior had chosen to escape.

However, how could An Lin let such a prey escape from under his nose? Thus, he didn’t hesitate for a second before giving chase.

“Ha! Eat my fist!”

An Lin caught up to the senior and struck at him with his Mountain Quaking Fist.

The Mountain Quaking Fist was extremely powerful and instantly obliterated the defensive spell cast by the senior. Then, the remaining power of the strike blew him off his feet.

A golden defensive barrier started to materialize around the senior who had tumbled to the ground and was vomiting blood.

Upon seeing this, An Lin smiled triumphantly.

“F*ck you An Lin! Do you have no moral integrity?!”

The senior student let loose a torrent of abuse. He had never seen such a shameless person before.

Faced with the senior’s abuse, An Lin was completely unfazed. In order to complete the system’s mission, An Lin had already tossed all his moral integrity aside.

After the pitiable senior was teleported out of the event arena, An Lin went to check up on his system: “Mission progress: 1/10.”

An Lin nodded in satisfaction and continued with his ‘hunting’.

Not far from the small mountain, An Lin once again heard the sounds of a battle. He started to feel as if luck was on his side.

As he cautiously closed in on the battleground though, An Lin became completely startled. The surrounding spiritual energy swarmed about fiercely and frightening bursts of shockwaves radiated out from the collisions of spells.

These two appear to be a bit too strong…

An Lin hid behind a massive rock and peeked into the distance.

After spotting the two who were fighting, he became stupefied…

“Light Binding!” a young girl with short pink hair cried crisply as she waved her staff about.

A circular halo of light shot out from the staff in her hand.

This circular halo of light moved at incredible speeds and in a split second, had trapped a red-skinned male.


The male howled loudly. Red flames burst out from his body as he attempted to free himself from the halo of light which was binding him.

The flames from his body soared towards the sky and continuously diffused outwards.

Even from behind the massive rock, An Lin could feel the waves of heat washing over him.

From a distance, the pink-haired girl raised her palms towards the male. A staff decorated with six feathers span rapidly in front of her, and an extremely terrifying amount of energy started to build up.

“My combination attack is invincible! Take this—Final Spark!” the girl cried softly.

An insanely powerful beam of energy burst forth from the staff.

This ray of light was akin to a laser beam as it penetrated through hundreds of meters of space. It scattered the flames of the red-skinned male and pierced through his chest. It then created a long and deep ditch in the earth…

The red-skinned male was unable to speak after being run through by the beam of light, and he vomited blood as he collapsed to the ground.

Immediately afterwards, a golden defensive barrier materialized around his body.

Even though she had defeated the red-skinned male, the girl with short pink hair didn’t appear to be very happy.

It appeared as if she had thought something and she slapped her head in exasperation. “Why?! I should have used the Q·E·R 2 abilities in succession! Are my hands really that clumsy?”

An Lin: “…”

An Lin, who was spectating from afar, was utterly stupefied. Such a striking scene quickly reminded him of a game from Earth—League of Legends.

The girl was extremely beautiful, and splendid clothes adorned her graceful figure.

Short pink hair, a pink and purple sailor costume, white silk leggings and a six-feathered staff… This girl is cosplaying as Star Guardian Lux 3, isn’t she?!

Hang on, she’s even able to use ‘Light Binding’ and ‘Final Spark’!

This is already beyond the realm of cosplaying… She’s a freakin’ real-life sorceress4!

An Lin’s throat felt a bit dry. He no longer wanted to find out why such a strange girl would appear here.

He was covered in cold sweat after watching the battle, and his only thought now was to leave this bloody place as soon as possible.

An Lin had some self-awareness after all. That crushing pressure, that destructive power… That battle was clearly between two strong cultivators of the Spirit Nurturing Rank!

Faced with such enemies, his chances of performing a last hit kill were infinitely close to zero.

As the good old adage says, a lean camel that dies of starvation is still bigger than a horse 5 . Besides, this young sorceress had not yet died of starvation after her battle and was still alive and kicking!

An Lin gulped as he weakened his aura and tried to move away stealthily.

However, his body suddenly jolted at this moment. It was as if his entire body had been restricted, and he was completely unable to move.

A dazzling halo of light had encircled An Lin, and it possessed an insanely strong restrictive ability.

Sh*t! I’ve been discovered!

A cold chill traveled through An Lin’s body and he sighed in his mind. What I’m most afraid of has eventuated…

“Haha! I was just worrying about the fact that there was no one to practice my abilities on, and then you suddenly appeared before me!”

The delighted cry of a girl came from behind An Lin.

“I’ll definitely complete my Q·E·R triple combo this time!

“M-hm, I can definitely do it!”

Sounds of the girl encouraging herself once again came from behind him.

Q·E·R triple combo? Tears welled up in An Lin’s eyes as he heard this.

That Spirit Nurturing ranked red-skinned male was beaten half-dead by a Q·R double combo…

Towards a junior cultivator of the Eighth Stage Dao Body, you really plan on using such a ruthless Q·E·R triple combo?

An Lin sniffled. His instincts told him that if he was struck by the ‘Final Spark’, he would be done for!

Sure enough, amongst the small and unfortunate group of fewer than ten students that emerged in every free-for-all battle event, there was a spot for him…

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