Imperial Commander: His Pretty Wife Is Spoiled Rotten

Chapter 4

Chapter 4: Do You Want to Die?!

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When Yun Xi regained consciousness, she was surrounded in complete darkness.

Sitting up abruptly, she looked around with vigilance.

She noticed there were no other people or wild animals, so she finally sighed in quiet relief.

Flipping on the main light switch, the entire room was illuminated.

This was a very masculine and spartan-style room.

It was finished with dark green carpet, a large, wooden bed with grey-green bed sheets, an office desk across from the bed, and all sorts of data drawings hung on the walls.

The room was very spacious with two starkly contrasting decorating styles.

One side was for office use, and the other was for relaxation, yet they didn’t interfere with each other to create two individual spaces.

Without any particular trigger, she suddenly recalled the man who had gotten off the helicopter.

Although she hadn’t seen his face clearly, that imposing aura had probably belonged to a tall and strongly built man.

Turning her head, she looked down at the men’s T-shirt she was wearing as a dress.

The scratches on her arms, shoulders, and legs were wrapped in a thin layer of gauze, so she looked a bit like a mummy. It was a bit ridiculous.

She opened the door to go downstairs.

As soon as she walked to the top of the staircase, she heard the crack of glass breaking from downstairs.

“Get out!” A man’s deep and harsh voice disrupted the peaceful quiet inside the living room.

Yun Xi stood at the top of the staircase as she watched the figures of a man and a woman in the living room.

The man was facing the French windows. He was dressed in a casual outfit, and his long legs and slender figure above his boots made up his proud figure.

Even though his back faced Yun Xi, she could already feel the powerful aura he was emitting at that moment.

“Master Mu, I’m begging you not to kick me out. No cars are leaving here this late at night. I’m just a girl and I’m afraid…”

Han Wanling had just reached out to touch his muscular and powerful arms when Mu Feichi rapidly brushed her way. His masculine strength directly threw Han Wanling onto the floorboards.

“Ah…” Han Wanling didn’t expect to fall on the ground, so her hands directly pressed down on the glass shards on the floorboards. It hurt so much that she began to whine.

Mu Feichi turned around, raising his brows in disgust.

His slender fingers removed the casual jacket that Wan Wanling had touched before directly throwing it down her head.

Suddenly, a rush of heat rose up his body.

He looked down at the distraught woman fallen to the ground. Yet she hadn’t forgotten to twist her waist and cross her legs in an attempt to feign aggrievedness.

Mu Feichi’s inky eyes surged with unpredictable darkness. With just one glance, Han Wanling felt as if she had been cut by a sharp blade.

All of a sudden, it was like an invisible hand had clasped around her throat. She could only feel suffocation, so how could she remember to take the opportunity to seduce him?

Yun Xi was finally able to understand what was going on.

She turned around and was about to leave when her quiet movements alerted the keen man inside the living room.

“Stand right there!”

Yun Xi froze and rigidly moved back the leg she had just placed on the staircase.

“Come downstairs!”

Yun Xi turned around and obediently walked down under Mu Feichi’s terrifying gaze.

Han Wanling didn’t expect there to be other people in the house, so she turned around to assess her.

This wretched girl had popped out of nowhere and was actually wearing Master Mu’s clothes!

From the looks of her body, she was just a barely pubescent, young girl!

She had no desirable figure or face, but could Master Mu actually be into this type?

No! That was impossible!

There were so many men who bowed down to her hem, so she had ample confidence in her allure!

Yun Xi looked up slightly as she stood before this man with such a powerful aura. Even though she had interrupted their business, she didn’t appear even slightly harried or embarrassed at all.

Mu Feichi’s sharp and icy gaze fixed tightly on her, but he somehow lost control because of her tender and exquisite face!

He finally noticed that something wasn’t right!

He instantly turned around to look at the broken cups on the ground, his dark and somber eyes shining with chilliness.

“You spiked my drink?! Do you want to die?!”

Mu Feichi’s handsome face was enraged. He ripped the tablecloth off the coffee table to throw all the teacups and tea platter onto Han Wanling.

Han Wanling wasn’t able to dodge in time, so her eyes saw stars from the collision.

“I… Master Mu, I, I don’t know what you’re talking about!”

She instantly felt the embarrassment being seen right through by his glaring look. She kept her head down to avoid his frightening eyes.

Yun Xi finally looked at the woman standing behind Mu Feichi and clearly discerned her face. Her heart instantly jumped.

Wasn’t this Han Yaotian’s older sister, Han Wanling?

She was calling this man, “Master Mu…”

Yun Xi turned around to visually assess the man before her eyes. The handsome and harsh lines of his side profile appeared as sharp as a knife, and his expression emanated coldness that warned others against approaching.

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