Imperial God Emperor

Chapter 11 Entering The Academy

Chapter 11 – Entering The Academy

The bright ray of moonlight was unknowingly obscured by the grey clouds by half.

The light of the moon became blotchy.

Outside the [Residence of Heaven’s Will].

Han Xiaofei’s face was filled with hatred and viciousness. In the muddled light of the moon, he was like a hurt wild beast.

“Ye Qingyu… it’s you who made me undergo such humiliation. I swear, from now on I definitely won’t let you live in peace,” he bitingly screamed.

And beside him, in the heart of the beautifully dressed red clothed girl, was also packed with hatred.

She did not dare to offend a person like Bai Yuqing, but for Ye Qingyu, ‘the original perpetrator’ she can definitely do as she pleases… ……

At the same time.

At a different location.

Liu family.

Liu Ye was kneeling down outside the entrance of the management room, his entire body shaking.

Also kneeling down with him, was the normally arrogant trash instructor, Liu Heng.

The Liu family heritage was not poor, and the Liu family’s company had already operated for decades as one of the top four merchant companies. In these years, it had flourished and developed its strength. It had business with every major noble family in the city, with a deep rooted influence. It was definitely a force that you cannot afford to ignore within Deer City.

Liu Ye was the eldest grandson of the third branch of Liu family. His talent being not bad, and was normally very popular and spoiled by the elders of the third branch. As time went on, his personality slowly became twisted and domineering.

“Grandfather, Ye-er* knows he was wrong,” Liu Ye loudly begged.

After continuing to kneel for four hours, even if he had a background from training, at this time he had nearly lost all feeling within his legs. He soon could not endure it anymore.

“Where did you wrong?”

An ancient and dignified voice came out from the management room.

“Ye-er shouldn’t have caused trouble by provoking Ye Qingyu…” Liu Ye said, his entire body trembling.

“Idiot, what matter does a mere Ye Qingyu make! It looks like you still don’t understand what you did wrong!” the old and dignified voice started shouting.

Liu Ye did not speak but just knelt, shuddering.

“The Liu family was founded from a merchant company. The reason that the rain and winds of these years did not managed to topple us was because of our connections. I have always told you younger generation to be more low key, but you don’t listen and go provoke people…” The old dignified voice continued, “A mere Ye Qingyu, he is already past the age most suitable for cultivating. Even if his natural talent is even greater, he can no longer threated the Liu family.

Today the reason I’m making you kneel is because you are stupid. A merchant cares about incentives, a thing that has no benefits but only drawbacks we definitely cannot do. If your tendency of provoking everyone is not changed, then there will be a day that you will provoke someone you cannot afford to provoke. At that time, to calm their rage, I can only choose to sacrifice you. Even though I have always spoiled you, I cannot go against the family’s incentives… Do you understand?”

“Ye-er understands…” Liu Ye said haltingly.

“Stand up then.”

Liu Ye stood up shakily, holding the chair next to him for balance.

Liu Heng seeing this, quickly said, “Third uncle, I…”

“Shut your mouth!” A voice filled with anger shouted from the management room. “All these years I’ve spent countless money and resources to allow you to remain within White Deer Academy, protecting your position as a useless supervisor. I had my intentions for you, but who knew that you would be so idiotic to lose your position over such a small thing. Wasting my efforts, you deserve to die!”

“Third uncle forgive me, third uncle forgive me! This was instructed by that person, otherwise…”

Liu Heng quickly begged.

“Hmph, luckily this time Ye-er managed to enter the academy and things can still be fixed. I’ll punish you with the fine of one year’s salary. Leave now, the insider knowledge that you have you are not allowed to tell anyone, or else you will die a horrible death.”

The old and dignified voice threatened.

“Yes, yes, yes…” Liu Heng let out a breath of relief.

After a short while.

Liu Heng and Liu Ye held onto each other for support to leave the mansion, feeling utterly dejected.

“This cannot be allowed to stand!” Liu Heng said, grinding his teeth completely filled with hate of Ye Qingyu.

Liu Ye did not say anything.

But his eyes were glimmering with revenge and hatred in the darkness.

…… ……

White Deer Academy.

Today was the first day after the selection process has ended.

A large amount of first years reported in impatiently in the early morning.

According to the rules of the academy, the parents and guards of the students could only accompany them until the entrance and could not enter. Because of this, it caused the main entrance to become extremely crowded, filled with anxious parents wishing their children well and impatient teenagers.

Every year that the White Deer Academy began their academic year, this strange and bustling sight was seen.

Beside both sides of the academy entrance, there was a 10-meter- tall stone mirror.

The stone mirror was made from a rare type of mineral, white cloud stones. The surface of the mirror was as smooth as ice and under the illumination of the sunlight, exhibited a touch of silver shimmer and you could detect the slight movement of the energies. If you look in detail, then you would realize that on the white surface of the mirror, there were characters written in black ink.

Stone mirror rankings.

This was the method that White Deer Academy used to announce the examination results.

The area surrounding the two stone mirrors was packed with people.

“Number one in the ranking is of course Qin Wushuang. As the son of the city leader, Qin Zhan I hear that he is a genius with a body with bloodline inheritance. When he was not yet ten years of age, he was already at the peak of the Oordinary Mmartial stage. This time ranking in number one is absolutely deserved.”

“Qin Wushuang definitely has a terrifying background. From the day he was born, the Qin family has already paved the path for him. This type of genius was fed many types of Treasures of Heaven and Earth like sugar snap peas, how could he not be a genius? But the second ranked

Yan Xingtian is the person that is truly shocking!”

“That’s right, from a background as a commoner, to be able to exceed Song Qingluo, Liu Lei Nan Tianya, and other students from noble backgrounds is definitely something terrifying.

“In the top twenty, there is only Yan Xingtian.”

“Eh? What about Ye Qingyu? Did he not enter the top twenty? Was it not said that he returned like a king, and in the selection process performed brighter than any others? How come he is only ranked twenty-one?”

“I hear that Ye Qingyu did not participate in one appraisal?”

“What? How is this possible? Don’t joke with me, if it was really like so, to have one less appraisal and being able to place in rank twenty one is too frightening…”

“It’s true, I heard it personally from great teacher Hon, he said that Ye Qingyu only needed to go through five appraisals.”

“Heavens, he is too monstrous!”

“If Ye Qingyu was to go through six appraisals, would it not mean that he would surpass Qin Wushuang and Yan Xingtian, to become number one?”

Everyone discussed heatedly, each possessing their own opinion.

Ye Qingyu stood outside the crowd. After hearing such words, he was pleased but also a little depressed.

See, it was such a good opportunity for him to be in the limelight and impress people. If he had taken the blood qi test, then he would have definitely placed number one in the rankings. Qin Wushuang, Yan Xingtian, Song Qingluo, all of them would have been beneath my foot…

But this kind of opportunity, after he had entered the academy, would slowly come.

After thinking of this, Ye Qingyu carrying a bag of assorted items, walked towards the entrance of White Deer Academy.

The second year student seeing the lonely figure of Ye Qingyu, and seeing his shabby clothes his gaze was filled with cautiousness and suspicion.

Ye Qingyu smiled and handed over his nameplate.

The student inspected the nameplate, and after seeing the name and results, changed his expression entirely. The gaze that he looked at Ye Qingyu with was now filled with smiles. He returned the nameplate, respectfully allowing him to enter.

One foot was across the boundary.

It was his first time entering White Deer Academy.

The path was made of white marble, intersecting each other and leading to different general directions.

Dotted between the middle of the grassland and trees, there were also fake mountains with rivers and fountains spurting water. There were structures upon structures of beautiful statues and figures appearing everywhere in the stunning landscape.

There was an extremely fresh fragrance coming towards him.

It was as if just by breathing the academy’s air, it would cause someone to become relaxed and happy.

White Deer Academy covered an extremely large area, over ten thousand acres and could largely be split into six main areas.

For a first year student like Ye Qingyu, before entering the second year, he could only cultivate in the outermost areas. But even in this outermost area, it was still extremely majestic and enormous, with endless sights as if it was a palace.

This beautiful sight was something that definitely could not be seen and experienced from the entrance.

Next to the path there were signs everywhere. Adding to this, there was always a second year student there to lead the way. Ye Qingyu followed the crowd of new students, and very quickly came to the place where you had to report according to the numbers of the nameplate.

This time White Deer Academy recruited over two thousand new students, and adding to this those who did not manage to graduate to the next year, became twenty-one classes of a hundred each.

After the splitting into classes was done, Ye Qingyu discovered that the class he was in was the lowest numbered twenty-first class. There was a hundred people in this class, with eleven being repeaters and was placed in residential area 5A.

As this was the first day of reporting, everywhere it seemed was slightly frantic and busy.

Ye Qingyu obtained his own school uniform and by relying on a book called [Compass for new students], after searching for a long time, finally managed to arrive in residential area 5A.

After entering the third floor of the dormitory, inside there were already three strangers, his roommates, who were busy.

Ye Qingyu greeted all three with a smile.

But the three people only gave him a glance, and after seeing his shabby clothes, had an expression that said they couldn’t care less. Ye Qingyu did not get angry, only shook his head and entered his room.

The student dormitory of White Deer Academy was pretty interesting.

Residential area 5A had three floors, and was made of stone. On each floor there were around ten living rooms and each living room was connected to four small rooms. In that way, each student could have a private room that belonged to themselves, with all the living facilities you could think of.

This is as cultivating for anyone was an extremely secretive thing. During this process, you were not to be disturbed by anyone so a private room prepared with everything in it was necessary.

After closing the door, Ye Qingyu examined his own private room.

The room was around forty square meters, with a bed and table made of stone. It was extremely hard and ice cold, with a window facing the sun. Outside, there was a strain of poplar tree and you could hear the rusting of the leaves when blown by the wind. On the walls of the room there were runes imprinted that could be used for strengthening and defense.

*Er is a term of endearment for a child.

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