Imperial God Emperor

Chapter 12 The First Lesson

Chapter 12 – The First Lesson

The lock on the door was also replaced by runes, where it can freely lock or unlock. Only by using Ye Qingyu’s nameplate was it able to be opened.

In this world where martial power was highly developed, the majority of people’s lives were inextricably linked to runes and yuan qi formations.

From Ye Qingyu’s perspective, this private space was the most important area in his upcoming student’s life.

Ye Qingyu did not have much possessions, placing some assorted items into the storage cupboards.

After, he carefully placed a little red plant pot on the windowsill. Within the plant pot, was a lone little Chrysanthemum.

This was the only item that he brought from his parents’ tomb.

Ye Qingyu would wait until the Chrysanthemum would bloom, then he would bring the freshly bloomed flowers in front of his parents’ grave.

At the same time—

Within the living room, Ye Qingyu’s roommates were also currently discussing something.

These three people were evidently from a noble family. They were wearing silk clothing, lavished with luxury. Previously, when they saw Ye Qingyu they only gave him a glance and looked away, without the slightest intention of greeting him.

However they were clearly not part of the noble families within Deer City. Therefore, they were not aware of the actions of Ye Qingyu, nor the results he obtained during the selection process.

They were obviously from noble families outside of Deer City.

They were all a bit confused.

How was it that a commoner would be able to live together with the three of them, and live in one of the best rooms within this dormitory? ……

Ye Qingyu was in his own room, lightly tidying.

He read the entire [Compass for new students] over once and cleared up a lot of issues. Then, he sat in a meditative stance near the window, beginning to cultivate using the nameless breathing technique.

Tomorrow he would begin his student life, he must be in his most optimal condition.

The aim of Ye Qingyu was definitely not just to simply graduate.


The second day.

The student life officially began.

Ye Qingyu woke up early, finishing training with the breathing technique and put on the white robe school uniform. His bushy black hair was tied casually with a rope, and bringing with him some school items, he went to attend the morning lesson.

When he went out, he realized that his three other roommates had already left.

After leaving the dormitory and breathing in the fresh air, figuring out the direction, Ye Qingyu walked towards the classroom.

On the way he encountered many boys and girls, most of them around the ages of ten. They were chattering endlessly, like canaries just released from the cage. In their eyes, were infinite visions regarding their future…

Ye Qingyu was fourteen years old, and being naturally tall and muscular, was taller than others by a head. Within this group of kids, he especially stood out.

At first they thought he was an upper class student, but when they saw his first year uniform, people began to greet him.

“Hey, you are Ye Qingyu? You’re the guy who entered through only doing five appraisals and was personally let through by great teacher Hon, isn’t that right?”

A little loli walked over, her large eyes flitting curiously over Ye Qingyu. The expansive uniform of the academy, when worn by her, was like an opera gown. She carefully lifted the robe in front of her, with the back of the robe trailing behind looking particularly cute.

Ye Qingyu laughingly nodding his head.

When facing people from the same year, he can’t help but feel he was talking to a bunch of little children.

“You’re so awesome! That’s right, I’m called Song Xiaojun.” The little loli gave him a thumbs up, then introduced herself. But then she clumsily stepped on her own robe, and staggered for a bit, nearly tripping.

She stuck out her little tongue, her face filled with anguish, complaining, “This robe is really too long for me, this is so terrible, there wasn’t a size suitable for me, what shall I do in the future…”

Ye Qingyu was amused by her appearance and said, “You can try and change it a bit, it’s quite easy to do.”

The little loli’s face went red and she looked down. “I don’t know how to fix clothes!”

A large majority of children from wealthy families were young masters who never needed for anything. Apart from martial cultivation, their practical living ability was basically zero.

After entering White Deer Academy, without their family servants or guards, from their perspective, this coming months would be a tough time for them.

Ye Qingyu smiled and said, “After class, come to residential area 5A, room 303 and come find me, I’ll help you change it.”

He felt a special goodwill towards this little loli.

“You know how to change clothes?” Song Xiaojun widened her eyes with a look of worship on her face. Then she nodded her head like a chick pecking at grains saying, “Okay, okay, I’ll definitely come.”

At this time, a voice from far away shouted Song Xiaojun’s name.

Song Xiaojun stuck out her tongue and said, “My sister is looking for me, I’ll leave first.” After saying this, the little loli held her robe and hopped away like a little rabbit.

Encountering this little incident on his way to the class placed Ye Qingyu into a good mood.

Very quickly, he arrived at the classroom.

In the huge amphitheatre, it was long filled with people.

Everyone had their arranged seating using their nameplates. After searching for a while, Ye Qingyu discovered that his seat was in the middle of the first row. This is undoubtedly the best position, was his luck truly that good?

Under the envious gaze of many eyes, Ye Qingyu sat in his own position.

The voices in the classroom chattered endlessly, creating a bustling atmosphere.

But as the classroom bell rang, the lesson was about to begin.

Under the attention of everyone, a female teacher around forty years of age slowly stepped onto the platform. As she did so, the classroom gradually quietened down.

The appearance of this female teacher was comparatively normal, with long black hair tied back and wearing a normal teacher’s robe. She did not emit a strong air and power did not fluctuate around her.

In the eyes of many wealthy students, such a woman did not even wear something better than the servants they had at home, and they became slightly disappointed.

This was the first lesson of the first year students.

Many people were expecting the Dean of the academy or one of the head teachers, even great teacher Hon would do. But who would have known that the person who came was just a normal teacher.

After a moment of silence, the classroom very quickly began to fill with the voices of discussion again.

“How is everyone? I am the first year teacher responsible for foundation knowledge, Wang Yan. Let’s begin our lesson now…” the middle-aged women began without any expression.

Without any speech to welcome the students, without introducing the academy, without wishing them well for the future, without motivating them, without describing them their beautiful feature…

Even the name Wang Yan was an extremely normal name, not raising the slightest of interest in anyone. The middle-aged teacher used the most simple and direct method, and began their first lesson in White Deer Academy.

“Training one’s body was the foundation in cultivating energy, being extremely important.”

“Training one’s body, means to turn your own body into its physical peak. Since ancient times, our ancestors have created countless techniques to train one’s body, which can turn the human race’s weak blood and flesh to reach the peak of Houtian* that can combat with demons and monsters, that can split apart stone with just their body…”

The gaze of middle-aged teacher swept across the entire crowd and continued, “But, only training your body to reach the peak of Ordinary Martial stage is by far not enough. To survive in this cruel world and pass on your genes, you must become an even stronger existence .Therefore, after training one’s body to the Ordinary Martial stage is the Xiantian stage – this means the Spirit spring stage then the Bitter Sea and so on…”

“These stages from your perspective, is still too far away, we won’t mention it right now…”

“I am responsible for teaching the theory and techniques for training your body. Refining one’s body can be split into six stages, splitting into skin, flesh, bone, blood, marrow and organs. As these six stages are collectively described as the Ordinary Martial stage, these stages can be described as first skin stage, second flesh stage, third bone stage …and so on!”

“The first skin stage is the basics of training one’s body. A tough layer where if swords are struck onto the skin, would be like striking leather….”

“The second flesh stage. Strong muscles can make swords or spears unable to enter you.

“The third bone stage causes bone to be like steel. Able to withstand the strongest of impacts without breaking, able to release the most explosive strength…”

“The fourth blood stage, changing your blood. Purifying the impurities within your normal human body…”

“The fifth marrow stage…”

“The sixth organs stage…”

The middle-aged teacher enunciated and pronounced each word extremely clearly and relying on her internal energy, clearly transferred her voice to every corner of the classroom.

Even those sitting at the very back, was able to hear her clearly. The knowledge contained within was organized very simply and was easily understood by all.

But the problem was that a majority of first year students already knew all about the stages of training one’s body before going through selection. And of this group, a great number of them was already at the high stages of the Ordinary Martial stage**, especially students ranking in the top hundred. Some students may have already reached the peak of the Ordinary Martial stage, and was only half a step away from the Xiantian stage…

For these types of students, to hear these types of theory that they were already familiar with, held no meaning.

The voices of people talking and chatting became even louder.

Many of the students began to feel bored of the lecture, directly began talking. As for this ordinary teacher, she did not command any respect at all and thus the classroom’s atmosphere became slightly chaotic.

The middle-aged teacher seems to not have noticed in the slightest, and continued on without changing her pace.

Ye Qingyu listened very clearly. All his knowledge about cultivating was only gained from hearsay, his basic knowledge equaling zero. He had never had any systematic knowledge about cultivation. The words of the middle-aged teacher was like words from heaven, with many theories and methods being completely new to him. For him, this lesson was incomparably brilliant.

Besides him in the first row filled with students, apart from one or two students who were already tired of listening, the majority was listening seriously, displaying a respectful expression.

Time slowly passed on.

“So only by training one’s body to its peak can you enter the Xiantian stage. And only by controlling the energies of Heaven and Earth can you plant a seed of energy into your body. Only this can be counted as truly entering the door into the martial way…”

The middle-aged teacher finally finished lecturing about foundation knowledge of body refining, her voice stopping.

Two hours had already passed.

The voices of the classroom slowly quieted down, all the students waiting for the bell to announce the end of the class.

At this time, on the serious expression of the middle-aged teacher, a faint smile appeared.

Her originally plain face, because of this faint smile, took on an air of mystery.

*后天. Houtian. I’m sure most of you who have read wuxia before will have seen this term. I honestly am not sure what this term refers to, but I’m pretty sure Houtian is basically still within the realms of human possibility, while Xiantian is when you start to exceed the boundaries of human.

**Ordinary Martial stage = Houtian

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