Imperial God Emperor

Chapter 13 Song Xiaojun

Chapter 13 – Song Xiaojun

Her gaze swept across the large amphitheatre and coughed, saying, “There are still five minutes till the end of the class, I’ll talk a little more with everyone. At the time of my self-introduction I forgot to mention, my name is Wang Yan and I am currently the head teacher of the first years. I believe in the upcoming days, I will interact with you a lot…”

Just as she finished speaking.


The entire amphitheatre was as if it had just been attacked by an invisible bomb, the entire atmosphere turning explosive.

Students who were originally snoozing were dumbfounded.

“What? The head teacher of the first years?”

“Heavens, such an ordinary female teacher… is really the head teacher?”

“I’m dead, I’m dead, I dared to sleep in the middle of a class the head teacher personally taught…”

“Damn, I must have left a bad first impression on head teacher Wang Yan, this is not good…”

“I should have seriously listened in this lesson. Head teacher Wang Yan personally describing the stages of body strengthening is an extremely rare occurrence. Even those noble families in the city may not receive the same treatment!”

The students did not even think that the teacher who was like a middle-aged housewife, was actually the strongest expert for the first years. Thinking back to their previous actions, everyone was suddenly remorseful and filled with regrets.

Ye Qingyu was also slightly taken aback.

Who would have thought that such an ordinary looking teacher would possess such a high position, even higher than the great teacher Hon that he saw.

But why did she appear so normally, and teach such a normal lesson?

According to her position and status, she was at least an expert in the upper level of the Spirit spring stage. This type of expert was definitely in the top ranks of Deer City. Her appearance and clothing was so normal, it nearly made peoples eyeballs pop out.

On the platform, Wang Yan continued —

“Through this lesson, I’ve reached a better understanding of everyone. This lesson is the first collective lesson that we will do, and is also the only lesson we will do in the upcoming month. This is because in the upcoming month, after this lesson, people will be separated into different groups. After all, the foundations of everyone is different, White Deer Academy will teach according to the student.”

The voices in the amphitheatre disappeared.

Every student silently and seriously listened to Wang Yan’s words.

No one dared to show the slightest neglect.

Dividing the class into different groups had long been predicted by Ye Qingyu. Those little geniuses from wealthy families already possessed a sturdy foundation and did not need to learn any more. By teaching according to the weaknesses of each student and adjusting the content, only in that way could you teach effectively.

“However, there is still an extremely important announcement that I will have to make here – Because of the battle between the ten academies that will happen later this year, I will select ten students that I will personally teach,” Wang Yan said slowly.

Her eye swept across the students below her, sparks of light appearing in her eyes.

At this time, she gradually demonstrated the respect a head teacher commanded. Her body seemed as if it had grown larger saying, “Originally I was slightly hesitant about the list of students, but after this lesson and seeing everyone’s performance, I have reaffirmed my selection.”


Once these words were said, the still silence of the amphitheatre was broken and replaced by the heated discussions.

Similar training grounds like White Deer Academy existed in Snow Country. There were nine other academies and together they were known as the [Ten academies].

Every year, between the academies, a match would be held that was known as the [Glorious Battle of the Ten Academies].

This battle would concern the distribution of resources among the academies so it was extremely important. It was also an event that received great attention from many young geniuses. Many experts worshipped by many as idols in Snow Country emerged in the [Glorious Battle of the Ten Academies] and became famous through this.

In these years, White Deer Academy produced not an inconsiderable number of geniuses, but their performance in the [Glorious Battle of the Ten Academies] had always been less than ideal.

In this year’s selection for first years, rare geniuses like Qing Wushuang, Yan Xingtian appeared. This was regarded as the most exceptional class in decades so the academy placed great expectations upon them.

Wang Yan as one of the six heads of the academies, decided to use her position as head teacher to personally select ten students that she would carefully cultivate. And, in the [Glorious Battle of the Ten Academies] one year later, completely change their situation and making White Deer Academy respected once more.

Under such a situation, one can imagine exactly how lucky the ten students that would be selected were.

They would receive the greatest amount of attention from the academy, and would also receive the personal teachings of an expert like Wang Yan. This kind of treatment was extremely rare to encounter. Disregarding the inexperienced students of the first year, even geniuses from the upper years would crack heads to obtain such an opportunity.

Once you entered this list of ten, you were basically placed on a shortcut to becoming an expert.

After hearing Wang Yan’s announcements, all the boys and girls began chatting excitedly.

From their perspective, they had a feeling that their fate was about to be decided.

Countless eyes stared fixatedly at the stage, their eyes staring heatedly at the middle-aged teacher who was previously disregarded by them. If not for the classroom rules, there would already be numerous boys and girls jumping up and shouting, “Pick me, pick me, pick me…”

Only a few students had a confident smile on, sitting in their seats peacefully without the slightest impatient.

They were confident that they would definitely be on the list of ten.

“Silence,” Wang Yan spoke.

The large amphitheatre abruptly became so quiet that you can hear a pin drop.

She nodded her head, about to announce the results when an unnoticeable current of air passed near her ear. Wang Yan’s expression changed slightly, widened her lips then gave the students a glance, saying, “The list of ten will be announced by my teaching assistant.”

Saying this, she left in a rush.

After roughly ten breaths, another figure appeared on the stage.

It was a girl with a dress as white as snow.

The girl looked to be around thirteen or fourteen, wearing the fourth year swordswoman dress of White Deer Academy. Without any make up applied, her skin was like white jade, her collarbone exquisite, her face like from straight out of a painting. Walking up the podium she was like a fairy that appeared from the moon.

At this time, the gazes of countless boys were fixated on her.

Ye Qingyu also felt his vision brighten up.

From the girls he had seen, just judging by appearance, this girl with a white dres definitely could be placed in the top three.

But this young woman’s atmosphere was slightly too cold, as if she was an ancient icy mountain. Even just by giving her a glance, you would feel as if your soul was about to be frozen.

The general temperament of such a person, would have arrogance and conceit in their very bones and not be easy to make friends with.

Wang Yan’s assistant, was also not a normal person.

“My name is Bai Yuqing, a fourth year. Head teacher Wang Yan has some business she has to take care of, allow me to replace her in announcing the list of ten.” Bai Yuqing stood on the stage, and calmly said, “Those who hear their own names, please come up on the stage and let everyone see you.”

After these words were said, the temperature of the entire amphitheatre seems to have dropped by several degrees.

Several people cried.

“So she’s Bai Yuqing!”

“The number one goddess of White Deer Academy!”

“The rumours do not lie!”

“I hear that her strength, also lies in the top of the ranking in White Deer Academy. Possessing a bloodline inheritance, she has already garnered the attention of several big sects. If not for her insisting to complete the entire four years at White Deer Academy, she would have long graduated!”

“No wonder she is the girl that has attracted the gaze and attention of everyone, she is only a bit too cold!”

The freshman students all gossiped animatedly.

Ye Qingyu only just found out, that this girl who was like ice, was so famous in the academy.

On the stage.

“The first person is…” Bai Yuqing hesitated for a moment, then expressionlessly said the first name: “Qin Wushuang.”

Her voice travelled out.

In the first row, a handsome young teenager slowly walked towards the platform.

His expression did not show the slightest hint of shock, his lips carrying a faint smile. It was as if he had long predicted this happening and did not feel the slightest hint of pride at this happening.

And no one in the first year expressed any major surprise.

This was a long predicted result. Coming from a noble background, obtaining number one in the examination results, Qin Wushuang. If he did not enter the list of ten, then no one was qualified to enter the list.

“The second… Yan Xingtian.” Bai Yuqing continued to announce the second person’s name.

A youth with a rather thin figure, slowly stood up and walked towards the stage.

Ye Qingyu’s gaze landed on Yan Xingtian. This was his first time seeing this genius commoner that had been evaluated so highly by others.

Yan Xingtian looked to be only around eleven or twelve, his appearance slightly strange. His face was angular with sharp slanted eyebrows and possessing a righteous air. His ears were extremely large and could almost rest on his shoulders and his arms which were much longer when compared to an average person. When his arms dropped down, his fingers could almost reach his kneecaps.

Standing on the stage, Yan Xingtian was frowning as if he had something on his mind. He was solemn and silent.

There was nothing to argue about regarding these two choices.

Yan Xingtian was ranked second, his position was well deserved.

But the third announcement, caused people to stir slightly and was outside of people’s estimation.

“Song Qingluo!”

A young girl with long black hair hanging to her waist stood up, evidently extremely excited but suppressing her emotions. She pretended to be calm and walked on the stage, walking very quickly. She was the daughter of the president of Qingluo Merchant Company, ranking number six in the selections and could be counted as a little genius.

The classroom began to fill with the sounds of discussion.

The sixth ranked Song Qingluo was the third announced name. This was an obvious sign – when Wang Yan selected people, she did not do so according to the rankings. This caused several students who were full of confidence to display signs of unrest.

And the next name, caused people to be even more shocked.

“Song Xiaojun.” Bai Yuqing announced the fourth name.

Ye Qingyu was taken aback, an image of the cute little loli appearing in his mind.

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