Inevitable Road To Divinity

Chapter 9 Bluedawn City

Chapter 9 Bluedawn City


Xue Ren's mind was full of this word. The reason was, of course, the vampire sitting deep inside his soul shouting it incessantly. He truly didn't hold up as his voice grew louder and louder… Although Xue Ren was now lying in bed together with Sho Yue, there was a lot of space between them… In his entire life, he had a little of contact with girls of his age. But now, he has a woman that is not only more beautiful than celebrities on Earth, but also older than him… thinking that she is sleeping, he turned over to see her face, only to find out golden eyes looking at him. Xue Ren could only look at her stupified. Soon, the silence was broke by her.

"Are you worried? We are going to leave this place tomorrow…"

"That's not it…"

She could feel that something was different tonight, she could feel his indecision. But because she had lived alone for a long time, Yue didn't really know what to do or say. The worried look of his woman pained his heart. To alleviate situation, Xue Ren started explaining in quite a roundabout way.

"You know… about my Divinity…"

"You can use it?"

"Huh? Yeah, I should be able to, but…" But before he could ask his question, she already sat on top of him. The sight of her breast from below was truly appealing…

"Were you worried about that? Isn't it normal in relationship?" Yue asked cutely and it was enough to destroy his brakes…

[Next day]

"There is progress!" Endrun shouted like a mad scientist! "The progress is really visible this time. Is it because he had trained?" The magic power and divine energy of Xue Ren and Sho Yue both got stronger. He was amazed of how simple it was. Of course, he has been trying to share his joy with Xue Ren, but the young man was completely ignoring him.

'You shouted 'Pathetic' for over 2 hours and already forgot about that, huh?!' he thought inwardly.

Being ignored wasn't nice, but Endrun believed that he is understanding man, so he sat comfortably and took out bottle of wine out of nowhere. Enjoying the life of young man.

As for young man, he was currently in process of learning about 'Space Rings.' Those rings were like backpacks, but better. One could take in or out items simply by mind. And that's what's happening right now. Every time Yue's gaze landed on something, it disappeared into her ring. After everything was stored, she passed one ring to Xue Ren. It had male clothes, food and crystals. The most important thing were, of course crystals. To be more precise, crystallized hearts of monsters that they had killed in colorful forest. Those crystals were used as currency, but also had another use. People of those worlds sucked energy of these crystals to raise and stabilize its own. It was much more effective than going for world's energy… of course, every heart can be crystallized, no matter what race.

After the preparations got completed, the couple arrived in a room with formation upon the ground. Sho Yue told him that thanks to it, they will be able to teleport outside this place. As the formation shone, Xue Ren felt unfamiliar power enveloping his body. Tightly grabbing Yue's hand, he disappeared together with her. Then the cave magically had crumbled…

Feeling the fresh air, he opened his eyes. Then, the sight of enormous city appeared before him. The city was so big that he felt like it was a bad starting point of his journey. Currently, he was standing on a cliff, looking at the city from afar. But even that was not enough to completely gauge the lenght of the city. Then, he turned his gaze to his partner. She was looking at the city with calm expression.

She propably saw even bigger places and other various strongholds, because of her bloodline. Her tribe had special bloodline that could pass over inheritance and memories of ancestors. It was similiar to his Divinity and that room deep inside his soul… and so, with such bloodline, Yue, who was living alone for a long time had thoroughly read everything that she could.

"Shall we go?"


However, in the middle of the forest, Xue Ren had stopped walking. Still holding her hand, he suddenly told her to transform into her beast form…

"Can you transform and umm, change the size to that of a cat?"

She tilted her head cutely as to ask why, but still did what he had told her.

Of course, the reason he told her that was the vampire, Endrun!

[10 minutes ago, during descending the mountain]

"Come on, stop ignoring me. Thanks to me, you both got closer, right?" the vampire teased the youngster. Of course, this time he was quite forceful, because he had several things to tell him.

"She knows that you treat her seriously now… I am the one who made you to be a man! You don't even know the consequences of ignoring woman's needs…" he said that with serious voice…

"Shut the fuck up already! Lately, the only thing you talk about is that kind of thing…" but Xue Ren was unshaken until…

"What kind of thing?"

"Fuck you!" until the vampire asked him that…

"What the hell! Is it my fault? I am the one who was born as S.E.X G.O.D?"


"Alright, alright. I am sorry, but one day, you will surely say thank you to my grave. Now listen to me… listen! It's important, you can't go to the city the way you are."

"Go ahead."

"So, you remember when I said that 'Aura Release' is one of the easiest techniques than even kids use, right? Well, it's only easy to release your energy through your hands. It's because what the humanoid living beings use the most is hands. It became quite common to use humanoid forms to live. Only beasts and races that move on four can realease their energy in easy way through hands and legs if they live in their natural forms. But you did that as human."

"Is it because of-"

"Sex God, that's right! If you learn how to move your energy to other parts of the body, you will get another weapon and shield as well."

"I see, thanks bro" Xue Ren said with honest heart. Althought this guy became a pervert, the progress and usage of his Divinity improved dramatically thanks to him.

"It's not all. When you realease your Tiger Claw, you use Black Tigress' divine energy unconsciously… you either think of her too much or that's side effect of using technique that belongs to beast."

"Can humans use beasts techniques?"

"It depends on technique. For that Tiger Claw, humans would imitate it using their magic power."

"Of course, the aura of Black Tigress inside you is really faint, so it's hard to detect it. But, the more you 'train' the more visible it will be. By training, I also include the night activities!"

"I will try to use it without her aura, so help me with it later…" he completely ignored last sentence.

"Sure, now third thing! Her looks!"


"Oh my, don't get angry. Your woman is like the most beautiful gem that-"

"Stop it, just explain…"

"I know that you only have seen that Dragon Goddess and Black Tigress, so you believe that in our worlds all woman are equally beautiful? Pfff, If everyone was equal, there wouldn't be a desire! There wouldn't be a wars!"


"But that's not the most important thing. She can't hide her divine energy… You have that ring from Dragon Goddess, but she has nothing. The most surprising thing is, however, that your ring works when you are holding hands with her. That's why keep holding her, as small black cat." The Endrun smiled teasingly as he said that.


And now, the human and small black cat had arrived in front of the big walls. Those walls were protecting the city and were signed with gorgeous letters…

'Bluedawn City'

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