Inevitable Road To Divinity

Chapter 4 First night in another world

Chapter 4 First night in another world

[Another World - Present time]

Xue Ren has been walking forward quite cautiously. In this colorful forest, he was all by himself. Looking above at the cloudless, blue sky he muttered "Will I be able to remain as myself as I go through that painful road just like that sky, that no matter which world it doesn't change itself…"

Right now, he had three priorities to take care of:

- become stronger

- get food

- acquire information about this world

As for strength, he had tried multiple times to enter that place with thrones, to seek that white figure in order to learn more techniques. However, no matter how hard he tried his soul hadn't be able to enter that place. It made him think about that white man. Was he alive? He couldn't help, but shudder at such thought. 'Even if it sounds quite ambiguous, having someone unknown deep inside oneself is kinda scary… Who knows what is his purpose? But, because it had save him once, Xue Ren was trying his best to keep positive, it's not like he could do anything about him anyway…

As for food, although he hadn't had felt hungry ever since he came here, he still knew that one day he will have to eat something, to keep himself as a human… 'Its probably because of that ummm mana? Anyway, that energy is like nutrient so I shouldn't worry too much about it. As long as I think about myself as human, I will be fine' Xue Ren convinced himself and went forward…

As for information, he had to wait until his first meeting with this world's humanity…

'I got this. I will definitely reunite with my family!'


Xue Ren had been moving non stop to the point where his mind couldn't take it anymore. He no longer paid any attention to his surroundings as he arrived before the cave. That was the moment Xue Ren knew he fucked up!

'Fuck!' he swore inwardly and with quiet steps, he started slowly backing off. His eyes fully focused at the entrance. However, after a few steps, he noticed a two golden lights gradually becoming bigger and bigger. Soon, an immense pressure fell upon him, entirely paralyzing his body. What left the cave was black tiger, its lustrous eyes shining marvelously. With graceful steps, it unhurriedly had arrived before Xue Ren, slowly raising its paw…

On the other side, within Xue Ren was a place as big as a hall. There was nothing except a thrones and entrance. Every throne was a bit different, but what stood out the most was their color and location. Some of them were even a bit overshadowed. If one didn't pay much attention, one wouldn't be able to notice those thrones. And now, on the throne that was the closest to the entrance, there sat down a man that appeared in his thirties. He wore black suit and had one hand occupied by cup of wine while on the other hand, he rested his head on as he looked ahead. Above the entrance was a screen that showed what Xue Ren saw. Before, he couldn't properly show himself up because of the restrictions of Earth. Now that Xue Ren had his body reconstructed by 'White Portal' made by Earth and had both magic power and Divinity, the white figure could properly materializie itself. With his red eyes he looked at the current Xue Ren with amusement.

"Back then, you were so pathetic that even mere wolfs and goblins were enough to kill you… and now what are you going to do, little boy? I don't think that low technique such as 'Aura Release' that even kids can perform will be able to conquer that black tiger." he gave low smile and played with cup of wine, his eyes fully on the screen.

Black tiger slowly raised its paw, and so Xue Ren raised his arms to protect himself. "Hmmm, he broke through a pressure. Nice one, little boy." Such action had given him a compliment. But then, something happened that made both Xue Ren and man to open their eyes wide. The moment the paw and Xue Ren hand touched each other, the black tiger whole bode started shining brightly and soon, a beautiful woman appeared before the young man. She had long, black hair and blue dress that fit her perfectly. Her golden, lustruous beast eyes looked at the Xue Ren with surprise and fear.

'How did he force my beast form off?' She asked herself that non stop.

On the other side, Xue Ren looked at the charming woman unblinkingly. He didn't know why she suddenly changed to human form though. Unknowingly, their hands joined together and they stood like pair of lovers. Xue Ren who first had realized that, tried to take off his hands, only to meet failure. Compared to the woman, he was way too weak. Looking at the entangled hands, he thought to himself 'It's the first time I have touched woman hand… hmmm feels nice'

Black tigress fully immersed herself in her thoughts without any caution at all. She knew that the man before her was weak and was no threat to her. Her mind was completely focused on energy that Xue Ren has been emitting ever since they had touched.

Both young a man and a woman, that had focused their attention on completely different things hadn't realized one thing. However, there was a spectator that could see everything as he slowly muttered to himself.

"What the hell is he emitting? Is this his Divinity? No fucking way this is ridiculous…" The man on the throne shook his head. He already realized that it was due to Xue Ren's divine energy that she had become human. However, if that was only that then he wouldn't have that kind of reaction. He looked at the 'humans' once more and sighed… They both had flushed faces and black tigress slowly started losing her focus. Her breathing becoming more and more rough… soon she pressed herself on him which made them both fall, then she slowly started to taking her dress off.

"What a beast, he really had awakened her mating instincts…" The man lied down on his throne as he began to contemplate. "Should I stop him? What if he gets heart attack? Just a while ago he was so happy that he had touched woman's hand and now this… Can he withstand it? Hmmm, but his Divinity is based on this so… whatever… like the hell I am going to watch this." Man slowly stood up and destroyed the screen with the Aura that came off from his gaze.

And so, the first night in another world for a young man from Earth had started. Of course, it will be quite a memorable night.

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