Inevitable Road To Divinity

Chapter 5 Endrun, the vampire

Chapter 5 Endrun, the vampire

"Mhmmm" Xue Ren woke up rather reluctanty. The memories from last night fully resurfaced in his mind. The soft, voluptous body of woman and how he got control in the middle of the night as he madly let himself sink in pleasure, feeling every part of her body thoroughly. Xue Ren moved his gaze down to look at the charming woman lying on his chest. She was sleeping peacefully, her naked body exposed. However, Xue Ren was clear-headed now, so he subsided his desire to hug her and lied unmoving. 'But why did she do that? No way! What if she wants me to become her t-toy?' Of course he didn't lie idly as his imagination run wild!

"Idiot." however his train of thought had been interrupted by a sudden voice. It made him go immediately vigilant as he started turning his head from left to the right constantly. Xue Ren also released his awareness which was so low and weak, that it was laughable. He also tried to move his body, but because of Black Tigress tightly hugging him, his efforts ended in vain. To wake her up, Xue Ren had started whispering random things, but she didn't even budge. Well, she worked really hard last night…

"Alright, stop this comedy and come here!" eventually, the man couldn't stand this anymore as he shouted loudly. Because of that, Xue Ren had realized that the voice was coming from his mind. And within himself was only that place with thrones… so he closed his eyes tightly and did his best to enter the black room once again!

This time, Xue Ren easily entered the black room. As if he had permission, he appeared without any obstacles! The difference this time was that he had found a strange doors before his eyes. Xue Ren felt close familiarity as he raised his hand to touch the doors, only to get stopped by sudden voice.

"Did you already forget your purpose of coming here?" abruptly turning around, Xue Ren finally met with the white figure that had helped him on Earth. But this time, he could clearly see the appearance of his saviour. Short, black hair and red, beast eyes. His black suit made him look like a butler yet he played with the cup of wine with his hand like a young master which was completely out of context.

"Thank you for saving me" he bowed deeply as he thanked him. The man looked at him with complicated gaze. But then, he smiled teasingly as he asked back.

"How do you know that it was me? Aren't there others thrones as well?" which made Xue Ren open his eyes widely. He looked around at the thrones. The only difference between them, for a young man was their color. He gulped, and asked anxiously.

"What are those thrones? Why are they here? Who are you?"

"Hmmm, honestly I can answer your question with one sentence… I am you and you are me."

"Huh? You mean reincarnation?" clearly surprised Xue Ren asked.

"Yes, although I have heard about reincarnation, I have basically no information about our case at all. I had heard about people that reincarnated, but their reincarnation was rather simple. They slowly were remembering their past life as they got stronger or simply lived. But our case is truly strange. First of all. Human can reincarnate as a human, beast as a beast and so on… yet here I am, a vampire and you, a human. Second, as I sad, people were remembering about their past, but only that. They never had their past self materialize and have their own mind. Third, one can only reincarnate once…" The vampire stood up and pointed his finger behind himself. "But here we have several thrones meaning that there are more past lives…" his words made Xue Ren's mouth go agape.

"I, I was vampire?" he thought loudly as he looked at his past self. The vampire, on the other hand smiled lightly and said "Well, sooner or later I will disappear and you will know everything. As well as you will-" it was evident that the man tried to say something more, but forced himself to stop. Xue Ren who saw it, began to worry. He didn't know whether he wanted to know it or not, but soon, convinced himself and said "Please, if you have anything else to say, say it."

Black haired man looked at the youngster seriously. He recalled this young man first meeting with black tigress. When he had needed to move the most, he broke through the pressure and even unconsciously released his divinity to protect himself. He was weak yet strong.

"You might lose your humanity." but he knew how Xue Ren valued his humanity. To reunite with his family as the Xue Ren they knew and loved.

And so, 17 years old Xue Ran started to ponder deeply. Everything that he had learned, he measured that thoroughly. Then after a while, Xue Ren moved his gaze to a vampire who was lightly smiling. Other than his beast eyes and a bit longer teeth, he looked completely like a human.

"You said that sooner or later I will know about you… It means that I am going to slowly recall about your life, right?"

"Yes, and because of that I don't know whether I can stop your transformation or not…" the vampire looked quite apologetic as he apologized. It made Xue Ren smile widely as he said

"It's all thanks to you that I am alive. I am sure that being alive is better than dead. Because of you I have possibility of meeting my parents and look, dont I have that divinity? Maybe I wasn't born as human anyway, haha…" he jokingly said, but inwardly convinced himself that everything will be fine.

"I see… but, now that you are talking about your Divinity, heheh" it was his time to laugh as he laughed out loud wildly!

"Ehh, my Divinity?" Xue Ren asked rather confused

"Hahaha, you used it on that black tigress, youngster, hahah, and you know what happened!" he imagined his stupid face as he was about to tell him the truth…

"Umm but before that, I am Xue Ren. Let's work together." He said that seriously which made the vampire to laugh even louder…

"Hahaha! I am Endrun, the vampire! Nice to meet you, enemy of the women, Xue Ren! Ahahahha!"

"What?" Xue Ren asked innocently with quite a stupid look and so Endrun laughed even more…

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