Inevitable Road To Divinity

Chapter 6 My Divine Path

Chapter 6 My Divine Path

"You were the one who awakened her mating instincts." the words of his past self resonated through his mind repetitively. Petrified, Xue Ren stood like an idiot with hands on his head. Endrun, who was looking at him teasingly, thought that he was worried about his Divinity, but the question that Xue Ren asked made him spit out his wine.

"D-Did I **** h-her?"

"Ptuu! You didn't, you idiot!" What the hell is this kid saying?

"But it was my power, right?! So it's my fault… Mother, father, your son has failed you…" It was his first night in another world yet he already fucked up… in both ways…

Seeing such sight, Endrum flicked fingers. Sound of flick reverberated through the black room and before him, bottle of wine appeared. However, instead of pouring it to the cup, he violently had taken off the plug as he emptied the wine out. Then, he said…

"She could kill you…"

"It didn't really feel like that though."

"Ohhhh, I see, I see. One sex and she got you all fixed on her. I see, I see." Even thought he said it this way, Endrun, too felt like she had no hostile intentions. It was as she tried to confirm something… 'Ehhh those humans from Zero World are truly weird… He just had a good night and got a beauty for himself yet he…'

"Lets look at it in other way. She is strong, isn't she? I don't believe that she has such a weak will to not be able stop herself. Maybe deep inside, she yearned for someone or… love? Well, you don't know anything about yourselves. Anyway, she is your woman so when she wakes up, talk with her seriously."

"My woman? But it's just as you said, we don't know anything about ourselves… it was just one night…"

"One night?" Endrun asked rather quietly, yet his voice was filled with pressure. It was far stronger than black tigress and it made Xue Ren to sweat a lot. He didn't know what wrong he had said, but wasn't it normal to be with only someone you love?

The vampire sighed as he thought to himself 'Looks like the differences between Zero World and our worlds are large. He then remembered about the race that had a exceptional tradition. Something stupid called 'Monogamy'…

"Alright, lets leave it for future and change the topic… About your Divinity…"

"…' Xue Ren was rather embarrased and with slight blush he waited for Endrun to continue…

"We know that it's connected to the intercourse… Do you feel something different after last night?"

He had asked about such thing with seriousness. He didn't really know whether to cry or laugh… On the other side, Xue Ren moved his gaze to his hand. He opened and closed it repetitively and tried to feel his flow of magic. The energy moved through his body like usual. Divine Energy accumulated within his heart had no changes either.

"Honestly no…"

"I see. Well, then what do you think about those doors?"

'Doors?' Xue Ren turned around to look at enormous and marvelous doors. He thought about them as entrance to this place. So he thought that it was the reason why they felt familiar to him, but because of the question from Endrun, Xue Ren realized that they had other meanings.

"Aren't they entrace to this place?"

"No, you don't need them to come here. And because I can't control them, I believe they are connected to your Divinity… Well I never had any interest in Divinities so I don't know much about them."

Hearing that, Xue Ren raised his hands to open the doors. Light touch was enough to open them and they sucked him in as they opened. Endrum had looked at the process with focused gaze. He clearly felt both energies the moment of opening. One was Aura he recently had felt and other was completely unknown to him, the divine energy. After a while of contemplating, he turned behind to look at thrones and then he shouted. "I see! So that's how it is!"

Xue Ren had entered an unknown place. Magnificent tiles filled the room and in the middle was bed… Above the bed floated the pink crystal that had little golden gem that protruded from it. Pink crystal was clearly his Divine Energy yet that golden gem… he felt as if he knew it…

"If it is connected to the intercourse… then it should be Black Tigress energy? Why is it here? Don't tell me I stole her energy or something like that…"

Standing on the bed, he extended his hand to touch the pink crystal, the moment his finger had touched it, his mind got filled with sudden information…

'Sex God'

'Can raise his own and his partner strenght through intercourse. Body of Sex God can adapt to any energy, store and raise it…'

"…What the-" He couldn't get more information, because he was way too weak. The pink crystal refused to give him more as it knocked him away lightly. Feeling like he got enough information, he left the room with shock… 'I am Sex God, I am Sex God, I am Sex God even though I was virgin just a day ago… holy sheet.'

Leaving the room, he was immediately welcomed by Endrun who had curiosity written all over his face. The question he asked made the young man stop his walk.

"You can store energies, right?"

"Y-y-you know? How do you know?!"

"What the hell was that reaction? I just felt the Aura of that black tigress… What's wrong? Don't you know your Divine Path?

"My Divine Path…" Xue Ren just stood in place without saying anything which made the vampire to be quite annoyed already…

"What a brat, just say it already! It's Divinity! What can be wrong? It's not like there aren't any techniques with intercourse…"

"It's Sex God…"

"Uhmm I haven't, ummm heard about Sex God… but hey, isn't that pretty strong? You have all those thrones and you can even take more unique energies for yourself. That's right, your Divine Path is harem path. Build a palace of beauties, ahahaha! Ahhh, truly the 'Enemy of Woman'"

"You motherfucker, in the end you couldn't stop yourself from teasing huh? Did you already forget that you are me? You also are Enemy of Woman, ahahaha!"


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