Inevitable Road To Divinity

Chapter 7 Her name is Yue

Chapter 7 Her name is Yue

"Okay, so the more you do your 'physical activities' the stronger you get, huh… Probably because your control over divinity is weak the results of last night are pretty much non-exsistent or maybe because you didn't know that you have such a ability…" Endrun nodded to himself as he analyzed the situation with serious face. The more ideas he got, the prouder he felt. However, he also felt a bit disappointed. When he lived, he had been learning about various races and their techniques in order to achieve his goal, but he was completely oblivious to succubus race. He who was a mere servant… had no right to love.

"You might be right…" Xue Ren answered quietly. Even thought he was no more pure, he was still young boy. Such things weren't easy to talk for him. When he entered portal to another world, he had thought he would fight with monster to death yet now he is talking about sex with his past self…

While young boy was thinking about his last time on the Earth, the vampire asked him rather strange question disturbing his thoughts "Can I read your memories?"

"What? Why?"

"Well, I think there is more disparity between our worlds than simply no magic. I truly can't understand you sometimes…"

"Sure, go ahead. It will be easier for you to help me then." After a while, Endrun got his answer as Xue Ren thought inwardly 'He can't leave my body so all good.'

"Alright, then I am going to be busy for a while. You go talk with Black Tigress. She already run somewhere so work hard, boy." after saying that, he closed his eyes and no longer paid any attention to Xue Ren who stood quite nervous.

Opening his eyes, Xue Ren found himself alone in the bed. The pleasant smell of woman still lingered inside the room. He had tried to find his clothes, but soon realizing that the last stuff he had from Earth got teared apart by Black Tigress, his eyes went wet as he shed tears. Covering his naked body with blanket, he started roaming through the cave until he found the person he was looking for. She stood near the wardrobe as she put her clothes on herself. In this dark cave, if it wasn't for her golden eyes, he wouldn't be able to notice her.

Looking at her from afar, he truly didn't know what to do. The Dragon Goddess told him that he must be low-key because of his Divinity, on the other side, Endrun said she was his woman with such conviction that it was rather suspicious. Anyway, she was his first, so he prepared himself to tell everything. Feeling her gaze, he moved forward. Black clothes lied on her flawlessly, looking at her eyes he said…

"I am Xue Ren from Zero World the Earth!"

The beautiful figure looked at him deeply. Although being from Zero World was surprising, she had more important question to him. Returning her gaze, she told him everything that weighed on her heart.

"My destiny is cursed. When I was born, my tribe had detected divine energy within me. Unusual phenomenon appeared and the moon illuminated our lands, giving me its blessing… However, it also had alarmed neighboring tribes and even though we were allies, they used their authority to wed me into their tribe the moment I was born. The alliance was very important to my tribe so leader had no choice, but to accept their demands. I was supposed to wed their young master at 16, but when I was 3, they already demanded to hand me over. My parents feeling their hostile intentions, send me here to live in desolation…" Black Tigress sounded very melancholic as she talked about her past.

"That's why you can leave me here. I swear to heavens that I won't touch any other men." her intentions were clear and she herself was sincere. She believed meeting Xue Ren here was another destiny that had fallen upon her. Back then, she truly could stop the divine power that he released, but in order to ease her loneliness, even for a while, she immersed herself in lust that came from her insctincts awakened by Xue Ren. After the deed was done, she had thought about Xue Ren. He was weak yet had divine energy. She wanted to believe in his potential. She wanted to believe in person her destiny had send, but could she really leave this place? Would he bear her destiny alongside his own? That's why she said everything honestly and waited for his answer.

The young man closed his eyes tightly as he began to contemplate. He believed that her situation was similiar to this own. She wanted to reunite with her parents, that's what he felt. She honestly told him everything and even told him that he could leave her… that she won't be with any other man…

With his eyes widely open, he said "We are both the same. When my world got destroyed…" Everything that had happened to him, he had told her everything except Endrun and other thrones. He himself felt like he needed to know more about them. Then, he extended his arms and hugged the lovely figure, whispering to her…

"Let's move forward together. We can slowly become stronger using my Divinity… relying on each other, we will definitely reach our goals and be happy…" he did his best to hide his blush. It was truly time to move forward. To get to know this world and its people.

The lovely woman nodded and whispered her name "My name is Sho Yue."

And so, the wheels of destiny slightly moved…

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