Inevitable Road To Divinity

Chapter 8 Progress

Chapter 8 Progress

"I have completed reading your memories…" after a whole week of absence, the vampire had finally showed signs of life. Waiting for Xue Ren response, he was thinking about Zero World. He was surprised how humans had lived without energy. How they used 'science' to progress. As he drank his wine, the vampire still hadn't got any signs from Xue Ren. Feeling worried, he raised his hand to flick his fingers in order to create a screen to see Xue Ren's situation. However, he stopped in mid-air as he thought 'Wait, what time is it? How long have I been reading for? What if right now is night time and he…' Endrun sat paralyzed for a while, then with gulp flicked his fingers…

Xue Ren currently was fighting. Ever since he had gotten his things sorted out with Black Tigress, his desire to get stronger was abnormal. In the middle of colorful forest, man and monster faced themselves. The monster was similiar to a wolf, but had longer ears and legs. Its ferocious eyes looking violently at Xue Ren. However, the young Earthling was calm and composed. He has been fighting those monster for a weak already. He believed that his progress was good and steady. The proudest achievement was to be able to use 'Aura Release' with his own strength. The monsters of this forest were definitely stronger than those who had attacked the Earth. As the monster pounced on him, Xue Ren moved. He was faster than on the Earth, his eyes widely open. The magic power deep inside his body had moved more smoothly as it gathered inside his entire fist. Soon, the fist and the forehead of monster met themselves. Xue Ren's attack was simple, but strong. He released his magic power and slightly injured the monster. But the monster head was like a steel, so the damage went both ways. With human's fist on his forehead monster didn't stay idly. Its mouth opened abruptly to eat his hand. But Xue Ren's awareness also got stronger. He retreated his hand and raised his leg, gathering energy to kick away the monster. The energy moved flawlessly and the monster had gotten knocked back. With energy already accumulated inside his legs, Xue Ren pounced at the monster like a beast. He flew and around his fingers, the energy materialized. It looked like a tiger claw. To be more precise, it was Tiger Claw technique that Yue had taught him. It had penetrated deep inside monster's body as it broke monster's organs. Seeing his attack being perfectly utilized and effective, Xue Ren smiled and threw a series of punches…

The Black Tigress who already got close to him looked at the dead body of monster. The progress that Xue Ren had made during this week was enormous. She took out the towel and slowly started wiping his body that was soaked in sweat, like a good wife! Xue Ren thanked her with slight blush as he sat down.

"It was the first time you have fought without my help." Yue smiled. On the first days of his training, she had injured or put her pressure on monsters to help him. Today was the first time he had fought completely alone.

"Yeah, feeling the progress is really nice." Xue Ren also smiled with contentment. Looking at the young woman beside him, he also felt a bit guilty. He had fully immersed himself in training and because of that, he had no strength to do anything else. It meant that he couldn't use his Divinity to make her progress too… Of course, embarassment was also part of this. He simply had no balls to ask her! In order to hide his thoughts, he asked her abruptly

"We can leave this forest now, right?"

"Yes" she nodded and got closer to the body of monster. The lovely woman squatted and placed her hand on the monster's heart. Then, her hand that was covered in 'Aura' slowly went inside as she took its heart out. Xue Ren was already accustomed to such scene. She had taken out its heart in order to crystallize it. The heart got enveloped by her aura as she used the 'Crystallizing Technique'. Soon, in her hand wasn't the heart, but beautiful purple crystal. Yue passed down the crystal to Xue Ren and together went back home. During returning, Xue Ren ventured to take her hand. He might be not brave enough to utilize his 'Divinity', but he has balls to at least take hand!

Endrun, the forgotten vampire who saw everything smiled proudly and shouted!

"What a progress! He also used her Divinity that he had gotten from night activity during that claw attack. Hmm, so it's time to go outside, huh. Good, he will learn about cruelty of this world… At least he can take her hand… looks like the progress of his own Divinity is going to be hard one with such personality… and with such divinity, he can't be only with one woman…" His eyes started gleaming as he started thinking about his 'harem plan'.

Xue Ren had washed himself properly and currently was lying in lake. He looked above at the clothes that were hung on the tree's branch. Yue's parents had prepared for her quite a nice wardrobe. But he had no idea, why had they prepared also male clothes… it was as if they knew that he would come here… 'Prophecy' just that word was enough to evoke his wrath… he swore to himself to never trust those 'Prophets'.

"Oi, brat!" the sudden voice interrupted his thoughts… but that voice was already familiar!

"Oh! Endrun! My bro, how do you do?" Xue Ren was full of smiles as he talked to his past self!


"Yeah, it's strange to think of you as my past self, so you are my bro. Together, we will rise!"

"You just beat some weak monster and already got such ambitions, huh? Tell me, why are you alone?" Endrun didn't really mind the bro title and immediately switched to the next topic.

"I am alone, because I am taking a bath. What's wrong?"

"There is no woman." Xue Ren got a response that was filled with seriousness.


"She wanted to bath with you, right?"

Xue Ren nodded…

"And you refused, you idiot! Do you know what it means?"


"She will think that you don't want her anymore, that she is no attractive! No sex means no progress in your divine energy! Your training could be 2 times more effective and you could also help her raise her divine energy, but no! You used an exhaustion as a excuse! Remember, you can raise your magic power, divine energy and who knows what more, but we have no information because you are such a pussy."


"You better work hard tonight…"

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