Journey To Become A True God

Chapter 17 - Business Queen Liu Yue

Chapter 17 - Business Queen Liu Yue

Ye Chen: "Oh of course I still sell it. Are you really interested in this?"

"Yes, I'm interested in this bracelet, so how much is it? "Ask the Beautiful Woman.

"The price is one hundred thousand dollars" Ye Chen began to explain the usefulness of the Zillao Bracelet.

"Does this really work as you said earlier" Beautiful woman A little doubtful with Ye Chen's explanation.

"Of course if I lie then I'm willing to be struck by lightning a thousand times" Ye Chen took an oath to convince this beautiful woman.

"Alright I'll take this bracelet" This woman is actually still doubtful, but somehow her intuition says different, women's intuition is very strong, that's why this beautiful woman prefers to trust her intuition

"During this time has the opportunity to cure my grandmother. It does not matter." This beautiful woman's grandmother has been ill for years and doctors say her grandmother's liver is damaged. Her grandmother's body condition is getting worse.

Need to know that the liver functions to neutralize all poisons in the body and if it is damaged then, poison poisons will accumulate in the body and that person can die.

Of course this Zillao bracelet can heal the heart of this beautiful woman's grandmother even though the process is not possible instantaneously and requires some time.

The beautiful woman took a hundred dollars from her bag and intended to pay for Zillao's bracelet.

Ye Chen also took the bracelet and wanted to hand it over to the beautiful woman, when the handover would be done. A hand suddenly blocked Ye Chen and the beautiful woman.

A young man in a blue suit is next to Ye Chen "Yue er how can you trust this person" This young man obstructed this beautiful woman to buy Ye Chen's bracelet.

"This is not your business and don't call me with that disgusting name you and I have nothing to do with anything" the beautiful woman was angry with the young man in the blue suit.

"Yue er is also for your own good, how can I let you be deceived by someone like this" The blue-eyed young man looked at Ye Chen with a provoking look.

"Mr. Bai, I remind you, don't call my name. Like that again, you are not who I am. It's not your business anyway. Why do you always try to interfere in all my business, I do not reprimand you because I give a face to your father, but if you keep doing things like that, don't blame I am because, "said Yue Woman, looking at the man in the blue suit with a cold gaze.

The name of the young man in the blue suit turned out to be Bai San

"Well, I understand Liu Yue, but why do you want to buy this fake item, you are a smart business queen, but today you are so stupid to be fooled by this con artist? "Ask Bai San.

"What did you just say! You said that I was stupid "Liu Yue's gaze was getting colder and Liu Yue was getting angry.

"Damn I misspoke" Bai San said in his heart, Bai San is one of the pursuers of Liu Yue, his father is the vice chairman of the Liu Group who is also a confidant of Liu Yue, Bai San this month Bai San has tried various ways to please Liu Yue But unfortunately this woman still did not see it in the slightest.

"Just look at you Liu Yue if my father's plan works then I will make sure you will crawl under my feet" Bai San spoke in his heart.

Bai San "sorry Liu Yue I was just wrong please don't be angry".

Chen who heard the conversation the two of them began to understand who this woman was.

Liu Yue is the owner of the Liu Group which has many companies that move in various sectors, even Ye Chen used to often use belongings belonging to the Liu Group, so Ye Chen also knew how strong the Liu Group was.

And the Liu Group's stock market reached hundreds of billions of dollars if Ye Chen knew Before He would surely Ye Chen would raise the Price of this Bracelet several times, for Yue Hundred thousand Dollars was only like a hundred Dollars for him.

But Liu Yue looked away and ignored her, Bai San was very angry but Bai San couldn't possibly take it out on Liu Yue because after all Liu Yue was still his father's boss, if Bai

San did something strange to Liu Yue's career and his father's secret plan would definitely be ruined.

So Bai San could only take it out on Ye Chen, the line pulled the Ye Chen Collar that was Sitting on the ground "You con artist, you know Who are you trying to fool, it is the woman this young master likes and you see because of you Liu Yue is angry at me, if You said that you are a con artist so I will let you stay in this city but if you refuse then I will make sure you will not be able to go back to this city. "Bai San speaks to Ye Chen with a voice that is not big so only Ye Chen can listen to him. .

"Huh, who do you call a con artist the goods I sell are really authentic," Ye Chen said.

Bai San "hahaha do you think I did not hear what you were promoting earlier, how could such items exist in this world, the items you said earlier were only in films only".

"Well, it's up to you whether you want to believe it or not. That makes no difference," Ye Chen said.

"So you refused my orders Good" Bai San then raised his fist and Ready to hit Ye Chen's face, Liu Yue who was standing behind Bai San tried to stop him but it was too late.

Ye Chen didn't even avoid it and still sat like before, bang !! A voice rang out and Liu Yue thought that Ye Chen would be hurt, but Liu Yue saw that Bai San was holding the hand he used to hit Ye Chen in pain.

"Damn, your skin ache is made of really hard" Bai San protested, of course Ye Chen's physical body was so strong that maybe Bai San could hurt him, for Ye Chen Pukalan Bai San was just like Someone poked Ye Chen.

It turned out that Bai San did not give up he used his hard shoes to kick Ye Chen, this time Ye Chen stood up and immediately grabbed the collar of Bai San's suit and lifted him into the air very easily.

Bai San didn't think that Ye Chen was really very tall. Bai San was only 168Cm. While Ye Chen was 182Cm, because Ye Chen had sat down, Bai San hadn't noticed at all.

Ye Chen: "Looks like you still haven't bled too" pah! ! pah! ! a slap sound very crispy in the ears of many people.

"You dare to hit me I will definitely kill you" Pah. . Pah The sound of a slap sounded again.

"You are still Brave you know I am the brother of a wolf who is the biggest gang in this city if I tell him then you will definitely be killed" pah .. Pah. . again a slap sound was heard.

But Bai San did not give up and continued to curse Ye Chen

Pah .. Pah .. Pah .. Pah .. Pah .. Pah .. The sound of a slap is constantly stopping "I'm sorry I'm wrong please spare me", Bai San Now begging his cheeks to feel Burned and His face almost like a pig's butt.

"Be good if you still dare to provoke me then the next is not your face that I hit but I will knock out all the teeth you have" Ye Chen warned Bai San in a threatening tone, Ye Chen then threw him a few meters.

Bai San didn't dare to stay anymore And hurried away "just look I'll find Brother Wolf and ask him to get rid of you from this world" Bai San only dared to say in his heart because Fear Ye Chen would hit him again.

Ye Chen turned his head and looked at Liu Yue Terseyum at him

Ye Chen "oh yes Miss Liu sorry hit your friend just now"

Liu Yue "he is not my friend anymore, I even give thanks because you get rid of him. That is so disturbing me"

"If you don't like it, why don't you send him away directly?" Ye Chen asked.

Liu Yue "His father is the vice chairman of my company, actually I wanted to evict his father and son but the father of Baisan turned out to have many connections from shareholders because that is difficult to get rid of".

"Oh, I understand, then what about our business do you still want to buy it?" Asked Ye Chen

Liu Yue "of course" Liu Yue then handed over a stack of Hundred Dollars to Ye Chen, after receiving the money and making sure the real money Ye Chen gave the bracelet to Liu Yue.

Ye Chen "thank you for doing business"

"Same if I excuse myself first, there are things I have to do" Liu Yue then walked away but after a few steps she said "oh yeah I don't know yet I may know?"

"My name is Ye Chen" Ye Chen did not hide his real name to Liu Yue.

"Ye Chen, I'll remember, my name is Liu Yue. If you need help, don't hesitate to come to me," then Liu Yue walked away and disappeared in the crowd.

Ye Chen didn't understand Liu Yue's thoughts, according to her. This woman's mind was complicated. How could she promise something to someone she had just met, Ye Chen didn't think too much about it and prepared to leave?

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