Journey To Become A True God

Chapter 18 - Looking For Gold In A Rubbish Heap

Chapter 18 - Looking For Gold In A Rubbish Heap

A group of people who had tattoos and carried pipes and wood came to Ye Chen, there were a total of six people, one of whom was in the front row. With the hair color in the paint. With the blonde color, "Big brother, it looks like this person's trait. the young man said to the person at the very front and this might be their boss.

Ye Chen "what do you want from me? "

"Of course we have come here to beat you so that your entire face will no longer be recognizable," said the leader of the thugs.

Ye Chen "but I don't know you guys and have never had a problem with you guys", Ye Chen doesn't remember dealing with people from the underworld before.

"Hahahaha, did you really forget that you just hit the brother of our boss and you're still asking what the problem is, isn't that a joke," said the blond man

"Huh, it turns out Bai San. Just see if I see you again, then I will make sure I knock out all your teeth" Ye Chen had been merciful before but did not think Bai San still wanted to find a problem with him.

Ye Chen was actually lazy to deal with the barking dogs so Ye Chen took a spell paper from his storage ring and threw it towards the five people behind the blond man.

"What are you waiting for Quick Beat him" Blond man commanded the subordinates behind him.

"Good boss," these friends immediately picked up metal pipes and wooden baseball bats and moved forward.

The people who were at the antiques exhibition started to crowd and see what was going to happen, some people already felt sorry for Ye Chen's misfortune.

Those in this city certainly know who these thugs are, they are members of the underground gang Named the Red Wolf who are also one of the 3 largest underground gangs in the city.

"Ahhhhh" A scream of pain sounded but this is not Ye Chen's But the property of the blonde haired man, the blond haired man was beaten by his own men "What are you doing why are you hitting me, ahh my face wooden baseball.

The onlookers who saw this were their jaws falling to the ground and their brains could not process what was happening now, because the thug who was supposed to hit Ye Chen instead hit the person who gave the order to them.

Ye Chen was delighted to see this. Actually, the spell paper that Ye Chen threw could create an illusion. And the illusion that Ye Chen wanted was to make that blond haired man become Ye Chen, therefore the five thugs saw the blond haired man as Ye Chen.

Because the effect of the illusion spell paper was only for a moment Ye Chen immediately packed up his belongings and left this place unnoticed by the people around him.

"Feel this, bro. . . bang . . You dare to provoke us to feel this "in the hoodlums of thugs. They are beating Ye Chen, but actually they don't know that they are beating their superiors.

The blond-haired man kept screaming in pain all over his face had many lumps and bloody everywhere even the blond-haired man could hardly be recognized.

Finally after 5 minutes the effect of the spell paper finally disappeared "Ah boss how can you be here Where is that person" Asked one of the people who hit the blonde haired man.

The blond-haired man is trying to stand up from the ground, Pah. . . Pah . . Pah . . Pah . . Pah . . five hard slaps landed on the thugs' faces.

"What are you blind? You just hit me, what are you bored for life" the blond haired man roared in anger, he felt his entire face was very sick and the men who beat him even expressed like innocent people.

"But our boss really hit the guy but how can he be replaced as the boss," said one of the five thugs trying to explain.

Pah . . Pah . . Pah . . Pah . . Pah . . five slaps Sounded again "Are you trying to find an excuse again, I ask how long have you followed me how could you not get to know your own boss's face" the blond-haired man kept getting angry

"Boss, boss, the man we are going to hit seems to have gone." The blond-haired man finally remembered and saw that Ye Chen had left a long time ago, even the crowds began to gossip "Damn".

To save the face of the Red Wolf Gang of thugs, finally leave the exhibition venue.

Ye Chen did not leave the antiques exhibition and tried to find some items that might be valuable here.

Ye Chen started to walk around in every stall in the exhibition, but almost all of the items here were just rubbish.

Ye Chen saw an object that made him slightly interested

Somehow that thing was like calling out to him so Ye Chen went there, Ye Chen then took an iron that looked like a gate to hear the carving of a woman who looked like a fairy the size of this thing fit in the holder in Ye Chen's hand.

See Someone interested in his belongings The seller finally approached Ye Chen "Dear customer, can I help you? "

Ye Chen "how much is this thing? "

"You do have an eye. It is a pretty good object and this item was found in a cave by an adventurer. The price is not too expensive, only five thousand dollars," the seller said, explaining the item to Ye Chen.

Ye Chen had no idea that this metal was very expensive, so Ye Chen tried to put in his mental energy and see what was hidden inside Him, when Ye Chen's mental energy tried to come in. A very strong force suddenly resisted Ye Chen's mental energy "what !! "Ye Chen did not expect that the mental energy that would be blocked by a strong force from the thing in his possession, Ye Chen did not give up and wanted to try again but the result was still the same as before.

Ye Chen then tried to bid this item again. "Too expensive, why can't it be less? "

"Sorry, this price is the cheapest customer I can give you," answered the sword.

"Okay, but I want one more item." Ye Chen saw a black token that attracted him. The inner layer of this black token was gold, but maybe this sword didn't notice because the black part turned out to be a crust.

"How are the five thousand dollars added to this item?" Ye Chen raised the black token and showed it to the seller.

The seller saw that the items that Ye Chen was holding were only items that were not very valuable and the price did not reach 200 dollars so he was quite happy "well I Agree".

Seeing the seller Agree Ye Chen handed over five thousand dollars to the seller, After completing the payment Ye Chen then left the stall, the seller did not know that the furious he just sold was a very valuable item, but the seller was satisfied with the money in get this time.

In China, there are many people who are involved in the profession of selling antique goods because of the income they can get. Quite a lot even though some of them have to deceive customers into making huge profits, but the greater the price, the greater the risk, if the customer feels cheated and reports to the police then they can be arrested.

In this world all jobs have risks. Even the easiest jobs also have risks.

After Ye Chen left the stall Ye Chen stopped in a quiet place Ye Chen saw the two items he had just gotten Ye Chen and then saw this iron-like gate that still holds a lot of Mistery for Ye Chen, while for his shop Ye Chen used his strength to crush all the crust in this token and a golden token that has a very nice pattern appears.

"This piece can be sold at a high price I will save it in advance and sell it if I have no more money" Ye Chen put the two items into his storage ring but strangely, iron-like gate That refused to enter into Ye Chen's Storage Ring can only sigh and put the iron into his shirt.

Ye Chen immediately looked for a hotel to stay in tonight

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