Legend of the Mythological Genes

Chapter 14 - A Realization In His Heart

Chapter 14: A Realization In His Heart

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This claw was violent and sharp, incredibly vicious. The wind formed by the claw movement emitted a sizzling sound, leaving behind claw shadows. This was Feng Lin’s peak performance, and any ordinary man would not be able to respond to that.

However, his enemy was not an ordinary man. With another twist, he turned 180 degrees and approached Feng Lin.

Both of his arms were shaking endlessly like throbbing spears. His energy was rapidly converged to one point along with the vibrations.

He drew a circular arc in the sky and trapped Feng Lin’s dragon claw in it. This time, Feng Lin had nowhere to escape.

The moment they came into contact, Feng Lin felt a great twirling force change the direction of his attack. The force tore his hand, and his bones and muscles were crushed. It was excruciatingly painful.

The elder’s hands were turning continuously like a millstone. They locked Feng Lin’s arms so tight that he couldn’t escape.

If this continued on, he would lose sooner or later.

Feng Lin felt a sense of crisis. He drew in a breath and his eyes flashed with anger, “Devil Subduing Vajra Pestle!”

He flexed hard abruptly; his biceps were bulging out and his skin became ash-grey in color.

He stretched out both of his fists, smashing them down like an iron-made, invincible pestle.

The Taichi Fist was stopped, forced to a grunting halt.

Countering the tough with soft was not absolute, it depended on the degree of intensity of the toughness.

The peaceful and tranquil water was able to slowly erode a tough rock. But would it be able to destroy an island?

Toughness and gentleness mutually promote and restrain one another. The comparison of the degree of strength used was the key.

The extremely violent momentum was released unexpectedly. The elder was unable to avoid this sudden change and was thrown far away.

“Good opportunity!” How could Feng Lin miss this chance? His muscles tensed up, and his body soared in the air with his legs making a twisting motion

Dragonsnake Strangle!

Genetic potential +40%.

Another great amount of genetic potential was gained, and the elder’s body formed of energy motes broke apart.

Feng Lin was panting; his entire body was aching with pain.

As he ascended higher, the challenges became tougher!

Unfortunately, he could not master this Boneless Taichi.

Boneless Taichi was a soft martial art. To be able to master it, he had to awaken the Boneless Gene or other genes which would make the body soft and flexible.

However, the Stonebirth Gene that Feng Lin awakened was a toughness-attributed gene. It was totally the opposite of this.

Without the associated genetic abilities, one could never learn certain genetic martial arts.

This was also the biggest difference between the genetic martial arts and the ancient martial arts.

He was sweating profusely.

Have I reached my limit?

Feng Lin felt that he was running out of energy, but he felt reluctance in his heart.

His current vitality was already 1.6. That meant he could reach Level 16 theoretically, and it was only Level 11 now. He would be way too much of a loser if he gave up now.

“My foundation is still too weak!” he silently sighed.

His vitality had increased substantially over a short period, but his previous background and talent were too weak. He did not have a stable foundation. The only martial art he learned was the complimentary basic military fist taught in the school. Also, the techniques he had mastered were too lousy. Therefore, he could not perform as well as what expected of someone with 1.6 vitality.

As for these martial art masters, they practiced and mastered the martial arts to perfection despite their lower vitalities. Their combat prowesses were extraordinary. They could easily jump levels to fight someone stronger.

To battle across the level boundaries and win, Feng Lin would feel a sense of satisfaction on behalf of the main characters in the web novels during his past life. Yet, when he was the character himself, he did not feel good at all. It felt totally frustrating.

Feng Lin had an aspiration, and he would never allow himself to give up like this.

In that case, the only option for him was to continue adding his genetic points.

After Level 10, the genetic potential gained had increased tremendously when a level was cleared. Now, his genetic potential was at 212%. This meant that he had two more free genetic points.

However, he could not strengthen the Monkey Genes anymore now.

Monkey Gene x10 + Stonebirth Gene x10 = Stone Monkey Gene.

This was the only path of evolution for Feng Lin.

Since the Monkey Gene was already at 10 points now, it was useless to add any more to it. Besides wasting the genetic potential, it would ruin the equilibrium among the genes. By that time, the genetic equation would be destroyed.

Feng Lin didn’t want to risk it. Hence, he added the point to strengthen the Stonebirth Genes.

After the continuous fierce battles, his entire body ached and he even suffered internal injuries. Strengthening the Stonebirth Gene would increase his defense and recovery, so it was a suitable choice.

He had no idea about the background and the type of martial art his next opponent would use. Thus, only by strengthening his defense would he be able to plan his counterattack accordingly.

Feng Lin then added one point to the Stonebirth Gene, causing a change in his stats.


“Name: Feng Lin

Vitality: 1.7

Monkey Gene: 10

Stonebirth Gene: 6

Genetic Potential: 112%”


The Stonebirth Gene was improved to 6 points, and his vitality stat reached 1.7.

He had only 1 genetic point remaining and one more chance to recover; he had to use it wisely.

Feng Lin went on and ascended to the next level.

The starry skies seemed boundless, and there were glittering stars in the endless darkness.

Feng Lin looked at the surroundings and realized that he was standing in a metal space capsule. Apparently, he was in a spaceship.

Before he could take the time to observe carefully, he suddenly sensed a reddish silhouette of light appearing before him.

A man in space combat attire emerged from a corner of the spaceship all of a sudden. He seemed to have been waiting to ambush someone for a long time. Without exchanging greetings, the man clenched his fists and rushed over.

Flames could be seen burning on his fists!

Blazing Fire Fist!

This was another genetic martial art. Using the power of Flame Gene, one could manipulate the flames, transcending the limitations of the physical body and launch long-distance attacks.

Hence, this martial art was a mid-grade low-tier martial art, much higher-graded than the previous martial arts.

The flames emitted waves of heat that gushed towards Feng Lin.

Feng Lin hurried and leaped to the side.

The flames blasted into the metal wall and dispersed instantly. Burning sparks from the fire splattered all over, capable of scorching the skin of humans.

There was no way to fight at all!

The explosive natural energy of the flames wasn’t something endurable by Feng Lin’s current body.

Swiftly making a decision, Feng Lin stomped the ground with the force of thunder and closed in instantly.

“Half Step Bumping Fist!” His figure drifted and appeared beside the opponent at once, using Xingyi Fist’s killer move.

The intense palm fist was like sharp blades, causing one to feel a stinging sensation on the face.

The opponent took the initiative to restrict Feng Lin as he attacked from afar. Unexpectedly, Feng Lin who reacted later gained an advantage and closed the distance between them. The man was taken by surprise and sent flying through the air from a palm strike. The man laid helplessly on the ground as his body, which was condensed by the virtual energy, became blurrier.

After several subsequent exchanges of moves, Feng Lin had completely taken the advantage.

Displaying his maximum speed that allowed him to cross a hundred meters in 4.21 second, he only left behind after-images as he attacked. He was so swift that his opponent had no way to react. His opponent could only endure the hits as he seemed to be on the verge of collapse.

Feng Lin noticed that the opponent was not good at close-distance battles.

The Blazing Fire Fist, which manipulated the flames, was designed to be a long-distance martial art. It was not proficient in close combat.

Every martial art had a flaw, and this was the flaw

If he wanted to win, he had to display his strength to its fullest and attacked his opponent’s weaknesses.

This didn’t apply to merely this opponent. It applied to any opponents he had to face in his life.

Playing to one’s strength to attack the other party’s weaknesses. This was the basic essence of martial arts.

In that case, what was his strength?

A vague realization arose in Feng Lin’s heart.

He thought carefully and figured it out suddenly as joy appeared in his heart.

That’s it!

Speed is my strength.

He could already achieve 4.21 seconds when crossing a hundred meters distance with his vitality of 1.5. In terms of programming, he was simply a bug, a cheat-like existence. Not everyone could handle this.

On top of that, Feng Lin’s speed surely increased with the improvement of his vitality stat. He didn’t even know the limit of his current speed now.

Next, Feng Lin kept moving around, raising his speed to the limits. He played the opponent completely in his game. Within three encounters, his opponent was killed.

Genetic potential +32%!

Although he passed to the next level, the genetic potential gained reduced instead of increasing. After all, compared to the previous level where he had won with difficulty, he won this level pretty easily.

Feng Lin didn’t awaken the Flame Genes and obviously wouldn’t be able to learn the Blazing Fire Fist. He continued ascending to the next level and reached Level 13.

However, he didn’t expect that this level would be even more relaxed compared to level 12!

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