Legend of the Mythological Genes

Chapter 15 - Speed is the name of the game

Chapter 15: Speed is the name of the game

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Illusory Martial Pagoda, Level 13.

It was an arena with a size of ten meters or so. A topless, muscular guy stood in the center and shot a look over that was filled with unkind intentions.

This opponent was two meters tall and looked like a giant. Feng Lin felt a sense of pressure to stand before him.

“Young man, are you my rival in this UFC battle?” The muscular guy looked at Feng Lin while lowering his head and said in a muffled voice.



Ultimate Fighting Championship!

This was a comprehensive fighting event that originated from the Ancient Earth Era. Its rules were that it had no rules. The only restriction was that weapons were not allowed. You could use any types of techniques, be it mixed martial arts, Muay Thai, karate, or genetic martial arts…

This was indeed a fist fight with no restrictions. It was greatly supported by the fighting fans in the Interstellar Era.

The Illusory Martial Pagoda was no joke!

Feng Lin silently mused. At the same time, he was analyzing the reason behind it. This Illusory Martial Pagoda had so many different battle levels which would certainly consume an astronomical amount of energy to construct, what was that all for?

Was it simply to allow people to experience different styles of battles and martial arts? There must be a deeper reason behind it.

The blurry thoughts in his mind were getting clearer, but they were still covered in a layer of mist. He could not figure out the answer.

He was clueless despite pondering for a long time. Well, he decided not to think about it for now.

Let’s just focus on battling then!

It must be because he had not battled enough that he couldn’t get the answer.

Feng Lin’s fighting will was ignited as he returned to combat!

Lion Fist!

This opponent was a UFC fighter. He had a robust physique, and his hair was disheveled. He was a man that resembled a fierce lion. His fist technique was ferocious and savage too, exuding a vicious and terrifying aura.

Feng Lin had never heard of this fist technique, but he could clearly sense as though he was fighting against the king of the jungle. He couldn’t help but get a little intimidated. This pressure was making it so that he could not perform the martial arts he learned to their fullest potential.

For a period of time, Feng Lin was unable to display his strength due to his fear restricting him.

The opponent’s attack came in waves, malicious and strong.

After a few exchanges of moves, Feng Lin was clearly at a disadvantage. He then quickly lengthened the distance between them.

Utilize the advantage of speed!

Feng Lin silently mused in his heart. Using his battle technique, he moved swiftly and created afterimages with his speed.

Eight Trigrams Palm!

Eight Trigrams Palm was also known as the Roaming Eight Trigrams Palm or the Eight Trigrams Chained Palm Strikes. It was an ancient Huaxia martial art that focused on changing palm techniques and turning steps. It required one to be as swift as a dragon and had a stable, upright back, avoiding the heavy attacks while chaining light attacks to break the defense of an opponent.

Feng Lin moved using the eight trigrams stance, and his entire body was revolving continuously along with his steps. Like a tornado, he circled around his opponent.

Although his opponent had powerful strikes, he was rather slow. Feng Lin evaded the attacks easily, while his own palms were like blades attacking the vital parts of his opponent.

Feng Lin’s vitality was originally already higher than this opponent. Now that he found the right strategy, he reversed the situation at once.

He was like a skilled beast-trainer teasing a violent lion.

The king of the jungle appeared cruel and wanted to devour humans. However, when facing skillful techniques, it could only bare its fangs and waved its claws uselessly. It presented no threat at all.

“Coward, do you only know how to run? Fight against me head-on if you dare to!” The muscular guy made a few roars out of rage. His mannerisms and expressions were extremely real as though he were a real human.

Fight head-on?

That was ridiculous!

Feng Lin’s eyes were as calm as usual. He was not triggered nor provoked.

He had already occupied such a great advantage, wouldn’t he be a fool if he didn’t play to his strengths?

Feng Lin was obviously not a fool. Using the advantage of speed, he kept the opponent firmly under his control. Finally, he found a perfect opportunity and killed the opponent with a crafty move named “Flower Under the Leaves”.

Genetic potential +20%.

This time, he fought while evading instead of fighting directly head-on. It was rather easy and not much genetic potential was gained.

Feng Lin felt that he had vaguely found a style of combat suitable to him, allowing him to fight in a more relaxed manner.

The guardian of Level 14 was a beautiful lady in black. She hid herself in the darkness, and it was impossible for someone to defend effectively against her. She was proficient in the Tang Clan hidden weapons and kept sneak-attacking from afar.

The number of hidden weapons launched out were as tight as a net, and by rights, there should be no space to evade them at all.

Yet, Feng Lin still managed to avoid them with his nimble speed and found a path out.

Next, he directly killed his opponent ruthlessly. He didn’t show mercy stupidly just because his opponent was a woman.

Genetic potential +18%.

The reward of this level was a genetic martial art, the Flower Crossing Butterfly Hands. The “Precision Gene” needed to be awakened before one could control the magnitude and precision of each weapon, maximizing the power of the hidden weapons.

Feng Lin obviously did not have this gene and could not learn it.

The biggest difference between genetic martial arts and ancient martial arts was that the former required the related genes to learn it.

Feng Lin could only leave with regrets. He continued to ascend to the next level.

Level 15 of Illusory Martial Pagoda, the guardian this time was a spear-wielding expert.

An old saying once stated, “One would spend years to master the blade, spend months to master the staffs, and spend his entire life to master the spear.”

The spear was the king of weapons which was also the most difficult to learn. However, it would be amazingly powerful once it was mastered.

Every attack from this guardian was life-threatening. It was like the spill of mercury, unstoppable and unavoidable. Moving and turning the spear with great speed, a whirlwind was created. It was like pear flowers floating in the storm, extremely sharp and deadly.

The sharp spear broke through the air, leaving its mark on the surrounding walls.

It was tough for Feng Lin to fight against the spear-wielder with his bare hands. He displayed his footwork to its limits and finally found a gap after a hundred rounds of moves. He knocked the spear out of his opponent’s hands and finally killed his opponent.

Genetic potential +21%.

This time, the genetic martial art for this level was the Pear Flower Storm Spear. It required the awakening of the “Squall Gene” to control the wind. Obviously, Feng Lin did not have it. Once again, he could only give up helplessly.

Level 14… Level 15…. it was doubtless that the opponent’s vitality stats were slowly catching up with his.

However, the expected difficult battles did not happen, and Feng Lin won both easily.

After several fights, he finally figured out his combat style.

For battles, there weren’t many tricks other than enhancing his strengths and avoiding his weaknesses.

By playing to one’s strength and attacking the weaknesses of others, he would naturally be victorious in all battles.

Feng Lin knew that because he had not learned the martial arts systematically before, the mastery of martial art moves was his weakness while speed was his strength.

Yes, speed!

Of all the martial arts in this world, everything was useless before absolute speed. Speed was the name of the game!

His method was to raise his speed to the maximum limit.

Perhaps, this was the ultimate goal of the Illusory Martial Pagoda. Throughout continuous battles with the Illusory Martial Pagoda’s combat masters, one would be able to find the most suitable battle method for himself.

After several difficult fights, Feng Lin transformed the martial art experiences gained into his own comprehensions. He had his own perspectives on martial arts now.

Humans had three perspectives: It was the perspectives on the world, on values, and on life.

Cultivators had their own martial perspectives too. This was a thorough understanding of one’s entire strength and all aspects of their bodies. They had to use the heart to comprehend it, and there was a special term for it, known as the heart of the martial path or the Martial Heart.

Without the Martial Heart, a cultivator was nothing but a spearhead made of wax, impressive-looking but useless in reality.

That kind of cultivator might have very high vitality but had insufficient battle abilities.

Feng Lin’s smile grew more confident now. He continuously grew his genetic potential.

Right now, his genetic potential reached 192%. It seemed like he would soon be able to have two genetic points.

Feng Lin then ascended to the next level. This time, it was Level 16.

Little did he know that his vitality stat as recorded by the school A.I. was only at 1.5. At the Level 16 of Illusory Martial Pagoda, the opponent had a vitality stats of 1.6. This was completely jumping a level to fight someone stronger.

His attainment in martial arts knowledge was no longer his weakness!

Feng Lin himself was feeling extremely excited, but he didn’t know that by jumping a level to fight against a stronger opponent in the virtual space of the Illusory Martial Pagoda, it would all be recorded by the A.I. and would cause the headmaster and other teachers to pay attention to him.

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