Legend of the Mythological Genes

Chapter 16 - Attracting Attention

Chapter 16: Attracting Attention

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Inside the cultivation building, within a large monitoring room, a holographic screen was displaying the scenes inside the Illusory Martial Pagoda. Everything the students did in there could clearly be seen.

Feng Lin’s head teacher, along with a group of other teachers, were waiting here. In front of them was a rich-looking old man, and they were all staring at the holographic screen. This old man was none other than the headmaster of the school.

“Mhm!” Zhuang Ziming from the 3rd class isn’t bad. His vitality stats is 2.5 and if he continues to grow, he would be able to enter the gifted class once he ascends to the peak of the Illusory Martial Pagoda.”

The head teacher of the 3rd class stood at the side and agreed with a laugh, “This Zhuang Ziming’s background is extremely ordinary, but he works very hard in cultivation and possesses great potential!”

The headmaster nodded. After that, his gaze turned to another male student displayed on the screen.

“Chang Yu from the 18th class is also showcasing a domineering performance. His vitality stats at 2.1 might be a little low, but he can already fight spectacularly with the combat master of the 20th level!”

The other teachers also nodded as they agreed.

These combat masters of the Illusory Martial Pagoda were simulated using models of actual martial artists in Interstellar History. Their combat prowess was undoubtedly at the peak of their respective levels.

Hence, it would clearly be very difficult for these students, who grew up in a greenhouse like a school, to win against them in combat.

Although this student had a vitality stats that was 0,1 more than the combat master, being able to fight to this extent meant that his talent could still be considered slightly above average.

“Mhm, this Fang Yun from the 31st class isn’t bad. The gene he awakened should be the Meteor Gene and it’s considered a high-tier basic gene. If he can find the correct path of gene evolution, he should be able to evolve it smoothly into the Constellation Gene, and it wouldn’t be a farfetched dream for him to think about becoming a true interstellar cultivator.” The headmaster praised as he watched another student. He then turned to a middle-aged man beside him, “You have taught him well.”

“Headmaster is right. The Constellation Gene is an extremely rare and powerful gene among primeval genes. If he can evolve his gene to that, he would truly be extremely fortunate, and his future would be boundless.” The head teacher of the 31st class had a gratified smile on his face.


As the headmaster of a school, he was considered an interstellar cultivator at the elite-level. His judgment was naturally extremely accurate, and any casual comments made by him caused all the head teachers to spout praises non-stop.

If the geniuses of their respective classes were commented upon, those head teachers responsible for them would all have smiles on their face, feeling honor and glory.

As for the female head teacher of the 17th class, her expression was as strict as ever. However, there was an unsightly look on her face now, as the headmaster didn’t even comment on a single student from the 17th class.

The 17th class in the whole cohort was considered average, and they didn’t have as many geniuses as the other classes. Zhao Kai was the only student with vitality stats that exceeded 2.0.

He might be a genius in the 17th class, but he seemed incomparably average in the perspective of the entire school.

However, this Zhao Kai was famous for not being proficient in combat. He, who has a vitality of 2.2, was actually still stuck at the 18th-level. He had 0.4 more vitality compared to his opponent, but the fight was still so difficult for him. It was so pathetic that one almost couldn’t bear to watch.

She gritted her teeth and felt resentful for the fact that Zhao Kai had failed to meet her expectations.

People in the same profession would always be competitive. The other head teachers noticed her predicament, and all of them glanced at her with smiles that were not smiles, causing her to feel even more infuriated.

“The third-senior year student Feng Lin, jumped levels in battle!” At this moment, a robotic voice rang out, alerting everyone.

“What? Another genius that can jump levels in battle has appeared?”

“Who? Who is it? Which class is this genius from?”

“He’s able to defeat a combat master on the same level as him. This student is considered heaven-defying!”


A burst of exclamations sounded out.

The instant a genius capable of jumping levels in battle appeared, a huge commotion would surely follow. These teachers found it hard to hide their surprise.

Jumping levels to battle? How can this be possible?

Combat masters weren’t ordinary people; they were experts at the very peak of their respective levels. Who would have such combat prowess that they could jump levels and defeat the combat masters in the Illusory Martial Pagoda?

A person who could do so could simply be considered a monster. Which class was he or she from?

Could it be someone from the 3rd class who was known for the fast cultivation speed? Or was it someone from the 18th class who was known for the domineering combat prowess…?

Everyone had some names in their mind and different opinions.

A name then flashed on the screen – Feng Lin.

However, the head teachers all had blank looks on their faces as they couldn’t recall if there was such a genius in their class.

Where could this monster be coming from? For a period of time, Feng Lin’s identity caused many to feel extreme curiosity.

The female head teacher of the 17th class mumbled to herself, “Could it be him?” For some reason, Feng Lin appeared in her mind. However, this should be impossible. His vitality stats had only broken through recently, how could his combat prowess be so strong?

One must know that these students could all be considered as flowers in the greenhouses; their combat prowess shouldn’t match with their vitality stats. How could anyone possibly be able to jump levels and fight against the combat masters in the pagoda?

The female head teacher of the 17th class furrowed her brows. Could there be another student named Feng Lin in the other classes?

Amidst the discussions by the teachers, the headmaster laughed, “Seems like a genius has appeared in my school. Let me take a look at who he is.”

To a headmaster, It was natural that the more geniuses his school had, the happier he would be.

He activated his authority as the headmaster and commanded the monitoring devices to zoom in onto one person.

Upon seeing the student, the head teacher of the 17th class let out a gasp of surprise, “It’s really him?!”

“Eh? You recognize this student?” The other teachers curiously looked over.

The female head teacher had a look of amazement on her face. However, she soon regained her calm and smiled at the other teachers, yet she couldn’t suppress that secret delight in her eyes. “He’s none other than the second-ranked student, Feng Lin, of my class.”

“Ah, so he is from your class?” The others exchanged glances and had fascinating expressions.

Who would have thought that an average class like the 17th class would produce a genius that could jump levels to battle? If this scene wasn’t shown to them personally, they would rather believe that pigs could fly.

Before so many people, the female head teacher naturally wouldn’t make a fool out of herself. She suppressed her amazement and had smiles on her face while silently wondering on how did Feng Lin accomplish this.

The other head teachers turned their attention back on to the screen. This newly emerged genius took all their attention away.

“His vitality stats is only at 1.5, but he has broken through to the 16th-level. It is true that he jumped levels, but his vitality stats is simply too low!” When he saw Feng Lin’s performance, the headmaster’s eyes flashed with a bright light. However, he soon sighed with sorrow.

The other teachers also started to laugh mockingly at the female head teacher of the 17th class.

“He has such low vitality stats. Seems like he had spent all his effort on his martial arts, losing sight of what is truly important, stressing the incidental rather than the fundamental!”

“Seems like he has no way to ascend to the peak of the pagoda and won’t be able to enter the gifted class.”

“What a pity. If he put all his heart into cultivation, he might really be able to become a genius. Sadly, no one guided him and he has wasted time on the wrong path, placing all his efforts in martial arts.”


He was originally a genius but had already embarked on the wrong path. This caused the other head teachers to sigh with relief. It seemed like this student wouldn’t pose a threat to the students of their own classes.

The female head teacher gritted her teeth silently.

At this moment, the headmaster had already found the video records and was spectating it.

“What? He has never entered the Illusory Martial Pagoda before and started from the first level?”

“What a fast breakthrough speed!”

“He is still observing the martial moves of the combat masters? What’s there to observe? Hasn’t he learned those elementary martial arts before this?”


As head teachers, their judgments were naturally accurate and could tell Feng Lin’s situation at a glance. All of them couldn’t help but be shocked.

The headmaster sighed again. As an elite cultivator, he had seen many things and couldn’t help but feel pity.

“This young man has never learned any martial arts before. The martial art he used at the first level was none other than the basic military fist, a martial art taught for free by the school. However, at the later levels, the attacks he used were all from the ancient martial arts used by the combat masters of the Illusory Martial Pagoda. Not only did he instantly learn them, but he could even use them freely as he willed, causing his combat prowess to soar. Seems like he is extremely talented with regards to martial arts. Initially, it was with much difficulty before he defeated his opponent, but he grew more and more relaxed as he progressed. If I’m not wrong, I think he has already awakened his martial heart. He is truly a genius in martial arts. If we discovered him earlier, we could’ve nurtured him heavily, and he might be able to become a genius of the monster-level and even qualify for interstellar college!”

The headmaster shook his head. It was truly such a pity.

“What? The headmaster actually gave such a high evaluation?” Some head teachers trembled in disbelief.

How high was the headmaster’s evaluation? One must know that the peak geniuses in the other classes only received a slightly higher than average evaluation. Yet now, the headmaster actually said that this Feng Lin could become a monster-level genius?

If this Feng Lin continued to grow, wouldn’t he become a huge threat to all their respective classes?

These head teachers were all shocked, but they soon heaved a sigh of relief when they noticed Feng Lin’s vitality stats of 1.5.

“What a pity, everything is too late.”

“For every point increment in the vitality stats, it’s considered a huge checkpoint. In any case, the college examination is starting soon, he wouldn’t have the time to increase his vitality stats.”

“That’s right. If not, a genius might really appear in the 17th class.”


All of them sighed with regret on the surface but were secretly feeling happy.

It was too late for Feng Lin, there wasn’t enough time for him to mature.

They had already judged Feng Lin as dead in their hearts.

The female head teacher was even more annoyed. If she had discovered Feng Lin’s potential earlier, maybe… But sadly, everything was too late. Sigh…

“The head teacher of the 17th class, your class has such a genius, but why didn’t you nurture him earlier?” The headmaster shook his head, his tone was filled with reproach.

The other head teachers glanced over with a look of rejoicing in the misfortunes of others.

“Headmaster, I have no idea as well. His name is Feng Lin, and before the mock vitality test, his vitality stats have always been at 0.4. He was just a normal student then. I have no idea why he suddenly explodes forth with so much potential.” The female head teacher was extremely puzzled as well.

“What? Are you joking?”

“Stop lying, 0.4 vitality stats earlier and 1.5 now? Who are you kidding?”

“How can his improvement be so quick? Unless it’s a grand cultivator infusing his power into him to awaken his potential forcefully, such an improvement rate would be impossible. However, this is evidently not the case, or he would have already risen to the top much earlier. If that really happened, he might already be qualified for the interstellar college during his first year.”

The teachers in the surroundings discussed. Just like what the female teacher had expected, nobody believed her.

“It’s all true.” The headmaster calmly spoke, he had checked through Feng Lin’s past records.

As a student, every test they took would be recorded by the school’s systems. There was no doubt that what the female teacher said was true.

This was actually true! Everyone felt incomparably shocked.

Their secret delights earlier were all gone now. This Feng Lin managed to raise his vitality stats so quickly and possessed such outstanding combat prowess. If he continued to grow, most probably, he would very soon be able to threaten them all…

However, time was too short. He shouldn’t be able to make it to the gifted class right?

Should be impossible, there might be a chance, maybe…?

The headmaster’s eyes grew bright again as his interest in Feng Lin was rekindled. The female head teacher came to her wits and hurriedly spoke, wanting to claim credit, “If I didn’t judge wrongly, Feng Lin should be considered those explosive-type students. With the pressure of the college examination, his potential suddenly exploded forth. I strongly suggest for the school to nurture him!”

“I don’t agree. His vitality stats are too low. He doesn’t have enough value to be nurtured!”

“Time is extremely limited; he wouldn’t be able to make it.”

“That’s right. After the explosive surge this time, his potential might have reached its limit. Let’s not waste the school’s resources!”

The school’s resources were limited. If it was given to him, it meant that some other students wouldn’t be able to be nurtured.

Seeing the slice of pie before them getting smaller, all the head-teachers vehemently disagreed. Many of them were actually afraid that a true monster-level genius might really be born if huge amounts of cultivation resources were used on him.

If that was the case, the geniuses of their respective classes would surely be extremely miserable.

In their hearts, they already treated Feng Lin as the greatest threat in the competition over resources for their students.

Upon seeing these people ganging up to object, how could the female head teacher not be clear of their intentions? She felt extremely nervous and angry as she shouted, “How do you all know that Feng Lin’s potential wouldn’t continue to explode?”

“How do you know then if his potential has not been exhausted? Such a thing can only occur once, it’s impossible for a miracle to appear the second time!”

“That’s right, he was merely lucky.”

“From his information, Feng Lin comes from an ordinary background. Without sufficient resources to sustain his growth, how much potential can he have?”


The other head teachers all objected in unison.

“You guys…” The female head teacher was closed to exploding and was prepared to shoot back with mocking words.

Seeing that the arguments between the head teachers were getting worst, the headmaster stepped in and said, “Enough, stop arguing. This student is undoubtedly a genius. It’s just that his current vitality stats are a little low.”

He made a decision, “Don’t tell him anything yet. Let’s watch his future performance before we decide. If his potential continues to explode, we will treat him as a candidate eligible to take the college exam, and we will heavily nurture him!”

With the headmaster expressing his attitude, the others could only give in.

But in any case, since this little monster didn’t receive any real benefits yet, their purposes could have been considered achieved. The other head teachers glanced at each other while they smirked silently.

However, the female head teacher of the 17th class had almost cracked her teeth by gritting them too much.

Feng Lin had no idea what just happened. He didn’t expect that his sudden improvement would cause such a huge commotion among the school’s staff.

At this moment, he was fully focused on observing his opponent on the next level.

The roar of gunfire could be heard. He was in a bloody interstellar battlefield.

A human figure clad in metallic armor stood in the field. Bullets flew by everywhere as gunfire roared. A bloody stench permeated the atmosphere, and corpses could be seen littering the ground.

That figure stood there unmoving, radiating a war-torn iron-blooded aura. His entire person was like a treasured blade out of its sheath, radiating extreme sharpness, capable of slicing apart people at any moment.

To his surprise, Feng Lin discovered that his current opponent was actually an interstellar cultivator in a mecha-suit.

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