Legend of the Mythological Genes

Chapter 17 - Mecha-suit and Genetic-suit

Chapter 17: Mecha-suit and Genetic-suit

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Upon seeing a tall and sturdy figure clad in a mecha-suit standing there, Feng Lin’s heart sank.

An actual mecha-suit!

Mecha-suits were considered the pinnacle of the Interstellar Era’s technology. It was a mechanical body made entirely of metal, and human controllers could equip it and control its actions, producing power far beyond the strength of the human body.

Ever since humanity explored the starry skies, mecha warriors became the main type of weapons for humanity to fight against the monsters of the universe and alien races.

However, this was different to those behemoths that were several meters tall. The mecha-suit before Feng Lin was a miniature type, about the size of a normal human. Its appearance was just like ancient armors which humans wore in the past eras. The only difference was the energy core situated in the center of the armor. It was flashing incessantly, and it indicated that this was a mecha-suit.

“Test taker Feng Lin, I’m the combat master of the 16th level. Warrior No. HX-212 from the Galactic Fleet Star’s special forces. Prepare to fight!” The electronic eyes of the mecha-suit helmet flared with a red light as a mechanical voice rang out.

At the next instant, Feng Lin felt a sense of immense danger.


The energy core at the center of the mecha-suit suddenly brightened and shot out a white ray of extremely hot energy blast. The speed of the attack launching was extremely quick. Feng Lin almost couldn’t see when it was launched.

Luckily, the moment the energy core flared up, Feng Lin had already started to dodge. The extremely hot white energy ray passed him by.

Feng Lin felt a searing pain in his shoulder. He was brushed slightly by the white ray of energy earlier as it shot past. The white ray of energy blasted into the ground, leaving behind a shocking charred scar.

He glanced at the damage on the ground as his scalp turned numb. Why was this 16th-level so difficult? His opponent was an interstellar cultivator and even had a mecha-suit equipped. Wasn’t this simply cheating? How should he fight this?

However, he didn’t have time to think. That mecha warrior already rushed over, exuding a menacing aura. His soles seemed to generate flames, as his speed was as quick as a shooting star.

Feng Lin wasn’t in time to dodge. He could only punch out and clash head-on with his opponent. He instantly felt a vast surge of domineering might gushing towards him as his body was flung back from the impact.

This was the first time that he was inferior in terms of strength.

However, the mecha warrior didn’t seem to be doing too well either. The warrior somersaulted in the air as he was also blasted back from the impact. In the end, he finally stopped as he forced himself to slam onto the ground, by virtue of his heavyweight. A bright light flashed as he climbed up and rushed towards Feng Lin once more.

Feng Lin furrowed his brows as his heart trembled.

This opponent borrowed the power of the mecha-suit, boosting his speed tremendously to the point where it wasn’t in any way inferior to him. Not only was their speed equal, but Feng Lin was also inferior to that mecha warrior in terms of strength.

In all the levels before this, he depended on his superior speed and achieved success in every endeavor. This was the first time he encountered an opponent who suppressed him in all aspects.

His greatest advantage was turned into a disadvantage here. Feng Lin had instantly fallen into a predicament.

Luckily, after he awakened the Stonebirth Gene and strengthened it to an unprecedented 6 point, his skin was like stone, and his bones were like steel. His defense was extremely high.

However, he didn’t take a risk, choosing to deal with his opponent carefully. Although he was in a difficult situation, there was temporarily no need for any worry.

After some time, he observed some of his opponent’s abilities. That earlier attack was extremely similar to the attack of Iron Man, a hero in a comic book back in his era. The energy core was able to shoot rays of energy with devastating might and incredible speed.

For now, he didn’t discover any flaws in his opponent. Feng Lin was inferior in all aspects. But the more it was so, the more he had to be patient.

Finally, he discovered something strange.

Inertia was one of the most basic physical laws in the universe. It was also extremely difficult for technology to overcome inertia the more advanced it was. One could only adapt to it and not forcefully go against physical laws.

One could very well imagine how heavy this mecha-suit was. Although the warrior’s movement speed in a straight-line was extremely quick, its turning speed was extremely slow. One could say that he was quick but not very agile because of the mecha-suit’s inertia.

On the other hand, Being agile was Feng Lin’s forte!

Apes and monkeys were creatures that lived on sheer cliffs and high trees. If they were the slightest bit careless, they would simply plunge down and die from the impact of the fall. Yet, they could live normally in such environments, which clearly indicated their dexterity.

Feng Lin had maxed out his Monkey Gene. The advantages it provided wasn’t so simple as a direct boost in his speed. His agility and dexterity also far exceeded ordinary humans.

His body suddenly spun in circles, shifting to the left and right. He kept changing his rhythm and the tempo of his movements, as well as shifting directions.

For a period of time, that mecha-warrior couldn’t follow his movements at all which allowed the pressure on him to lessen.

“Look at how intelligent this student is. He actually finds the flaw of mecha warriors so quickly!”

“What a pity, it took too long for this brat to be discovered, or he might really have the possibility to become a monster-level genius!”

“His vitality stats are lagging behind the other geniuses, yet he is able to fight equally with a cultivator in a mecha-suit. Although it is impossible for him to be victorious, it’s already considered very outstanding!”


This scene was clearly seen by the teachers in the monitoring room.

Although they were fearful of Feng Lin’s potential, the other head teachers couldn’t help but be emotionally moved when they saw Feng Lin’s shocking performance. All of them exclaimed in admiration, but there was still nobody who believed that he would be able to gain victory.

After all, his vitality was only 1.5 and his opponent was an interstellar cultivator with a mecha-suit.

One had to know that these interstellar warriors were all battle-hardened geniuses who were chosen carefully from the army. Their combat prowesses were extraordinary.

It was impossible for this brat to gain victory.

“Let’s continue to watch!” The headmaster now was excited as well. A mysterious smile could be seen on his face, “Although this brat temporarily manages to stabilize the situation, it isn’t going to be so easy if he wants to win. That mecha-suit isn’t an ordinary mechatronic!”

At this moment, the mecha warrior also seemed to have realized what a difficult opponent Feng Lin was. It suddenly lengthened the distance between them. Its eyes flashed with a red light as the warrior spoke, “Feng Lin, you are very strong, far exceeding your peers of the same level. Your instincts for battle are also extremely refined. However, if you can only hide and dodge, your path of ascension to the peak of the pagoda shall cease here!”

He spread his hands and stretched out, his palms facing Feng Lin in the distance before clutching his fingers into a fist.

What kind of move is this?

Feng Lin’s wariness climbed to the peak. After that, his eyes blurred as he only felt a twist in space, and everything was in a daze.

A formless energy fluctuation gushed forth and resembled invisible robes that tightly wrapped around him, trapping his hands and legs, causing him to be unable to move.

What ability is this?

Feng Lin struggled valiantly, twisting his body, wanting to struggle free. However, that invisible robed bounded him tighter.

He knew he was in trouble when he realized that the energy core in the center of the mecha-suit was glowing brighter and brighter.

“DAMN!” He roared as a beam of white light shot out.

It was clearly impossible for Feng Lin who was bounded tightly to dodge. At the crucial moment, he gritted his teeth as the green veins on his neck throbbed, “Invulnerable Vajra!”

He used the ‘Vajra Subduing Devil Fist’ and stimulated his Stonebirth Gene to its highest potential. In an instant, his muscles all protruded out in lumps, resembling defensive scales that were shining with a stony gloss. It was as though he had just equipped himself with a set of heavy armor.


The beam of white light slammed into him. Feng Lin felt intense pain from his chest as his entire person was blasted backward before slamming into the ground.

This couldn’t be considered anything.

Feng Lin inclined his head and looked at his chest. The area where the attack hit was now charred black as if he were roasted by fire.

If this were in reality, his entire being would have already been turned into ashes.

Although everything here was illusory, the sensations of pain, injury, and fatigue in the battle were all real.

Feng Lin frowned. He struggled to climb to his feet. He then stared at the warrior in the mecha-suit as he grimly spoke, “This is not a mecha-suit; it is a genetic-suit!”

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