Legend of the Mythological Genes

Chapter 18 - Error in Judgement

Chapter 18: Error in Judgement

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Mechas were a kind of peak-level scientific and technological creation designed based on human dynamics. It could adapt to the environment of land, air, and sea, and it was a weapon of war for interstellar humans.

However, under the usual impression of humans, mechas always inspired a sense of prejudice in them, as some humans would feel that they were just huge cumbersome machinery. But there was a special kind of existence among mechas known as genetic mecha suits or simply, genetic suits in the short form.

The majority of mecha-suits could be used by anyone as long as they learned how to control it.

But genetic-suits were different. Genetic suits were specially made for a particular interstellar cultivator, and there would be something called a genetic core embedded within. Usually, this genetic core would be designed according to the mythological genes awakened by the cultivator. It could maximize the genetic abilities unleashed by the cultivator.

A cultivator paired with a genetic suit equated to cultivation plus technology. Two different kinds of paths that ran parallel to each other without hindrance could actually complement each other so well. The might unleashed wasn’t as simple as 1 + 1 = 2. The value would be exponentially far above 2.

Feng Lin was at a clear disadvantage. Only after fighting for so long did he realize that his opponent wasn’t wearing a miniature mecha-suit but was a genetic suit that could double or triple his genetic abilities.

That formless wave of energy that bound him wasn’t the ability of the suit but a kind of genetic ability—psychokinesis!

Psychokinesis was invisible and formless, but it could control things through space, allowing the user to manipulate their target. It was extremely strange.

However, when compared to the other forms of genetic ability, psychokinesis might be bizarre but its actual might was very low. It was very tough to shake up an opponent of similar levels.

After all, by right, this mecha warrior only had 1.6 vitality stats. So, how strong could his psychokinesis be?

However, Feng Lin felt that his opponent’s psychokinesis seemed to have some form to it. It felt like invisible robes binding around him, preventing him from moving. This was simply illogical.

Hence, this was why Feng Lin deduced that the suit of armor his opponent was wearing was not a mecha-suit but a genetic-suit instead.

Only cultivators could control the amplification effect of genetic-suits to this extent.

Another wave of fluctuation gushed towards him, twisting the air. The formless energy wanted to bind him tighter, and the energy core in the center of his opponent’s suit once again glowed with a blinding light.

Using psychokinesis to stop his movements while launching an energy beam attack? Feng Lin was like a fish on the chopping board; he had no way to escape.

But how could he fall for the same trick twice?

If he got hit by one more energy blast, he would surely lose all combat strength and would have failed completely in the Illusory Martial Pagoda.


Feng Lin stood in the horse stance, both his legs were as solid as tree trunks, deeply rooted to the ground like an immovable mountain.

His body swelled until his entire person looked like a giant ape packed with muscles. His veins could clearly be seen, and his expression was malevolent. With a violent wave of his arms, he struggled out of the invisible binds on him.

Strength overcame everything!

Although the psychokinesis force was invisible, it was also a form of energy. Feng Lin used a method that caused an instantaneous explosion in terms of his strength, breaking free with brute force.

This kind of method was extremely exhausting in terms of bodily strength and couldn’t be used too much, but it was worth it.

At the instant the light beam exploded forth, he shifted his body by instinct and barely managed to dodge the fiery ray.

He could feel a searing pain by the side of his arms from the light beam brushing across. However, Feng Lin didn’t retreat and chose to advance ferociously instead.

Genetic-suit was driven by mechanical energy, and its sustainability was far above humans’ stamina. It wouldn’t know fatigue. Hence, the longer Feng Lin fought, the more at a disadvantage he would be.

He had to quickly finish his opponent off!

Feng Lin didn’t evade and chose to fight head-on.

His Stonebirth Gene that was raised to 6 points maximized its activation potential. His skin now had the texture of stone, and he was like an invulnerable human in a stone form.

A flesh body was colliding with the genetic armor, sparks flew all around. This was clearly a clash between mythological genes and the pinnacle of science, yet it somehow contained a barbarism and hot-bloodedness that caused the excitement of those watching to soar.


Feng Lin didn’t retreat as he continuously pummeled the mecha warrior with his fist, creating dents in the metallic suit, disrupting its energy output.

However, Feng Lin was also suffering from intense pain. His body also had to endure the attacks of the mecha warrior, and he was riddled with wounds.

“How fierce, how violent!” The teachers watching were all dumbstruck. This was the Interstellar Era and everyone was civilized men. Who would have thought that there was still someone using such a savage fighting method? Such a fighting method was truly rarely seen.

Also, the person attacking was actually the usually gentle and docile student? The teachers all blinked their eyes rapidly, even suspecting that they had seen things wrongly.

“What genes did he awaken? He actually dares to clash head-on with the genetic-suit. Can he really withstand the injuries…?”

“That’s a genetic-suited warrior. Feng Lin is truly overestimating himself!”

“Who says he is overestimating himself?”


The various head teachers started arguing and discussing.

The female head teacher was seething while she listened at the side. However, she had no way to rebut; she also didn’t expect Feng Lin to choose such a foolish attacking method.

“Intelligent!” The headmaster suddenly spoke out at this moment. Out of everyone’s expectations, he suddenly started clapping and had a look of admiration on his face.

Everyone exchanged glances. Earlier, they were questioning Feng Lin’s battle sense, but who would have thought that the headmaster would praise him instead? This made the atmosphere extremely awkward…

“Headmaster, what do you mean?” they curiously asked.

The headmaster laughed, “You all only know that his opponent is a warrior with a genetic suit and has an incredibly tough defense. However, don’t any of you realize that all combat masters in the Illusory Martial Pagoda are merely formed from illusionary energy?”

“Mhm, but so what? Their physical stats are not anyway inferior to the real ones. What’s the point of Feng Lin doing this?” Those head-teachers glanced at each other, and they still didn’t understand what Feng Lin’s true intention was.

“The bodies formed from illusionary energy are just a kind of energy model, but their nature is still that of a lifeless object. They have no recovery capabilities, unlike humans. If I didn’t judge wrongly, that little fellow must have awakened some body-refinement types of genes, allowing him to strengthen his body. He wouldn’t lose out too much from clashing head-on with the mecha warrior. And because his recovery rate far exceeds his opponent’s, this kind of method with the essence of harming oneself to harm others can work and allow him to last all the way until the end. Look at his opponent, doesn’t the mecha warrior seemed more blurry and less corporeal now? If my guess is right, Feng Lin needs about a hundred more exchange of moves, and he will be able to defeat this opponent. But because of his heavy injuries, he should be forced to stop after this.” The headmaster smiled as he analyzed Feng Lin’s battle plans. Everything seemed to be within his expectations.

“Oh, I see!” Everyone suddenly felt enlightened after they heard it. They discovered that the scene in the screen was precisely as the headmaster had described.

Numerous intense head-on clashes occurred again and again. Feng Lin was injured, but he could still persist. The body of that mecha warrior grew darker and blurrier as though it would disintegrate at any moment.

As expected of the headmaster. As an elite cultivator, his judgment wasn’t something the others could compare to.

All of the teachers felt impressed in their hearts as they shook their heads at how inferior they were in comparison.

However, what happened next actually exceeded the expectations of the headmaster and everyone else.

“It’s about time!” After fighting for ten more rounds. Feng Lin felt his entire body aching. He felt like his body was about to collapse and was clearly at his limits. “If I don’t finish him off soon, I’ll lose all combat strength due to my heavy injuries. It’s time to end this!”

“Add point!”

With an intent of his will, another nebula disintegrated as the free genetic point in his body was added into the Stonebirth Gene.

His bone marrow started to itch as embryonic stem cells were created, strengthening all his organs, increasing his recovery speed.

Feng Lin had chosen to clash head-on with his opponent because he discovered that energy bodies like his opponent earlier could not recover once they were injured. As for himself, he could use his genetic point, and through the process of strengthening his gene, his body would enter a state that rapidly increased his recovery rate.

Free genetic points were then his greatest advantage here. Feng Lin was incomparably clear about this point right from the start.


Name: Feng Lin

Vitality: 1.8

Monkey Gene: 10

Stonebirth Gene: 7

Genetic Potential: 92%


His Stonebirth Gene had risen to 7, and his current vitality stats were at 1.8. Feng Lin could clearly sense warm energy currents akin to waves of spring water circulating around his body. As his strength gathered, his injuries were slowly recovering.

His opponent got weaker while he was getting stronger.

As he continued damaging the mecha warrior, Feng Lin gradually began to occupy the advantage. After yet another ten rounds of battle, he finally found a chance to kill his opponent.

Genetic potential +26%

His overall genetic potential reached 118%, and Feng Lin gained another free genetic point to spend. Just a single point.

If he wanted to ascend to the higher levels in the pagoda, he had to save this point for now and use it only in the future.

Feng Lin felt somewhat depressed. Although his opponents were growing stronger along with his own improvement speed, it was getting much tougher to gain genetic potential.

“He actually won! Not only that, but he did so with only one-fifth of the time forecasted by the headmaster. How quick is this? How did he manage to do it?” Those teachers exchanged mutual glances. This scene had exceeded everyone’s expectations.

The headmaster was astonished as well. He felt as though everything was out of his control.

Earlier, he confidently gave his judgment, but reality soon smacked him in the face.

A hundred rounds to defeat his opponent? Lost of combat strength? His limit was reached? All of these were turned topsy-turvy by the little kid Feng Lin.

Did he made an error with his judgment?!

In his head, he wanted to scream, “It’s not scientific at all, it’s not genetic at all!”

“Quickly look, he still wants to challenge the combat masters of the higher levels in the Illusory Martial Pagoda!” A shocked voice rang out, drawing everyone’s attention. All the teachers here had their eyes fixed on Feng Lin. None of them cared anymore about the other students.

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