Legend of the Mythological Genes

Chapter 19 - Peerless

Chapter 19: Peerless

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The genetic cultivation art for the 16th level was the Psywave Art. It was a pity that Feng Lin didn’t have the Psychokinesis Gene and thus was unable to learn it at all.

He allowed some time for his body to recover before he headed for the 17th level.

The simulated scene on this level was the endless outer space. There was no gravity and the body would float freely like the seeds of the willow tree that would fly away with the wind.

The reaction of force was reciprocal. There was nothing in the surroundings and when Feng Lin was unable to come into contact with any objects, he could only flop around on the spot, unable to do anything. He was very unaccustomed to this.

Moreover, he was wearing a set of tight-fitting spacesuit. This was clearly a simulation of a battle scene in outer space.

A figure who was also wearing a space suit came pouncing toward him.

Unlike how Feng Lin was unable to land, the other party’s genetic abilities seemed to allow him to control gravity, making use of other planets’ gravitational force to move freely in outer space. This was the other party’s home ground.

The opponent was nimble, moving around in outer space like a fish swimming in the water, closing in on Feng Lin every now and then.

Feng Lin was instantly in a disadvantageous state.

However, after having experienced battles for so long, he was no longer the newbie he used to be. He was clearly very experienced now.

It was fine for him to be at a disadvantage, but his mind mustn’t be in a state of chaos.

Feng Lin calmed down and first focused on his defense.

At this moment, Interstellar’s 12 years of mandatory education was put into use.

The usage of wormhole technology allowed humans to travel across outer space, just like how common it was for humans to travel via trains or airplanes in ancient Earth.

The technique of space walking was a technique that every school would impart to all of their students for free.

After experiencing the unfamiliarity earlier, Feng Lin quickly learned how to operate this spacesuit.

He pressed on a button, and gas immediate spurt out from under his feet. The counteracting force allowed him to walk freely in outer space. Although he was not able to move as nimbly as his opponent, Feng Lin started retaliating.

Other than being able to control gravitational forces and move nimbly, the other party’s battle prowess wasn’t actually strong.

After putting up a tough fight for close to ten minutes, Feng Lin intentionally exposed a weakness, forcibly taking an attack from the other party and then entangled the opponent with his body. He then strangled his opponent with his great strength.

After all, Feng Lin’s currently vitality was at 1.8—higher than what his opponent was at. Even a 0.1 difference wasn’t to be underestimated. In critical situations, this little difference would mean a difference in life and death.

Thankfully, Feng Lin had the last laugh.

Genetic potential +12%.

Although the battle was intense, there was no technique involved and the potential gained was pathetically low.

He was unable to learn this “Attraction Levitation Art” of genetic cultivation arts either. He didn’t stop and continued to the 18th floor.

The 18th floor’s vitality index was at 1.8. He had finally entered a level that was at the same level as his vitality.

This time around, it was on a planet that was shrouded in darkness throughout the year.

The universe was incomparably vast and filled with extraordinary things. Anything could happen there.

In this planet, there were no lights from stars throughout the year, and the darkness was cold and eerie. The surface of the planet was covered in layers of frost and ice, as well as an endless stretch of sea of ice.

The moment Feng Lin entered the place, he felt a chill that pierced into his bones. It was over negative 70 degrees Celsius. With the freezing wind blowing toward him, he felt as if he was going to be frozen stiff.

He knew this place. It was the Viking Planet!

This was one of the few planets colonized by Interstellar’s humans that did not have a Sun. As this place was filled with all sorts of rare minerals, humans had occupied it. Throughout the year, the minerals would be used as a source of electricity supply.

The freezing wind was like blades that cut through one’s skin.

Feng Lin’s opponent was a tough-looking Caucasian man who had no tops on. It was as if this extreme cold that could freeze a person to death were like a warm breeze brushing on him.

This was a Vikian. They were said to have the bloodline of ancient Earth’s Vikings. They occupied this place and set up colonization here, forming a small, independent influence of the Interstellar humans.

“Kid, how dare you come barging into our Viking Planet? You’re courting death!” The Vikian grinned savagely as he stared at Feng Lin with his flushing red eyes. He appeared to be very savage and vicious.

At the next moment, he clenched one hand into a fist and the cold air in the surroundings gathered rapidly, forming a trident that pierced out fiercely toward Feng Lin.

Frost Trident Art!

The Vikians were bloodthirsty and ferocious. Using the genetic martial arts that had been modified and improved based on the Vikings’ traditional martial arts, they hunted down and killed the Blackice Whales on this black planet.

The trident pierced through the sky and flew over with a bone-piercing chill.

However, Feng Lin didn’t back off at all. “Mighty Vajra Palm!”

He used a profound technique of the Vajra Subduing Devil Fist, moving his vital energy and blood to stimulate the Stonebirth Gene in his body.

His palms were as if they were tough as steel, presenting an extremely dark and dull brown color. Fortunately, they were extremely sturdy, managing to shatter the trident with a single punch.

However, a chill extended out from the palms, wanting to freeze his blood.

Feng Lin circulated his vital energy and blood, dispelling the chill with seething heat.

Seeing that the first attack didn’t work, the Vikian became increasingly violent, not stopping his hands as he kept condensing tridents and sending them piercing into the air, shooting toward him. He himself also pounced toward Feng Lin like a ferocious tiger.

The extremely cold weather had a huge effect on humans. Ordinary people would find it hard to withstand, and their battle prowess would be greatly diminished. Moreover, when faced against the ferocious attacks by the Vikian, they would definitely find themselves in dire straits.

However, in Feng Lin’s case, although the two genes he had awakened were both low-grade genes, both of them were types that could strengthen the body. Moreover, Feng Lin had strengthened them to an unprecedented index, and his physique had improved tremendously. He was now no weaker compared to this Vikian.

The freezing environment didn’t have a great impact on him.

Although the Frost Trident Art was very vicious, Feng Lin’s Stonebirth Gene had reached 7 points, and with his rock-hard skin and bones of steel, his body was in no way inferior when compared to ordinary weapons.

Moreover, although the Vikian’s attacks came on strongly, his speed wasn’t fast.

And speed happened to be Feng Lin’s forte!

It could be said that Feng Lin was a natural subjugator to his opponent. Was there a need to think about the end results then?

Feng Lin didn’t stop punching out. His punches were like rolling thunder, causing the tridents condensed from the freezing wind to explode. In the end, Feng Lin landed a chop on the man’s throat, causing him to disintegrate into motes of energy.

Genetic potential +22%.

“He won again!”

“Under such harsh conditions, how does he still have such astonishing battle prowess?!”

“From his performance, it seems that this student has only awakened genes that can strengthen his body. Those are usually considered low-grade genes. How are they so strong on him?”

When the head-teachers saw this scene, they were taken aback by great shock, and their faces were filled with disbelief and perplexity.

They had never expected that not only did Feng Lin not stop at the 16th level, but he also cleared another two consecutive levels with peerless bearing, taking all of them by surprise.

“The Viking Planet isn’t able to stop him either?” The female head-teacher muttered, a little out of sorts.

Her gaze looked toward another spot where the class’ top performer, Zhao Kai, was in. Unsurprisingly, he was still in the 18th level of the Illusory Martial Pagoda.

However, Zhao Kai’s performance was horrible in comparison to Feng Lin’s. It was like the difference between the heavens and the earth.

Zhao Kai’s awakened genes were the Flame Gene and Metal Gene, and he had the power to control flames and metal.

But when the flames in his control came into contact with the cold wind, they were extinguished immediately.

The metal that was extremely sturdy was frozen into dregs that would shatter upon contact.

His performance was extremely disgraceful. To think that he had a vitality of 2.2, yet he was unable to defeat an opponent with a vitality of only 1.8. Let alone being comparable with Feng Lin, even the female head-teacher was unable to stand this.

Feng Lin’s performance, on the other hand, would help her to earn respect.

It was when there was a comparison that the weaker one stood out.

Unknowingly, the scale in her heart started to tilt.

The Frost Trident Art—the martial art that was intended as a reward for the 18th level—was revealed and it required the Ice Gene. As usual, Feng Lin was still unable to learn it.

“It seems that trying to learn genetic martial arts for free is a little difficult!” Feng Lin sighed for his bad luck as he prepared to continue to head upstairs.

Suddenly, his feet turned limp and he almost dropped to the floor.

Was his stamina depleted again?

Feng Lin panted heavily, feeling as if he had really reached his limits and was unable to carry on.

“Are things going to just end here?” he thought inwardly as his mind started to waver.

However, with a change of mind, he shook his head and immediately tossed away such a cowardly thought.

He was already at the 18th level, and there were only two more levels to the 20th level.

This was another demarcation!

The battle prowess of the opponent on the 20th level was at 2.0. If he could make it through that level, it would mean that his capabilities would allow him to reach the upper-middle tier amongst the school’s graduating classes.

Right now, he had one more genetic point. He would be able to recover if he were to add that point and he would be able to continue on!

Without any hesitation, Feng Lin added his point decisively.


Name: Feng Lin

Vitality: 1.9

Monkey Gene: 10

Stonebirth Gene: 8

Genetic potential: 52%


The Stonebirth Gene was officially increased to 8 points!

Crackle crackle!

His bones let out crisp crackling sounds that were like that of firecrackers, and his skin had a smooth jade-like texture. However, with a closer look, one would be able to see that there were dense prints all over his skin. He flicked his skin with a finger and clanking sounds rang out as if he was knocking on metal.

Was this the condition when the Stonebirth Gene was strengthened close to its limits?

Feng Lin thought that it was really unbelievable.

As he continued to attain breakthroughs, there might even be mysterious changes.

He was only two points away to reaching the maximum level of the Stonebirth Gene. When that happened, he would be able to officially merge his genes to evolve them to a higher tier.

Feng Lin looked at the higher levels of the martial pagoda, and faint gleams of ambition flashed in his eyes. He slowly headed up.

On the 19th level, as his vitality had reached another breakthrough of 1.9, it was a fight between the people at the same level.

Things turned out to be unexpectedly easy.

The opponent was an expert who was skilled in the arts of assassination. He wore black clothes, and his face was concealed as if he were a Japanese ninja. He was able to conceal himself like a shadow, and Feng Lin had no idea what gene his opponent had awakened.

An opponent like this tended to catch people off guard and was very difficult to deal with.

However, the defense of Feng Lin’s strengthened skin turned out to be beyond his expectations. It was as if the hidden weapons, which his opponent used, had struck against an impenetrable shield and were unable to break through.

Although the opponent had a high vitality of 1.9, his speed and strength didn’t have any advantage before Feng Lin.

In the end, Feng Lin intentionally revealed a weakness and allowed himself to be hit. He then grabbed his opponent’s neck and broke it fiercely, gaining an easy victory.

Genetic potential +16%.

This time around, his opponent wasn’t even able to break through his defense and was restrained by him. Therefore, Feng Lin didn’t gain much genetic potential.

The Dark Shadow Ninjutsu required the awakening of the Shadow Gene. As boring and unfair as it might be, Feng Lin was still unable to learn this genetic martial art.

“Even the Japanese ninja isn’t his match! This kid is too heaven-defying!” Everyone was stunned. This stage was one that many people found it hard to deal with because they were unable to do anything to the ninja with his elusive movements. They hadn’t expected that Feng Lin would be able to clear this stage so easily.

Everything was like an illusion.

Battling against opponents who were stronger than him, crossing the barrier of a 0.4 difference in vitality, and yet still managing to succeed!

Everyone was increasingly curious.

What were Feng Lin’s limits?

This was also something that Feng Lin wanted to know.

Although other people were unaware, Feng Lin knew that with the increase to his genetic points, his vitality had already reached 1.9.

The next level would be the 20th level. This time around, things would be different from before.

To Feng Lin, this was really what it meant to be fighting against opponents who were stronger than him. Moreover, he no longer had any genetic points that he could use.

This meant that he had lost his last trump card to ascend the pagoda. This would definitely be a difficult match.

Whether he would be able to head up to the higher level would all depend on this match!

He sat down cross-legged, regulating his breathing and allowing himself to recover to his optimal condition. It was only after that did he head toward the martial pagoda’s 20th level.

What Feng Lin hadn’t expected was that this time around, his opponent was…

An alien?

No, it should be called…

Someone from an extraterrestrial ethnicity!

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