Legend of the Mythological Genes

Chapter 20 - Silicon-based Giant

Chapter 20: Silicon-based Giant

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In ancient times, before mankind had left the Earth, they had imagined the existences of various unique lifeforms other than humans in the outer space. They felt that these lifeforms would definitely be like humans, possessing great intelligence and developing a brilliant civilization. Therefore, they were referred to as aliens.

How naive and ignorant were they?

The universe was very big, filled with extraordinary things and various strange lifeforms. There were ghost civilizations formed from pure spiritual entities, robotic civilizations that used fire as the core of their lives, and even silicon-based civilizations that had extremely long lifespans…

Humans were just a part of the weakest carbon-based civilizations.

Different races had completely different civilization consciousness, lifeforms, and mindsets. When they came into contact with each other, they would only try to destroy the enemy, and there was no way that their relationship could be mitigated. Take for example dragons and ants. Could they possibly become friends?

Moreover, the differences between lifeforms in the universe were greater than this.

When they had just stepped into outer space, humanity’s ancestors had also held a peaceful and friendly mentality when they had come into contact with extraterrestrial ethnicities. However, what they had received were massacres and merciless wipeouts.

After paying such a huge price, the naive term ‘aliens’ was replaced by ‘extraterrestrial ethnicities’.

Humans had paid a sanguinary price before they comprehended the most brutal dark laws of the jungle in the universe.

The universe was like a huge forest of darkness where each civilization was like a hunter equipped with a gun while moving elusively through the forests. The moment they were discovered, only one party could survive or neither would.

Upon entering the 20th level, Feng Lin’s eyes narrowed as a harsh gust of hot air blew toward him. There was no water vapor at all, and it felt so dry that it was like a blade cutting through one’s skin.

At one glance, this place was a desolate desert planet. The entire place was filled with sand and was desolate and quiet, without any traces of life.

“Hmmm? Where’s my opponent?” Feng Lin threw a glance around and didn’t see anyone. He was feeling stumped when the ground before him suddenly exploded.

A tall and strong figure with a height of over five meters stood before him. Its skin was a greyish white color like marble as if it was a giant carved from stone. However, it didn’t have any organs like mouth and nose on its face. It was kinda like a metal mask. At the top, there were two empty holes that shot out blue light. It had a cold and inhuman gaze.

Blue light flickered as it scanned Feng Lin’s body.

Feng Lin shuddered as a chill spread through his entire body. Even his goosebumps were popping out. He felt as if he was being seen through completely from inside out.

“Carbon-based lifeform. Ethnicity: human; strong reproduction capabilities. Civilization level: II. Approach: Kill!” The silicon giant with a height of over five meters stared down at Feng Lin as if looking at an inferior and insignificant crawling bug. The words it spouted out sounded cold and brutal, making one feel to be on tenterhooks.

“This is an alien? No, it’s an extraterrestrial ethnicity! It said that I’m a carbon-based lifeform, then what is it? A silicon-based lifeform?!” The crushing difference in their standings as different lifeforms gave Feng Lin a feeling of impending trouble.


The silicon giant’s feet stomped down hard on the ground, and its massive body shot up toward the sky like a rocket. It then came plunging down at rapid speed.

Feng Lin was thinking of taking it head-on, but he saw that figure smashing down like a small mountain, releasing stifled whizzing sounds as it cut through the air.

His eyelids kept twitching as he knew he couldn’t block this monstrosity.

He dodged instinctively.


The ground trembled and the massive figure smashed heavily into the ground like a meteor. The earth’s crust was smashed, and cracks that were like spider webs spread out in all directions. A huge crater appeared, with smoke and dust seething in the air for a very long time.

Feng Lin’s eyelids kept twitching non-stop. How heavy was this guy?

Two tons? Three tons? … No, it was at least five tons!

The force of his punch had only been at 0.8 tons. And even after his genes had been strengthened, his vitality had only increased by 0.4 from the level before he had taken the test. Therefore, the force of his punch wouldn’t exceed one ton.

Having such a heavyweight came crashing down on him wasn’t something he could fend off. If he had been slow in dodging, he would have been instantly flattened.

“Damned bug!” To think that its sure-kill attack had been dodged by an insignificant carbon-based lifeform, the silicon giant bellowed out furiously, feeling extremely enraged. Clearly, it was an intelligent lifeform with emotions.

Thump thump thump.

It came charging over in huge stride, releasing thumping sounds as it stomped onto the ground. It sounded like a rushed drumroll, leaving many deep footprints as its feet sunk deep into the ground.

“Too slow! Mighty Vajra Club!” The opponent came on with great intensity, but its speed wasn’t that fast. Feng Lin dodged and appeared rapidly beside it, smashing out both his fists as if they were iron clubs.

His two fists smashed in with a majestic disposition and stifled sounds rang out in the air.

Such a violent strike could even smash rocks into dust.

Cold gleams shot out from Feng Lin’s eyes as if he was looking at the scene where his opponent’s neck broke under his punches.


A series of stifled sounds rang out like hammers smashing against a tough iron slab. The anticipated scene didn’t appear. Instead, a huge counteracting force shook Feng Lin’s hands so intensely that he felt extremely painful.

The silicon giant smirked and swung its arms fiercely.

Feng Lin couldn’t dodge in time and thus used his arms to put up a block at his chest. The overwhelming force came crashing down, causing him to be smashed into the ground like a missile, sinking so deep in that he couldn’t be seen.

The silicon giant stood on the spot, laughing in contempt, “Fool! I’m a silicon-based lifeform and to think that a mere carbon-based lifeform is thinking of using a pair of soft and flabby fists of flesh to defeat me! Hmph, even if I were to just stand here and not moving, you won’t be able to hurt me! Now, die!”

It raised its two arms high up, and the ground tremored.

Countless huge boulders rose into the air, ignoring the shackles of gravity and suddenly came crashing down.

Feng Lin tried to dodge rapidly. The huge boulders smashed onto the ground, creating many craters.

The plunging rocks were like rain, and he wasn’t given any opportunity and space to retaliate.

“There’s no hope! This silicon giant is a silicon-based lifeform, and it is born with the ability to control rocks!”

“With such a concentrated amount of rocks raining down, even an elephant would be smashed into paste, let alone him!”

“This is it! He should be proud to have battled until now, working with a difference of 0.5 in vitality!”

The head-teachers commented as if they had seen through everything since a long time ago. They shook their heads and sighed, appearing to feel extremely regretful, yet they couldn’t hold back the smiles on their faces.

The principal also nodded, feeling that Feng Lin had no chance of winning this time around.

Carbon-based human facing up against a silicon giant… The difference in the level of the two lifeforms was far too great!

Feng Lin also felt the impending danger. Unlike the previous battles, this time around, he really couldn’t find any chances of winning.

The lifeform the opponent belonged to, its strength, body’s toughness… all of them were above that of his. In terms of their racial characteristic, his opponent was able to suppress him completely.

Although the previous battles had been tough, all of the opponents had been humans and he had never felt so helpless before. It felt now as if no matter how hard he tried, he wouldn’t be able to win.

Was everything going to just end here?

He couldn’t accept this.

It was fine to lose to other humans, but it felt too aggrieved for him to lose to an extraterrestrial ethnicity.

Even if he knew that this was an illusionary energy entity, it possessed the extraterrestrial ethnicity actual abilities. This wasn’t just a simulated battle but was also a battle between difference races!

An ambitious feeling rose up in Feng Lin’s heart.

He didn’t wish to lose!

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