Legend of the Mythological Genes

Chapter 21 - Battle Between Ethnicities

Chapter 21: Battle Between Ethnicities

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Humans were carbon-based lifeforms, and the biological macromolecules in the human body contained carbon elements.

Silicon elements and carbon elements were on the same row in the periodic table and had similar properties.

Silicon-based lifeforms’ biological macromolecules had silicon atoms in place of carbon atoms. Their bodies were several hundred times tougher than carbon-based lifeforms and had longer lifespans. They could live to over 1,000 years old at least.

Such an inhuman ethnicity could naturally not be dealt with using regular martial arts principles.

Weak points that could be lethal to humans were completely useless against this silicon giant.

No matter how tough Feng Lin’s fists were, they were still just flesh and blood. The toughness of silicon-based lifeforms’ bodies surpassed even that of most alloys that humans had.

Wanting to use a pair of fleshy fists to crush the other party was like using tofu to smash rocks—courting death!

After passing through 20 levels consecutively, this was the first time Feng Lin encountered an opponent with a body that was stronger than his. Moreover, it was a lot stronger.

His opponent was like an extremely tough rock, making it hard for him to attack.

Moreover, this silicon giant seemed to also possess a mysterious power that could allow it to control rocks. It could control rocks and send them smashing down from the distance, forming a rain of rocks.

Regardless if it was close or long-distance combat, Feng Lin was completely suppressed. This was the first time he had encountered such a helpless situation.

However, his actions didn’t slow down because of this. He continued to charge on forward.

“What is he doing? Is he courting death?”

“The silicon giant’s body is comparable to that of an alloy. Ordinary punches and kicks are ineffective towards it! This is a crushing difference in terms of two lifeforms’ levels. No martial arts would be able to make up for the difference.”

“He’s probably thinking of giving up! After all, he has no more chances of winning!”

The head-teachers blabbered on mercilessly, pointing out without any restraints, thinking that Feng Lin was courting death.

At the side, the female head-teacher was gritting her teeth in anger, but she couldn’t say anything in rebuttal. It was because she was thinking about the same things…

Feng Lin naturally had no idea that these people were ridiculing him. Even if he knew, he wouldn’t care.

It was true that forcibly attacking a silicon-based lifeform head-on did seem as if he was courting death.

But he had no other way out.

The genes he had awakened were the Monkey Gene and Stonebirth Gene, not the Flame Gene, Waterflow Gene, or the Whirlwind Gene… Other than close combat, he had no other attacking means for long-distance battles.

If he continued dodging, he would always be passively beaten up with no chances of winning.

If he wished to win, he could only take the risk and charge up.

Only those who dared to fight for it could win!

Moreover, Feng Lin was extremely clear that the battles in this Illusory Martial Pagoda were merely simulated battles and not real. They were closer to the different stages in a game.

Since it was a game stage, then there would be a way to clear it.

This was the 20th level and the relative vitality index was at 2.0. This meant that a person with a vitality of 2.0 would have hope to win the battle.

Although his vitality was only at 1.9, it wasn’t as if he had no chances at all!

However, the crux was on how he could find the opportunity to defeat his opponent and clinch victory.

The rocks came crashing down.

Feng Lin unleashed his speed to an extreme, dodging at rapid speed and using his sharp senses to look for gaps and then closing in on the silicon giant rapidly.

Bang bang bang!

Feng Lin’s fists smashed fiercely on his opponent’s body like violent blasts of wind and rain.

However, Feng Lin’s fingers were in extreme pain. He didn’t injure his opponent, but instead, dealt himself unbearable pain.

After all, there was a crushing difference between the two lifeforms.

Although the opponent’s vitality had been compressed to 2.0, its constitution far surpassed that of Feng Lin’s.

Feng Lin was unable to do anything even though he had awakened the Stonebirth Gene.

An opponent like this gave him great despair.

But there must definitely be a way to turn the tables around!

Feng Lin didn’t give up but continued to look for opportunities. However, the prerequisite was that he must continue to hold on.

Mighty Vajra Capturing Hands!

The Vajra Subduing Devil Fist was the only genetic martial art he learned at the moment. It was also his only hope in breaking this silicon giant’s tortoiseshell.

His two hands took a clawing stance and grabbed out fiercely toward his opponent’s throat that seemed rather soft. However, upon contact, he immediately felt as if he had gripped a piece of rock and his fingers hurt a lot.

The silicon giant laughed savagely, its two fists were like venomous dragons coming out from their caves, smashing into Feng Lin and sending him flying.

Feng Lin fell down hard onto the ground and then rapidly got up. His two fists presented a rock-like glow.

Mighty Vajra Fist!

The wind formed from his palms were like blades, and strong forces shot out in all directions.

The silicon giant’s eyes were filled with contempt, and it didn’t move at all.

When the wind created by Feng Lin’s palms struck on its body, it didn’t even lose a single hair.

It even returned a punch.


Feng Lin’s two hands were clamped before his chest to block this punch. His bones released earth-shattering sounds.

Vajra Dragon Claw!

Bearing with the intense pain, Feng Lin didn’t become discouraged. He performed another killing move from the Vajra Subduing Devil Fist, but the fierce attack was still ineffective.

The silicon giant stood on the spot, not moving an inch. It was like a big towering tree, casting down endless shadows that drowned Feng Lin.

Its cold gaze assessed Feng Lin as he charged out time and time again. It was like watching an ant overestimating its own capabilities and trying to shake a big tree—there was no sight of any hope at all.

Feng Lin fell down time and time again, then got back up time and time again. He charged forth as if he had gone crazy, and even when he was covered in blood and his injuries were very serious, he didn’t pay them any heed.

Although it was a simulated system and all the attacks were simulated, the repeated forceful impacts still caused Feng Lin to be covered in bumps and bruises, in an extremely battered state.

However, Feng Lin still didn’t give up. His gaze was fixed on the opponent as if a vicious wolf was staring at a ferocious tiger. Although his opponent was far stronger than him and could crush him at any moment, he still wanted to bite off a piece of his opponent even at the risk of his life.

The viciousness in his eyes was very scary.

When the head-teachers saw this scene, they started mumbling between themselves.

“He’s still not giving up? It’s just a trial. Is there a need to risk your life like this?”

“The only genetic martial art he excels in is just that Vajra Subduing Devil Fist, an initial-grade martial art. There are only a few moves in this technique. Moreover, he’s learning them on the spot. What use could they be?”

“Quickly admit your defeat! This is just a waste of time and you’re just harming your own body!”

They kept on mumbling amongst themselves.

What they didn’t see was that the gaze of the principal, who was standing at the very front, was now filled with increasing admiration.

Such a determined gaze, with viciousness and wildness in his character… This kid is really something!

What they said might be right, but Feng Lin would definitely not give up on himself!

Fighting the silicon giant head-on was playing around with one’s life.

Could it be that he didn’t know this?

This battle might be just a bout of training, but as the opponent was a member of an extraterrestrial ethnicity, the nature of the matter was different.

This was a battle between ethnicities.

A battle between ethnicities was one to the bitter end. Either you die, or I die!

The universe was very big, but it was also very small.

Feng Lin believed that he wouldn’t be forever trapped on this tiny Earth. Once he headed out into outer space, he would encounter these alien lifeforms sooner or later, and that would be a battle to the bitter end.

If one were to lose now, there would be a chance to start over again. But what if one were to lose in the future?

They would not even be able to keep their lives!

Therefore, it’d be better for him to learn not to give up right now. He didn’t want to lose, and he mustn’t lose!

It was not a matter or victory or defeat but a matter of one’s convictions.

Although Feng Lin appeared to be in a very bad state, the corners of his lips curled up into a smile.

It was because he had found the way to win.

His actions might seem reckless, but he was just trying to prove an idea that he had on his mind.

It had been a guess earlier, but now, he had received verification.

In order to defeat his opponent, there was only one way about it. It was…

To pay a person back in his own coin!

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