Legend of the Mythological Genes

Chapter 22 - Wrapped Around His Fingers

Chapter 22: Wrapped Around His Fingers

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The Vajra Subduing Devil Fist was a ferocious and tyrannical martial art. Although it was just an initial-grade low-tier martial art, its prowess wasn’t weak and it had a total of nine moves.

Feng Lin kept pouncing forth, unafraid of death, clashing with his opponent head-on at the price of getting injured. He performed all nine moves of the Vajra Subduing Devil Fist, attacking the various critical points around the silicon giant, but the results were extremely depressing.

The silicon giant did not even lose a single hair…

Such actions of overestimating his own abilities might seem to be extremely foolish to other people—simply courting death. But Feng Lin was well aware that it wasn’t as if he didn’t gain anything at all.

The Vajra Subduing Devil Fist was his strongest move and if this martial technique could not do anything to his opponent…

Then it would mean that no matter what means Feng Lin chose to take, he would not be able to deal any damage to this enemy at all.

Feng Lin also felt the helplessness his previous opponents had felt when battling against him.

Although they were skilled in their martial arts and could deal great damages, they were unable to break through the opponent’s defense!

But this didn’t mean that Feng Lin was unable to win!

It was true that he couldn’t hurt his opponent, but that didn’t mean that he was unable to kill his opponent.

This might sound contradictory, but the idea was very simple. He was going to let the silicon giant harm itself.

Some people might find this idea extremely outrageous, but this was not impossible!

Which intelligent lifeform would injure themselves for no reason?

What these people didn’t know was that there was a saying in martial arts implying to pay the person back in their own coin and that there was indeed a type of martial technique where one returned the opponent’s force to themselves.

Jeet Kune Do [1], Taichi, Jujutsu [2]… all contained these martial principles.

“Hehe! Lowly carbon-based bug, are you ready to accept death? There’s no space in the universe for your kind to survive. All of you disgusting bugs should be wiped out! …” When the silicon giant saw that Feng wasn’t moving an inch as if he had already given up, he immediately laughed hideously, and cold killing intent surged out like seawater.

A battle between ethnicities was one to the bitter death. There was no room for mitigation.

The silicon giant leaped up into the sky, surrounded by huge rocks around him, and then pounced out toward Feng Lin. It seemed to be unstoppable, wanting to crush Feng Lin into dregs.

At the sight of its aggressive demeanor, Feng Lin lowered his eyelids and didn’t appear too anxious.

This shall be the starting point where the tables were going to be turned around.

Intense fighting will once again lit up in Feng Lin’s eyes as he went charging out again.

Dodging the plummeting rocks, he clenched his fists, gathering his strength onto one point, and struck out fiercely toward his opponent. Things didn’t seem different from before.

“This move again? Is he seeking death? It seems that he has no other tricks up his sleeves. This is where things are going to end!” At the sight of this, everyone shook their heads.

The silicon giant grinned hideously, not putting up any defense at all. Instead, it hammered both its fists down fiercely.

Seeing that both parties were about to clash head-on, the head-teachers shut their eyes, not daring to see the horrible sight of Feng Lin being bashed up by the giant’s fists.

However, the scene that followed caused them to be astonished.

Feng Lin’s attacks might seemed to be fierce, but just as he was about to hit his opponent, he instantly drew back. His body spun like a top, and the spinning force brought one of his legs across an arching trajectory, landing fiercely on the giant’s right wrist.

The silicon giant’s punch missed and its wrist suddenly received an immense force. Bending unnaturally, the force was sent off the course, drawing a strange angle and smashed out fiercely toward its own head.

The silicon giant seemed to have been struck with a heavy blow when its fist struck himself. Shaking and wavering, it dropped to the ground with a plop.

Everyone stood there agape at the scene and their mumblings stopped abruptly. All of them watched with eyes wide open and their jaws dropping, appearing very ridiculous.

“Interesting! It seems that Feng Lin has discovered something!” The principal muttered as an intense interest rose in him.

It wasn’t just toward Feng Lin’s talent, but also towards Feng Lin as a person.

Having been a principal for so many years, he had met geniuses of all sorts. It had been very long since he had met such an interesting student.

It was the right decision to have opened up the illusory martial pagoda!

“This is just a coincidence!”

“That’s right. There is only one method to defeat the silicon giant—to unleash one’s genetic abilities from afar. It’s impossible to win in close combat against silicon-based lifeforms with their bodies being comparable to alloys!”

“It’s futile to match against the silicon giant head-on no matter how high one’s mastery in defensive martial arts is!”

At the sight of Feng Lin’s astonishing strike, the head-teachers were all stunned for a short moment before they all agreed that this was just a coincidence.

They strongly believed in this, but at the next moment, it was as if they were given a smack in the face.

After being struck by its own fist, the silicon giant appeared to be in a daze as it stood up wavering, shaking its head.


Suddenly, a strong gust of wind blew toward it, and it instinctively kicked out.

Feng Lin dodged nimbly and kicked on its upper thigh, shifting its upward force even further.

With its kick missing its target and Feng Lin’s timely ‘assist’, the silicon giant was now unable to hold its balance due to its weight and great inertia. It dropped down heavily, slamming on the ground.

It was super effective!

After two consecutive effective attempts, everybody knew that this wasn’t just luck in play.

Feng Lin was extremely certain that he had found the way to restrain his opponent and to win.

He changed his method and for the first time, gave up on fighting forcibly head-on and started to perform the soft and gentle Taichi.

Of course, he wasn’t really performing Taichi but just using its technique of returning the opponent’s force onto themselves.

Although the silicon giant’s strength was extremely great, its movements were very clumsy. It merely relied on its body’s sturdiness.

Previously, Feng Lin was unable to do anything and was unable to break through its defense.

However, as long as he unleashed his speed advantage and didn’t forcibly take his opponent head-on, he could place himself in an undefeatable position. Using the principles of Taichi, he derailed his opponent’s strength to destroy itself.

Although its body was tough, it couldn’t withstand its own punch.

This was to use one’s spear to attack one’s own shield!

The only thing Feng Lin needed to be wary of was its ability to control rocks.

However, this was very simple. He would just need to stick close to the silicon giant. When he was within such a close distance, the silicon giant would hit itself if it were to send the rocks crashing down.

Next, Feng Lin stuck close to the silicon giant while launching attacks consecutively.

“Damned bug!” The silicon giant bellowed out furiously as it punched out, but its force would be redirected by Feng Lin and ended up hitting itself every single time.

Towards the end, Feng Lin felt increasingly relaxed, and he even shook his head.

This battle method was so effective that even he was taken by surprise.

This method didn’t require a profound technique, and any humans who knew a little of martial arts would be able to adopt it.

It was fortunate that the silicon giant didn’t excel in martial arts at all. It was born with an extremely strong body and with its talent alone, it would be able to crush many ethnicities in the universe. Therefore, it was very hard for them to master or develop profound martial skills.

Martial arts were only a tool that was used to protect oneself, allowing the weak to defeat the strong.

Only humans, who were born to as a weak ethnicity, would develop profound martial arts. It was like how in the Ancient Earth Era where huge beasts could be found everywhere, only the apes started to learn how to use tools and fire. No other species did the same. This was because they were born to weaklings. If they didn’t learn to use external objects, they would perish.

Dinosaurs, titanosuchus, and mammoths had all been dominators and stood at the top of the food chain. How could they possibly learn to make use of tools?

There was neither a need nor a requirement.

The same applied for martial arts.

However, such lowly means that the weak humans used to protect themselves had now become Feng Lin’s greatest advantage.

Each time this silicon giant attacked, Feng Lin would use Taichi Sensitivity to detect its attack in advance and then redirect the force so that the silicon giant would hit itself.

In the end, things became increasingly easier for Feng Lin. He kept on redirecting the forces and had the silicon giant wrapped around his fingers.

When a lion lost its sharp teeth and claws, what else can it do except for acting cute?

Everyone only saw that the silicon giant—known to be vicious and cold-blooded in the universe—kept on spinning in the battlefield. It would occasionally fall down, releasing furious roars. However, not only did that not provide any deterrence, but it appeared hilarious instead.

“Damned carbon-based lifeform! What ability are you using?!” The silicon giant felt as if its body didn’t belong to itself and kept on bellowing out.

At the sight of this, the principal and the head-teachers wore strange expressions. They wanted to laugh but yet wasn’t able to do that.

A one-sided hotblooded battle had suddenly changed to become a hilarious scene. They were unable to accept the great change.

In the past, the only method to defeat the silicon giant was to use one’s genetic ability to attack from the distance and then slowly fight it out. Other than that, there were no other ways out.

No one had been able to defeat the opponent in close combat when their vitalities were similar or even weaker.

Could it be that Feng Lin had managed to find a possibility in this impossible situation, discovering….

‘a second method?’

[1] “The way of the intercepting fist” in Cantonese, abbreviated JKD, is a hybrid philosophy of martial arts heavily influenced by the personal philosophy and experiences of martial artist Bruce Lee.


[2] Also known as Jujitsu or Jiu-jitsu, is a Japanese martial art and a method of close combat for defeating an opponent in which one uses either a short weapon or none.


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