Legend of the Mythological Genes

Chapter 28 - Crushing Everything

Chapter 28: Crushing Everything

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Vajra Smash!

His fists were like iron poles blasting downward.

These lackeys only knew how to shoot their mouths off from a distance. They didn’t dare to rush forward despite after a long time.

However, Feng Lin was already impatient. He moved with the speed of lightning, rushing into the crowd as his fists that were like iron poles, swept out in all directions.

His fists were fast, accurate, and ruthless.

The group of people couldn’t dodge in time. They only saw a black shadow flashing before their eyes, and they were knocked down onto the ground the next instant.

“Actually daring to act against us by himself, truly courting death!”

“Arrogant! Does he think that he is the number one ranker of our school, Duan Yunliu? He’s overestimating himself!”

“Brothers let’s go and crush him together!”


These people were all followers of the number two genius in the school, Young Master Klot. They had always been acting tyrannically, and nobody dared to antagonize them.

Now, seeing how domineering Feng Lin was, preparing to fight alone against all of them, this was simply not having them in his eyes. Hence, the flames of their anger burned.

“Didn’t I say it before? You guys speak too much crap!” Feng Lin helplessly shook his head. He showed no mercy and was like a ferocious tiger leaving its mountain as he lunged into the midst of the crowd.

Hong Fist, Eight Extremes Fist, Xingyi Fist… All sorts of ancient martial arts he had learned from the illusory martial pagoda were displayed one by one.

Although these martial arts couldn’t put the power of his genes into play, they were all extremely deep techniques that allowed one to unleash strength far beyond an ordinary man. With it complementing Feng Lin’s current strength and speed, he was simply unstoppable.

Those people only saw a bunch of after-images surrounding them. They didn’t know what to do!

Yes, this group of people was completely surrounded.

This was somewhat contradictory but a scene in reality.

These lackeys couldn’t even track Feng Lin’s movements. They were slammed by his fist and toppled over to the ground.

Only Zhao Kai was barely holding on.

His fist had reached a power level of 1.2 ton, and his moves were savage.

As Feng Lin’s vitality stats increased, his fist strength naturally increased too. But there was still a disparity between that and his vitality stats.

However, after experiencing the journey into the illusory martial pagoda, he was no longer the newbie in combat from before. He had gained valuable battle experience, and in this situation, he chose not to fight head-on with Zhao Kai. The ancient martial arts he had learned were used one after another interchangeably with overflowing flexibility. There was a natural sense of rhythm with it.

Eight Extremes Fist!

Feng Lin shifted using the Eight Trigram Stance, slowly moving closer to Zhao Kai.

Bang bang bang… The wind generated from his palm attacks broke the air as he closely chased after Zhao Kai.

Every move Feng Lin made was a killing one.

Quick, quicker, even quicker!

He struck out with his palms, his fists, and his elbows. For the lower half of his body, he stomped, he kicked, he swept… In an instant, he neared Zhao Kai. He was now like a human-shaped beast and contained such explosive strength that one’s bone and tendons would be torn apart at the slightest contact with him.

Zhao Kai instantly felt the countless attacks. He stood his ground and tried to defend. But soon after, a scream rang out as his body was flung through the air.

Crack, crack~ Zhao Kai was slammed onto the ground. His bones cracked as his eyes rolled over, fainting into unconsciousness.

A legendary character in the school with vitality stats at 2.2, was actually so heavily injured by Feng Lin and had fainted.

If this was in the past, Feng Lin would definitely not be a match for Zhao Kai.

But after the illusory martial pagoda trial, Feng Lin had been completely reborn and transformed. Not only were his genes strengthened again, but his vitality stats had also risen by a total of 0.4.

What was even more important was that after so many rounds of battle, he had learned many different types of ancient martial arts to mitigate his weakness of not being proficient in combat. The martial arts he had learned could even unleash the energy of his genes.

His genetic energy that had broken past the limits, once it was unleashed, the power was unimaginable.

Feng Lin could feel that as his Monkey Gene and Stonebirth Gene were strengthened to the peak. Although there weren’t many visible changes to his external body, his internal body was as though it had been reforged anew. He had stone-like skin, iron bones, and startling speed, granting him immense combat potential.

If the attacks launched at him didn’t have enough power, Feng Lin could simply stand there and allow the others to hit him. They might not even be able to break his defense.

This Zhao Kai didn’t strengthen his genes by a lot. He depended completely on nutrient medicine to push his vitality stats up. Therefore, he simply wasn’t a match for Feng Lin.

Fighting one against all, Feng Lin crushed everything, defeating everyone with a single fist, displaying his shocking combat prowess.

Klot glanced at his fallen subordinates; his expression was incomparably ugly.

He didn’t expect that these subordinates, who had always been arrogant, were actually so weak before Feng Lin. They were like wooden puppets and were helpless to retaliate.

It seemed like today he had to go for broke.

But the more powerful Feng Lin was, the more excited Klot would be.

What secret was this exactly? It was able to allow trash who had been only at 0.4 vitality stats to become so powerful this swiftly. If he could obtain it, who knows…

Klot had a cold smile on his face like he had already succeeded. He slowly walked over as frigid air blasted from him. His blond hair shone under the sun; it looked like he was a heavenly god that had descended down to the earth.

“Feng Lin, you are very strong. If you are willing to hand over your secret, I can treat you like my closest subordinate. By following me, there won’t be a lack of benefits for you! Why don’t you consider it?” Jess Klot had a sincere look on his face.

Feng Lin laughed. He wasn’t laughing because he was happy; he was laughing because of this person’s conceit.


What kind of benefits could compare to the genetic equation? Having this ability was equivalent to him having the Midas touch.

Did Jess Klot think that he was a beggar begging for alms? He would never agree to it.

“Leaving aside the fact that I have no secret, even if I had one, why should I give it to you? If I can grow stronger depending on that, I can have everything. Why would I need your pitiful benefits? Klot, If you want to fight, let’s fight! Stop insulting the IQ of a cultivator,” Feng Lin coldly spoke.

“Since you don’t know what’s good for you, don’t blame me for being merciless!” As he spoke, his smile turned colder. He no longer had any thoughts of recruiting Feng Lin.


Gusts of wind blew and waves of coldness could be felt, causing the temperature in the surroundings to plunge. It was like suddenly entering a world of ice and snow. It was extremely frigid, so cold that it felt blood would even freeze inside one’s body.

Feng Lin immediately circulated his qi and blood to resist this unnatural coldness.

“Ice Gene!” He stared at Klot. Klot’s body was covered with layers of ice crystals, resembling an ice armor.

“Freezing the Heavens and Earth!” Klot laughed sinisterly as he unleashed a technique.

Crack, crack! Numerous sounds rang out and when Feng Lin lowered his head to look, he noticed that tendrils of frost had extended from the ground Klot was standing on, moving towards him.

Everywhere the tendrils of frost passed by, everything was frozen solid.

Feng Lin hurriedly dodged.

“Where can you escape to?” Klot laughed malevolently and waved his hand.

From the ground, the countless ice crystals all erected and shot over. It looked like ten thousand arrows shooting towards Feng Lin.


An ear-piercing sound broke through space. Cold light sparkled as the tiny ice crystals flew through the air.

Ding, ding ding!

With this concentrated burst of attacks, there was completely no way for Feng Lin to completely evade it. He could only strengthen his defense and endure it head-on. He stimulated his Stonebirth Gene, causing his skin to have stone-like properties. When the ice crystals pierced into him, they shattered into dust from the impact.

But this was not the end yet. A wave of cold energy enveloped him, cutting deep into his bones, wanting to freeze him solid.

He discovered that the external parts of his body were rapidly being frozen, even his blood was on the verge of freezing.


Feng Lin drew a deep breath and boosted the circulation of his blood, causing warm currents to flow within his body, melting the frostiness.

“It’s useless. You are truly naive if you want to use body warmth to thaw my ice.” Klot coldly laughed. “Raging Windsnow!”

Both of his hands were arranged in a ring-shape gesture, as he moved them close to his chest.


Countless gales of frosty wind gusted, causing ice crystals and frost to permeate the surroundings, blotting out the sun. They were wrapped up in wind energy and became a hurricane of frost, wanting to bury Feng Lin within.

“This Klot didn’t only awaken the Frost Gene!” Feng Lin frowned.

They, who were students, couldn’t be considered true cultivators yet. The genes they awakened were all basic genes.

Basic genes were known as basic genes because they only had one attribute. They were the basic elements of the genetic tree in one’s body.

This Jess Klot could control ice and wind. This meant that he must have awakened at least two kinds of basic genes—the Ice Gene and the Cold Wind Gene.

This was different from the two awakened genes of Feng Lin. Klot’s genes had similar attributes and could synergize well, complementing each other. The power they unleashed wasn’t as simple as the effect of 1 +1 = 2.

Also, this Klot seemed to have specially used a genetic martial art, allowing him to fuse the power of the two genes together to unleash extraordinary might.

What a troublesome opponent!

It seemed like if he didn’t go all out, things would really be bad.

As Feng Lin made the judgment, he instantly shifted his posture into a stance.

Invulnerable Vajra!

He unleashed the ultimate secret of the Vajra Subduing Devil Fist.

He stimulated his Stonebirth Gene, greatly boosting his defense as he became a stone man.

Sword Dance of the White Ape!

After that, Feng Lin soared into the air like an agile white ape leaping through the mountain gaps. His fingers were like swords, weaving about in an intricate manner, piercing straight towards his opponent’s vital parts!

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