Letting Loose After Marrying A Tycoon

Chapter 6: Flying the Biggest Plane, Marrying the Richest Man

Chapter 6: Flying the Biggest Plane, Marrying the Richest Man

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On the outside, Song Ci had an elegant and gracious countenance, and her teachers frequently used her as a perfect role model for a demure lady. But in reality, she was a little firecracker who was very outspoken and was never intimidated.

After Song Ci’s retort, Mu Mian realized he had spoken out of turn.

He didn’t know whether to laugh or cry as he gazed at her grave expression. “Song Song, I am not looking down on females. I am just stating the truth. You need to understand this.”

“How many female pilots do you see in our country’s airlines? Song Song, the moment you chose this path, you will need to spend at least five to six years to become a pilot. And this is only if all things go smoothly.”

Mu Mian continued to break down the situation for Song Ci. “You are already 22 years old and will need to struggle until you are 28. What happens if you get married and pregnant? It will be an obstacle to your career.”

“What are dreams?”

Mu Mian bluntly stated, “Dreams are just an extravagant and unrealistic way of thinking.”

He argued his point so well and ended with such a smooth conclusion that Song Ci felt rather shaken.

She lowered her head and remained silent.

Mu Mian saw her lashes quiver uncontrollably and thought his argument had convinced her. Taking the opportunity, he spoke again. “Song Song, why don’t you join my company? Stay by my side and learn the ropes of the business from me.”

In her previous life, Song Ci had listened to Mu Mian’s advice and gave up her dream. She joined his company to become a planning manager. Although she was well-paid, she lived under Mu Mian’s control her entire life.

In this life, she had to live for herself!

Song Ci pursed her lips. She said, “Let me reconsider.”

Mu Mian saw that she was reluctant to discuss the matter and didn’t pursue further. “Alright, it’s hot out here. Let’s go back into the house.”


Knowing that Mu Mian was home, Du Tingting took the rest of the afternoon off from work and went home to see her husband.

Mu Mian was very good at earning money but Du Tingting didn’t want to be a frivolous housewife who spent all day doing nothing at home. So, she opened her own private haute couture shop and went to work at her store every day.

Whether she had a talent for designing or not, the fact that her husband was the chairman of Chao Yang Company meant that countless people were willing to buy her designs.

Du Tingting cooked dinner that night.

After a good meal, Mu Mian spent some time chatting with Du Tingting, Mu Qiu, and Song Ci, before pulling Du Tingting into the bedroom to rest.

That night, Song Ci couldn’t fall asleep and laid wide awake in bed.

Upstairs, Du Tingting and Mu Mian were creating quite a ruckus as they enjoyed an intimate romp in bed. Despite being an old married couple, they were as loving as newlyweds.

Song Ci listened with her eyes open, but her thoughts drifted here and there.

In her previous life, Song Ci discovered Cheng Ziang’s bed issues after marrying him. He became limp the moment his anxiety kicked in, and their first night together was awkward.

As a man, Cheng Ziang felt very inferior and always suspected Song Ci of straying. Just a month after their wedding, he accused her of being a loose woman and beat her just because she smiled at a delivery boy.

Some women would become submissive after experiencing domestic abuse, and they would hide and cry. But Song Ci was like a little firecracker, because the more he hit her, the more she fought back.

Every time Cheng Ziang laid hands on her, Song Ci fought back. If he made her bleed, she made sure he suffered the same in return. In the end, Song Ci gained a formidable set of fighting skills.

For six years, she and Cheng Ziang slept in separate beds. Yes, after 32 years on this earth, Song Ci remained a virgin.

Song Ci decided that she must be more successful in this life.

She must fly the biggest plane and marry a good man!


The next morning, Song Ci went behind Mu Mian’s back and researched the top airline companies in the nation. In the end, she picked five airline companies and emailed them her resume.

Song Ci received some responses that very afternoon. Only two companies out of the five replied, and one of them expressed their policy of not hiring female pilots. Meanwhile, the reply from the other company was very professional.

[Invitation for an interview with Zeus Airlines]

Dear Ms. Song,

This email is from Zeus Airlines’ human resources department.

Congratulations on passing our company’s initial screening. We would like to invite you for an interview with us. Kindly login to our company’s website to know the details.

Position applied: Pilot.

Interview date: 9 July 2020.

Interview location: Wangdong City, Three Bridges District, North Lotus Street, Zeus Building, Level 9.

For a long while, Song Ci stared at the words Zeus Airlines in a daze.

In her dream, she experienced a plane hijacking a year before her death. A group of foreign criminals held the pilot hostage, hoping to kidnap two children in the first-class cabin.

At the critical moment, a man called Han Zhan stepped forward to kill all seven criminals and saved the children—but he incurred an eye injury during the fight.

However, one criminal managed to kill the co-pilot before dying. Two pilots were needed to steer a large plane, and no one else at that time knew how to fly a plane. Left with no choice, Song Ci stepped forward to assume the role of co-pilot.

It was Song Ci’s first time to fly a plane. Together with the captain, she successfully landed the plane at the nearest airport. Thereafter, Song Ci and Han Zhan assisted the police in their investigations, and she found out that Han Zhan was the wealthiest man in Wangdong City and the owner of Zeus Corporation.

At this point, only Zeus Airlines existed. There was no Zeus Corporation yet.

Song Ci felt rather infatuated as she thought about Han Zhan. Now that was a real man! He had superb fighting skills, was exceptionally handsome, and he possessed an excellent physique.

Song Ci thought that if she were to marry, she would marry someone like Han Zhan.

But she had no idea whether Han Zhan truly existed or was just a perfect man she dreamed up.

Song Ci snapped out of her trance and opened an online search browser.

Staring at the webpage, Song Ci hesitated for a long while before finally typing on the keyboard.

She typed in: Han Zhan.

And pressed enter.

Song Ci saw all the news reports related to Han Zhan:

[Pervert who stole women’s underwear in university arrested. A year two law student named Han Zhan. Ugly with a wretched appearance...]

[Who has the QQ number of Qiaodong High School’s Han Zhan? My sisters are urgently seeking him...]

[Korean idol trainee Han Zhan revealed to have undergone plastic surgery...]

Song Ci was speechless.

Not willing to give up, she re-entered a new search: Zeus Airlines, Han Zhan.

It displayed all sorts of information related to Zeus Airlines, but there was nothing about Han Zhan on any of them.

Song Ci was very disappointed.

Could it have been just a dream? Did Han Zhan not exist at all?

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