Letting Loose After Marrying A Tycoon

Chapter 7: Han Zhan!

Chapter 7: Han Zhan!

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Early morning on the 9th of July, Song Ci was hand picking an outfit to prepare for her interview.

Discarding those hip, sexy outfits, Song Ci finally found a pure white silk shirt and a bluish-grey pencil skirt. After changing clothes, she wound up her curly hair into a bun and put on a pair of high heels. She then went to take the subway.

Wangdong City was the most affluent city in the country. It was crowded with people and the roads were always jammed with traffic. To save time, Song Ci rode the subway. However, since she was a major influencer with over 200,000 fans—Song Ci put on a face mask to avoid recognition.

After the recent virus pandemic, it was not at all a strange sight to see someone wearing a face mask.

Song Ci arrived at the interview location 15 minutes ahead of time.

Zeus Airlines, Level 9.

Level 9 was a hub of activity since several interviewees had already gathered there. Amongst them were fresh graduates, experienced commercial pilots, and retired military pilots. They were all men.

Hearing the clip-clopping sound of high heels ringing around, the men turned only to see the voluptuous Song Ci. Their eyes lit up.

These interviewees thought that Song Ci was an employee of Zeus Airlines’ headquarters.

Song Ci took off her face mask to reveal her gorgeous face, and then she gave them a polite smile. All men were astonished to see this.

Where did this goddess come from?

Song Ci calmly walked past them and sat down on a chair to wait. Holding a folder containing her resume, she assumed the position of a person waiting for her interview. The men were all shocked.

She was a young lady in her mid-20s and didn’t look capable enough in their eyes. One of them started flirting with her, “Hey gorgeous, are you here for an interview for the pilot position?”

Song Ci nodded.

The youth spoke again. “My name is Du Zitao from the 18th graduate cohort of Peng Chuan Aviation University. What about you, gorgeous?”

Everyone pricked up their ears. Song Ci replied, “Civil Aviation Flight University of China. 20th graduate cohort. Song Ci.”

Du Zitao exclaimed, “You are Song Ci from the Civil Aviation Flight University! The prettiest of all school belles!”

Song Ci was famous amongst the students across all the aviation universities. It was all because the annual nationwide university school belle contest was a cakewalk for her.

Even if they never personally laid eyes on Song Ci, they would have heard of her. Moreover, Song Ci was from the Civil Aviation Flight University and would be a pilot one day. As a result, the men in the room paid special attention to this figure.

Having been recognized, Song Ci looked somewhat embarrassed.

Du Zitao took out his cell phone and grinned at Song Ci ingratiatingly. “Gorgeous, do you mind giving me your number?”

Song Ci batted her lashes at the young man and smiled graciously. “No, sorry. But be merciful in the interview later. I will be forever grateful if you allow me to stand a chance.”

At that, Du Zitao immediately kept his cell phone and returned to his seat. He was all serious again.

As wonderful as a beautiful girl might be, work was more important.

Song Ci smirked on the inside. ‘Ha! Men!’

The interviews soon started.

One by one, they were called into the room. Each only remained inside for a few minutes. Song Ci noticed that nearly every one of them came out with pursed lips and furrowed brows. Their distressed expressions puzzled Song Ci.

What was happening? Were the interview questions too difficult?

Twenty minutes later, it was Song Ci’s turn.

Thinking that she could always become an internet star if she failed this interview, Song Ci went in calmly with her head held high.

Pushing open the door, Song Ci quickly sized up the interviewers inside the room. There were five of them: three women and two men.

Song Ci sat down and faced her interviewers with confidence. Her eyes were calm and steady as she regarded them with such seriousness.

A woman in her early forties sat on the most left side. She was wearing a pale blue suit with hair wound up in a bun, and she had light makeup on. She looked rather strait-laced, but not at all harsh.

Beside her was a woman in her early thirties. She had a plain face, but her eyes were sharp and confident. She looked like the sort of woman who one could depend on. In the middle was a man who seemed to be the main interviewer. He had a very genial expression.

But as the saying went: the one with the widest smile often had the most wicked intentions. Song Ci could not afford to let down her guard in front of him.

On the other side of the man was a pretty, older woman. She had her arms crossed over her chest as she gazed at Song Ci with interest. She probably recognized her.

Song Ci finally looked to the right and was thunderstruck.

Even seated down, the man on the most right side was head and shoulders taller than the rest of them. It was not at all hard to imagine how tall he would if he were erect.

Under his short black hair, his grey-blue eyes were like the Lake Baikal, deep and pristine. He was quietly watching Song Ci with no astonishment or joy and with no disdain or belittlement.

How to describe the feeling? Song Ci felt like he was looking at her as if she was a common pebble by the road.

Song Ci quickly lowered her eyes. It shattered the calm of her heart.

It was him!

The man who only appeared briefly in her life but left such an indelible impression!

Song Ci lifted her head again and stared at the tablespace in front of the man. There were a black thermos flask and a name placard...

Han Zhan.

Even the name was the same as in her dreams. Song Ci’s breathing quickened.

Han Zhan’s placard was too simple. Just a name. No position or any other sign. It was said that the less information one had, the more important they were. Knowing less about someone, the more enigmatic they appear to be.

The other four interviewers were amused because the beautiful interviewee was staring at Han Zhan.

The man in the middle gave a light cough.

The coughing sound snapped Song Ci out of her daze.

She hurriedly turned her head and smiled apologetically. “Please excuse me. I have been rude. I have flown with Zeus Airlines several times and never expected your staff to be as beautiful and exceptional as your service standards.”

All five interviewers: “...”

She might have seen wrongly, but after hearing her words, it seemed like the other four interviewers all glanced discreetly at the man seated at the rightmost corner.

Han Zhan looked calmly at Song Ci. But on the inside, he was thinking,

‘What a smooth-talker. Frivolous and not dependable!’

Bei Zhan was good at reading body language. He could see how Han Zhan was not pleased and impressed with Song Ci. He assumed that this candidate would get rejected as well.

But Bei Zhan himself was rather interested in this Song Ci.

It must be pointed out she was the only female amongst all the interviewees. On top of that, she was such a beautiful and elegant lady. Bei Zhan knew of Song Ci, the top debutante with a beauty beyond peer. Who in Wangdong City wouldn’t know of her?

Bei Zhan was also one of the many fans in Song Ci’s large fanbase.

Moreover, Mr. Han was already 32 years old and still single. There was a need for him to interact with women more. Wasn’t this the best time to recruit a female pilot trainee?

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