Letting Loose After Marrying A Tycoon

Chapter 8: Career Over Romance

Chapter 8: Career Over Romance

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Bei Zhan had Song Ci perform a self-introduction, and he secretly hoped to change Han Zhan’s opinion of her.

Song Ci gave a simple introduction.

“My name is Song Ci. I am 22 years old and a graduate from the 20th cohort of the Civil Aviation Flight University of China. Although I am still a fledgling, give me five years and I will turn into an eagle. I will pilot Zeus Airlines’ planes and travel the world, bringing every single passenger to their destination safely.

“Please don’t dismiss me and think I am just a decorative vase because of my appearance and my gender. After all, you use your limbs and your brains to pilot a plane. It has nothing to do with your face and your reproductive system.”

Song Ci’s words extinguished the possibility of the interviewers rejecting her because of her gender.

All the interviewers: “...”

What a glib tongue this girl had.

Bei Zhan stifled a grin as he secretly glimpsed at Han Zhan for his reaction. He saw Han Zhan’s brows furrow and relax a few times before he suddenly reached out his left hand to grab his black thermos.

Han Zhan opened the thermos and took a sip before suddenly asking Song Ci. “Are you single?”

Momentarily taken aback, Song Ci instinctively replied, “Although I am currently single, I will reject any improper proposals.”

Han Zhan was speechless.

But there was a hint of amusement in his eyes.

Han Zhan said, “My niece is just two years younger than you. I am not interested in little girls.” Han Zhan had a niece called Han Wangwang, who was still an undergraduate.

It was Song Ci’s turn to be speechless.

She wanted to say, ‘I am not little at all. I am a 34C.’

Bei Zhan knew that Song Ci had misunderstood and quickly clarified. “It’s like this. It will be better for candidates applying for this position to be single since flights will be frequent and they won’t have much personal free time.”

Song Ci immediately asked, “Pilots work on a rotational shift schedule and will have some rest time every weekend, right?”

But Bei Zhan explained, “The position you are applying for is our boss’ private pilot. The work schedule is very fixed.”

Song Ci was stunned.

So, she was applying to be Han Zhan’s private pilot?

Song Ci lowered her head as she fell into deep thought. Would she have the opportunity to hook him if she became his private pilot?

Han Zhan didn’t know that the woman before him was thinking of not just flying his plane but also of seducing him.

Song Ci recomposed herself and asked Bei Zhan, “How is the salary? Do you offer insurance and housing funds? What about travel and meal allowance?” With that, she stole a discreet look at Han Zhan before saying in a low voice, “It doesn’t matter even if you don’t offer insurance and housing funds...”

Bei Zhan looked at her in confusion.

Why did she suddenly lower her expectations?

“We do offer insurance and housing funds, as well as travel and meal allowance. Besides, we will also provide you with comprehensive professional insurance.”

Without waiting for Song Ci to reply, Bei Zhan continued, “We have several conditions. Number one, you must be willing to work hard and endure hardships; number two, you must be available 24/7. Number three, our boss does not allow trainees to have any romantic relationships. Number four, the contract is permanent. Unless our boss fires you, you are not allowed to resign on your own accord.”

Their boss was extremely busy and very guarded. He did not like people around him to change. All those who worked by his side were not allowed to resign but could be fired.

If not for the fact that the previous pilot had passed away because of an accident and they urgently needed to groom two trainee pilots, Song Ci and the rest would never have gotten the chance to apply for this position.

Song Ci was utterly dumbstruck by these overbearing conditions. No wonder all those interviewees left the interview with such distressed expressions.

These conditions were truly stringent.

Song Ci quietly asked, “Not allowed to have romantic relationships, but what about secretly admiring someone?”

Bei Zhan instinctively glanced at Han Zhan.

Han Zhan finally broke into a smile. He said, “I can only manage people’s actions, but not their hearts.”

She was indeed just a silly young girl. All she could think about was romance.

Song Ci nodded. “I understand.”

“As for the salary, it’s like this. It will be $20,000 during the trainee period. After that, it will be $60,000 every month. You will get a bonus at the end of the year too.” Bei Zhan finished and asked, “Ms. Song, are you willing to continue with this application?”

Song Ci didn’t reply immediately. She grabbed hold of a loophole and asked Bei Zhan, “How long is this so-called trainee period?”

All three women beside Bei Zhan pursed their lips and lowered their heads slightly.

Bei Zhan also tugged at his tie sheepishly. His voice turned a notch lower. “It depends on our boss’ mood.”

Song Ci felt like just standing up and leaving.

But glancing at Han Zhan again, she controlled her impulse.

She might not have great taste, but she was still rather picky.

Having seen the real deal, inferior trash like Cheng Ziang, never again would Song Ci be interested in the likes of him. She stared straight at Han Zhan, her eyes ablaze with determination.

She wanted to win Han Zhan over.

Although he had no idea why this young girl was staring so ferociously at him, Han Zhan remained calm as he sat there.

Song Ci said, “I want this position.”

Everyone was shocked at Song Ci’s agreement. Even Han Zhan appeared slightly taken aback.

Afraid that Song Ci might have spoken before really thinking things through, Bei Zhan couldn’t help cautioning her. “Ms. Song, you should consider this carefully. You will need to pay a compensation fee if you break the contract.”

Bei Zhan pointed at the contract. “The compensation fee is no small sum.”

Song Ci nodded again. “I won’t regret it.”

After that marriage with Cheng Ziang, Song Ci was no longer interested in marriage and romance. Those terrible six years of married life left her utterly drained.

Song Ci came up with a new mantra:

‘Career progression and hooking Han Zhan was more important than marriage and romance!’

After the rounds of interviews, Zeus Airlines selected two pilots. Apart from Song Ci, they chose a retired military pilot in his mid-thirties, a taciturn man called Song Shiqing.

Song Ci studied the contract and found it agreeable, so she signed it.

It was already evening when she left Zeus Airlines. And since she was in no hurry to leave, Song Ci put on her face mask and stood on the road opposite the building. After more than twenty minutes, Song Ci saw Han Zhan emerge from the building and board a black Volvo car.

Song Ci had been standing ramrod straight, but as she stared at where Han Zhan’s car had disappeared into, she suddenly went limp that she had to lean against the wall.

Han Zhan truly existed!

Song Ci was very sure she had never seen Han Zhan before. Not in newspapers or online. He was a stranger whom she had never met before, so how did he appear in her dreams?

There was a high probability that her nightmare was real.

Song Ci took out her cell phone and opened the remote surveillance system. Looking at Song Fei still alive and lying on the bed, Song Ci couldn’t help clenching her fists.

Elder sister, I will never let them succeed in this life!

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