Love with Danger in the Purple: Being Beloved by the Hardhearted Avenger

Chapter 13

Chapter 13

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After a while, the driver says that they have arrived at the destination . Ding Manman looks out of the window and sees a hotel just as expected .

She curses inwardly “such an old pervert” and gets off with Mr . Cai with a forced decent smile .

Mr . Cai cannot wait any longer . He originally planned to “eat some dessert” (take advantage of her) inside the car, but Ding Manman is so smart and ruined his plans . However, being smart is useless for a woman in such a situation, because he has already booked a room in the hotel . When thinking of what’s going to happen next, Mr . Cai is too excited to restrain himself .

“Mr . Cai, you must have booked a room, but I forgot to bring any changing clothes when I left this morning . Could you take me to buy some clothes? In this way, no matter how . . . intense we are . . . tonight, I don’t need to worry about my clothes . ”

Just when Mr . Cai plans to take Ding Manman to the hotel room directly, she suddenly becomes a charming fairy who utters every word with a trace of temptation .

Hearing what she says, especially the last sentence with shyness and coquetry, Mr . Cai feels his blood pressure shooting high . Instead of thinking about Ding’s words carefully, he just nods blindly .

“Well, well, sweetheart, I will satisfy you with everything you want!”

To see her plan succeed, Ding Manman can’t help breathing a sigh of relief . Ever since she left the restaurant, she has been nurturing an idea in her mind .

What Zhong Shaoting said at the dinner means that he has abandoned her . As a result, she has regained her freedom . Before getting into Mr . Cai’s car, she looked around carefully and didn’t see Zhong Shaoting’s car among the flock of luxury cars, which convinces her speculation . That’s why she gets into Mr . Cai’s car boldly .

She has intended to find an excuse to get rid of this old lascivious man when they arrive at the destination . By then, not bound by Zhong Shaoting, she will be really free .

In addition, when they arrived at the hotel, Zhong Shaoting’s staff didn’t show up, which implies the truth of her speculation and makes her extremely excited .

To think of regaining freedom soon, Ding Manman smiles to Mr . Cai very sweetly . After all, if it hadn’t been for this Mr . Cai, she wouldn’t have the opportunity to escape .

Ding Manman chooses a large shopping mall with a good flow of people . Then she walks into a seemingly popular store of women’s wear .

She takes a few pieces of clothes and walks into the dressing room . At the same time, Mr . Cai is talking with the lady at the front desk . Other staff in the store are busy with their respective customers with no time to care about others .

Ding Manman in the dressing room has a panoramic view of her surroundings . When Mr . Cai’s eyes are stuck on the sexy and hot woman, she slowly moves from the corner to the door of the clothing store with disguised calmness .

On her way, she flips the clothes on display from time to time . When Ding Manman arrives at the doorway, Mr . Cai has got his hand on the hot woman’s little hand .

Good chance! Ding Manman turns and goes out of the store with no hesitation and directly walks towards the gate of the shopping mall without any lingering .

When she steps out of the mall, the golden sun shines on her . In the warmth of the sun, she squints naturally .

She hasn’t felt so relaxed like now for a long time and Ding Manman cannot remember the exact time when she had the similar feeling the last time . When she believes she is totally free, suddenly a minibus stops right in front of her and its door is pulled open abruptly . Subconsciously Ding Manman wants to run away, but the man in the car acts much faster . He grabs her by the hand and quickly covers her mouth with a piece of white cloth, and then drags her into the minibus .

Ding Manman wants to cry out for help, but her mouth is sealed by the white cloth which has a strange smell . She gets choked over the smell and gradually loses her consciousness with her hands and feet becoming limp .

Before Ding Manman faints away she can do nothing but helplessly watch the door being closed gradually and the last ray of the sunshine being blocked outside .

The whole kidnapping process only lasts less than ten seconds . The people in the street were all playing their mobile phones with heads lowered, none of them has noticed that a person was kidnapped ten seconds ago .

Now, in the hall of the hotel, Sun Ling’er, who feels bored in the room, intends to go out and stroll around . To see Zhong Shaoting come back from the outside, Sun runs forward in excitement .

“Brother, you’re back . Where is Sister Manman? Didn’t she come back with you?” Sun Ling’er asks with curiosity and casts her eyes behind Zhong and sees nobody following .

“Don’t mention her . ” When Zhong with a sullen look hears Ding’s name being mentioned, his eyes shine with a thirst for blood .

But Sun Ling’er who is very insensitive does not notice that at all . Instead, she wants to persuade her brother to treat Ding Manman better .

“Brother, don’t treat her like that . Sister Manman looks great . I feels super bored these days and intends to ask her to go out with me today . Who knows that both of you are out . It is really boring . ”

“I warned you not to be close to her . ” Although Sun Ling’er still wants to say something, Zhong Shaoting leaves these words behind coldly and steps into the elevator . His figure looks a little impatient as if there were something urgent to do .

Looking at the closed elevator door, Sun Ling’er makes a grimace . Such an inhuman guy is bound to stay a bachelor all his life!

“Sir, we have brought the person you want . ” A man’s rough voice is heard, but the sound seems to be blocked by something which is very vague and unclear .

“Well, go out and get paid . ” A magnetic-rich voice, huh? Where has she heard this voice before?

Ding Manman thinks so unconsciously . When she opens her eyes, she finds herself on a soft, wide bed and the wallpaper on the ceiling seems so familiar .

It looks like the wallpaper . . . of Zhong’s hotel room .

Wait! Hotel! Ding Manman seems to think of something and abruptly sits up, and her action is so violent that she can’t help feeling dizzy . She looks at the surroundings anxiously .

She becomes desperate when she realizes the room is exactly the same as the hotel room that she left in the morning . How could this be . . . ?

In the afternoon, she was right outside the shopping mall, how can she be back at the hotel now? Ding Manman is very disgusted with this hotel room .

The image of the minibus suddenly occurs to her mind . Ding Manman immediately understands that she was kidnapped . Seeing the familiar hotel, she can easily tell who has kidnapped her .

At the moment, the door is opened and in comes Zhong Shaoting’s tall figure together with her endless despair .

Yes, that’s right . As for Ding Manman, nothing is more desperate than that she felt: she was freed in the first second but was dragged back to the hell in the next .

She originally thought she could get off Zhong’s control, only to find that she is just like a clown playing a trick in his eyes .

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