Love with Danger in the Purple: Being Beloved by the Hardhearted Avenger

Chapter 14

Chapter 14

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Night falls . With no light on in the room, the light from outside illuminates the spot where Ding Manman is lying . While Zhong Shaoting is in the darkness and she can’t see his expression clearly .

But Ding Manman can clearly sense that the temperature of the whole room suddenly drops several degrees since Zhong Shaoting comes in, which makes her shiver uncontrollably .

Ding Manman quickly realizes that he is absolutely irritated . She can’t see Zhong’s expression clearly now, which makes her feel more horrible and terrified .

“How is your feeling of coming back?” In the room spreads out the sexy voice like a demon’s whisper echoing in Ding’s ears, which makes her tremble uncontrollably and to which she refuses to give an answer .

Zhong Shaoting has expected that she would act like this . He slowly moves into the brightness and finally comes to stand by her bedside . He looks down from above at her, like a proud king looking down at his despicable slave .

“It seems that recently I have been treating you so well that you intended to escape . ” If he hadn’t told someone to shadow her, she might have escaped successfully . He knows that in no way she can escape from his control though .

But when he learned that she had fled, he was still in a bad mood . He had not tortured her enough, how she could have escaped!

Ding Manman really wants to tell Zhong Shaoting face to face that she won’t miss any chance to escape from him, but she dare not say so .

Especially at this very moment, Zhong Shaoting is like a piece of chilly ice frozen for thousands of years, full of ice darts . If she ventured to annoy him now, she would definitely encounter the deadly terrible consequences .

However, Ding’s silence gives Zhongan ineffable sense of irritability . He reaches out to take her chin hard between his fingers so as to force her to look straight into his eyes .

“Why aren’t you talking? Weren’t you very talkative with Cai Wen this afternoon? Are you dumb now?”

The flame of fury is concealed in Zhong’s tone . Even if he sees her wince with pain, he doesn’t loosen his hand which has kept exerting force .

“Why have I failed to find out that you were such a bitch to seduce men, even such an old man . You really make me sick!”

At the thought of her smile at the old guy, Cai Wen, in the afternoon, the flame of fury in Zhong’s heart is roaring higher and higher . Hasn’t she realized her identity? As a woman with whom he had slept, she dared to smile at another man, which is really a suicidal act .

“Ah, disgusting . . . as he is, he is . . . better than you . ” Says Ding intermittently . Ignoring the pain from her chin, Ding musters up her courage and looks straight into Zhong’s eyes .

All of this is obviously caused by him . It is he who said that she is just a female PR to please his clients . She just did what he told her to . What’s wrong with her, then?

Cai Wen is disgusting, but less nauseous than Zhong who pushed her into the fire pit and watched her struggling, but finally blamed her for the ugly struggling posture which had made him disgusted . Ding Manman has not heard of anything more ridiculous than this .

“You say it again!” says Zhong with no emotion . Setting his dark pupils at Ding’s painful expression, he seems not to believe what he has heard .

If it had been another girl who saw Zhong Shaoting like this, she must have been so scared as to beg for mercy . However, Ding Manman has something so obstinate in her character that she will never compromise, especially on some matters she doesn’t approve of .

“I said, compared with Cai Wen, you are the one who is more disgusting . ” At least for now, Zhong Shaoting is the one who makes her more disgusted .

“Pa!” The instant she finishes her words, a loud slap rings out suddenly . Ding Manman clearly feels the burning pain on her left cheek . The next second the red palm print shows on her fair-complexioned face quickly . It’s obvious that Zhong is really furious this time .

“Disgusting? Today I will let you experience the feeling of being fucked by a disgusting man . ”

Letting off her chin, Zhong grabs her and tears her clothes abruptly . Ding wants to resist, but her tiny strength is merely nothing in Zhong’s eyes .

Then he ties her hands to the head of the bed with the rags of her clothes, completely regardless of her red face caused by her struggling .

“Zhong Shaoting! You bastard! Let me go! No! Beast!” But no matter how abusive Ding is, Zhong never stops .

Seeing this, Ding is really panicked . When she was beaten by Zhong formerly, she was overwhelmed with anger rather than fear . Now, looking at Zhong’s wolf-like look, fierce and ravening, Ding feels her body cannot help trembling .

She does regret for the mistake she has made now . But there is no medicine to retrieve what she has said in this world . When Zhong Shaoting presses down, her tears fall instantly . She cannot hold back her tears with this feeling of fear .

Seeing Ding’s tears, Zhong is stunned for a second . But when he remembers her getting into Cai Wen’s car with a sweet smile that afternoon, his feeling of rage comes back again and the tiny bit of pity fades away .

“Do you think I will let you go when you cry? You are too naive . I will let you remember that what you will experience tonight is all caused by yourself . ”

With these indifferent words, he enters into her body abruptly the next second . The pain as if to be torn apart makes Ding scream out .

“This is just the beginning . The night is still very long . ” Zhong says slowly in her ears, and then begins his crazy raping despite her crying and screaming .

The next morning, Song Chen brings several important contracts of the company by Zhong’s orders . Zhong Shaoting comes here with the purpose to attend parties these days .

The affairs of the company are temporarily laid down, but some major matters and important contracts still need to be handled by Zhong himself .

When Song Chen presses the doorbell of the presidential suite, he sees his boss coming out of the other presidential room the next second, which makes him feel a little too excited! Song Chen unconsciously opens his eyes wider and looks at the number on the closed door in front of him again . He couldn’t have made a mistake in the room number .

What surprises Song Chen more is that his boss has just come out of Miss Ding’s room! And his slightly messy shirt still diffuses a love scent, which makes his imagination run riot .

“Sir, there are some important company documents of these two days which need your handling . ” Although Song Chen is shocked by the present scene, he still remembers his business and hands the documents to Zhong .

“OK . ” Zhong Shaoting takes over the documents and then opens the door where Song Chen stands and enters the room .

“By the way, Sir, there is still another thing to inform you . Mr . Cai called last night and talked about Miss Ding . ”

Hearing about Ding Manman, Zhong walks on without a halt . He puts the documents on the desk with nothing uttered . But Song Chen knows that his boss wants him to continue reporting .

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