Love with Danger in the Purple: Being Beloved by the Hardhearted Avenger

Chapter 15

Chapter 15

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“Mr . Cai said that he was very angry at Miss Ding’s escape, and he would rethink about our cooperation project on developing the resorts in City H . ”

In fact, Song Chen was a bit surprised when he received the phone call from Mr . Cai . He didn’t expect that such a weak and delicate girl as Ding Manman would escape without being discovered by Cai Wen . She was really courageous! While seeing his boss come out of Miss Ding’s room, he realizes that Miss Ding has returned safe and sound .

“If so, just substitute him . Hand over the project of developing the resorts to Shao Ling . He knows how to deal with it . ”

If the project is carried out well as expected, Cai Wen will make a profit of at least 500 million yuan from it . The reason why Zhong Shaoting has decided to cooperate with Cai Wen is that the two groups have cooperated a lot and the recent one with Cai’s Group would be more favorable to this project .

Zhong Shaoting is profit-oriented in business, so when many companies were striving to please him in order to join this project, he directly granted the development right of this project to Cai’s Group .

This gave Cai Wen an illusion that Zhong’s Group had no choice but to cooperate with him . As a result, Cai Wen has become so presumptuous these days that he even made a demand for Zhong’s woman at yesterday’s dinner .

However, as for Zhong, he chose Cai Wen only for convenience and it won’t cause more trouble to substitute Cai Wen for another .

Cai Wen didn’t know that his complaining phone call would make him lose 500 million yuan of profits . If he had known that, he wouldn’t have said anything . How could a woman be equivalent to the enormous sum of 500 million yuan?!

“Okay, I will go to notify Childe Ling right now . ” With these words, Song Chen is about to leave when he catches a glimpse of some obvious scratches on his boss’ back as Zhong takes off his shirt . At the moment, Song Chen is about to explode with amazement as if he had discovered some striking gossips . Yet he still leaves the room with a calm face .

Oh my god! The Boss freed his sexual instincts! At first Song Chen doesn’t believe what he saw but at that inadvertent glance, he realizes that the scratches on his boss’ back must have been caused by a woman .

This is really incredible! He has been following his boss for so many years and he is very clear that so many women including some celebrities and supermodels want to seduce his boss every day .

However, his boss has always been self-contained . Not to mention touching those women, he wouldn’t even ever take a look at them . He thought his boss would be abstinent for ever but he finally freed his sexual instincts last night!

As for Song Chen, this piece of news is more shocking than that of the breakout of the Third World War . Casting another glance at Ding Manman’s room, he fills his eyes with admiration .

The girl is really awesome with hidden talents to be able to sweep his boss, a stubborn old virgin, off his feet . In the future, he must treat Miss Ding with more respect and care, definitely not allowing any carelessness to occur .

Ding Manman has no idea that Song Chen’s attitudes toward her has changed dramatically for it is already the next afternoon when she wakes up .

She is awakened by the pain coming from her lower body when she turns around and the piercing pain is so sharp that she can’t help taking a deep breath .

With the pain comes the horrible memory of last night when Zhong Shaoting acted so rudely without any tenderness just like a ferocious beast .

His actions are regarded as a punishment rather than a vent . She remembered that every time she was on the verge of fainting, he forced her to wake up and then conquered and tortured her madly until she finally fell into a faint . Even so, he still pressed on her body with no intention to stop at all .

“Damn beast!” Ding Manman curses him fiercely, with her heart filled with hatred . She really wishes to smash his body to pieces so as to vent her inner rage .

But all this is out of the question . With all that she experienced yesterday, she comes to have a general idea of Zhong’s power .

Although she doesn’t know how financially powerful Zhong’s Group is, she could tell the extraordinary influence of Zhong Shaoting from yesterday’s dinner . All the people at the dinner are well-known successful people such as the chairmen and general managers of big groups, most importantly, all of them behaved scrupulously in front of Zhong Shaoting .

Therefore, Ding Manman clearly realizes that it is impossible to escape from Zhong’s control on her own because no matter where she goes, Zhong will know her whereabouts clearly and then get her back insidiously .

Even so, she doesn’t feel hopeless . She will still try to escape once an opportunity pops up . Now the most important thing for her is to immediately clean up her body, and especially, the sticky and filthy feeling of her lower body makes her unbearably uncomfortable .

There is a very spacious bathroom in her bedroom . Within such a short distance from her bed to the bathroom, Ding Manman spends at least half an hour . Every little step causes a prickling pain to her lower body . On her way to the bathroom, Ding keeps cursing Zhong Shaoting for no less than a hundred times .

After washing and rinsing, she spends another half an hour in moving back to her bed . After exerting much effort on the round trip, she feels her stomach starts grumbling . Thinking back, she hasn’t had even a drop of water since the dinner of yesterday afternoon .

With the excessive physical exertion, her stomach has been very empty . When she is about to call the front desk for some food, she hears the sound of the room door being opened and in come everal waiters with a dining car .

After stuffing her stomach, Ding falls asleep again with exhaustion . And she has never known that girls will become so tired after such things .

When she falls asleep, Fang Hao, in City H far away, is trying to wash his sorrow away with potent liquor . Not being able to bear his parents’ nagging, he has moved to the new apartment which he bought secretly without telling his parents .

Although he does not believe that Manman betrayed him, the video that day clearly revealed everything . Even so, Fang Hao still chooses to believe her in the depth of his heart, otherwise, her image will not always linger in his mind when he is forced by his mother to meet other girls .

Fang Hao has sent a lot of people to look for Ding Manman, but just in vain . His mother said that it was because Ding Manman has done something guilty, she doesn’t dare to show up . However, he feels that is not the case, but the reality forces him to believe it . Thus, he buys liquor to get drunk every night, attempting to numb himself with alcohol .

“Charm” is a bar with avant-garde decoration Fang Hao often haunts . He often gets drunk there and few people know this place .

Even Fang Hao’s mother and father don’t know this place, so whenever he is in a bad mood, he will come here to drink . With no exception, he is thoroughly drunk again tonight .

He doesn’t get back to his apartment right away which is completely empty . Fang Hao falls asleep directly in the box of the bar .

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