Love with Danger in the Purple: Being Beloved by the Hardhearted Avenger

Chapter 16

Chapter 16

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Fang Hao forgot to lock the door . Just then, a woman scantily clad passes by and notices Fang who is lying in the sofa, totally drunk . In a flash, her eyes light up .

With his flashy suit, Fang Hao, handsome and eye-catching in the crowd, looks exactly like a childe from a wealthy family . And those guys who can afford to consume in the boxes in “Charm” will never be ordinary .

Seeing no one around, the woman quietly opens the door and enters the box, locking the door behind her and leaning a table against it for security .

After that, the woman comes to stand in front of Fang Hao and looks at his handsome face and costly costumes, her eyes looking greedy . Then she notices that he is just a little muddled with alcohol instead of being unconscious, while muttering constantly:

“Manman . . . er! How could you . . . betray me? We have agreed to . . . get married . . . and be together for a lifetime!

“Manman . . . where are you? . . . Please show up! I miss you so much! I really, really miss you!”

Every word that Fang Hao utters is about Ding Manman, which makes the woman look very sullen . But then, something seems to occur to her mind . She walks to Fang and straddles her legs across his body slowly .

Feeling something pressing on his body, Fang Hao opens his eyes, trying to make it out, only to see a vague figure . At least he is sure it is a woman .

Just then, the woman stretches out her hand and gently undoes Fang’s shirt . Then she bends down and kisses his body gently . For a moment, Fang is confused whether it is a dream or not . The sexual pleasure from his body makes him unable to restrain himself and he asks:

“Manman, is that you? You’re back, aren’t you?” Fang Hao holds the shoulders of the woman tightly and asks anxiously . The woman looks a little rigid for Fang is still thinking about Ding . But the next second she echoes .

“Yes, it’s me, Fang Hao . I’m back . I did something wrong before . Please forgive me . Let’s make up, OK?” The woman’s words make the drunk Fang Hao overjoyed . Although he cannot see “Manman”’s face clearly, he still hopes that she has returned .

The next second, the woman proactively kisses Fang Hao . Believing the woman is Ding, Fang, extremely joyful, subconsciously picks up her face and begins to kiss her back . Meanwhile, the woman’s hands start groping his body, which makes him somewhat overwhelmed .

Before their engagement, Ding Manman has always been shy and conservative, so until now their most intimate interaction is just a kiss on the cheek or forehead . Although Fang Hao was dissatisfied with this, he never forced Ding to do anything against her will .

Now her sudden initiative makes him unable to make it straight with his drunk mind . Soon he is overwhelmed with sexual pleasure . As the woman undresses her clothes, Fang cannot help pressing the woman to the floor and starting to kiss her frantically .

Waking up the next day, Fang feels his head aching . Looking around the box, he finds that the floor is in a terrible mess, which reveals how intense their actions were last night . What makes Fang’s headache severer is the naked woman lying beside him!

Her hands are around his waist and he is naked, too . With all the mess around in the box, even a fool may guess what happened the previous night . Fang Hao rubs his temples and frowns unconsciously . Why is this woman here?

With the woman still asleep, Fang Hao has the chance to get dressed and leave immediately, pretending nothing has happened . But he doesn’t do that . After getting dressed, he lights a cigarette and starts to recall what has happened last night .

He remembers that he fell to bed directly after drinking too much last night . Later what happened fails his memory because he was too drunk . He recalls hard and suddenly remembers that he seemed to have seen Manman back last night and she took the initiative to kiss him, then he pressed her down because of the effect of alcohol .

Fang Hao casts a look at the woman sleeping on the floor, who is definitely not Ding Manman . Just then, the woman wakes up . Seeing Fang neatly dressed, she is stunned for a second . Then she glances at her bare skin and immediately covers her mouth with a look of astonishment .

“All right, An Ya . You don’t need to pretend . Only we two are here and your acting performance is useless in front of me . ” Fang Hao relentlessly debunks the woman’s acting . He really dislikes this woman .

An Ya was actually Ding Manman’s good friend . The two girls grew up together with a particularly good relationship . Whenever Ding got something good, she would share it with An . Because of Ding, Fang naturally got to know her best friend, An Ya .

At first, Fang Hao had a good impression of An Ya who was gentle and intellectual and would not act unreasonably like other women . But this good impression only lasted for one year . After one year of his dating with Ding, An Ya did one thing which made Fang very annoyed .

At that time, they were still high school students . One day, before going shopping together, Fang Hao went to Ding’s dormitory to meet her . On arrival, he found that Ding was not there . An Ya said she had gone to get the delivery at the school gate so he sat on Ding’s seat and waited for her .

But just then, An suddenly closed the door to the dormitory, leaving only two of them in the room . Fang felt a little weird .

“An Ya, why did you close the door? Open it quickly, or Manman won’t be able to get in . ” After saying these words, without thinking too much, he just got absorbed in his cellphone games again . Then what An said really astounded him .

“Fang Hao, I like you . Could you date with me?” An said seriously, which was not like a joke at all . Fang flicked off the phone and frowned .

“You know clearly that I’m dating with Manman, who is your best friend . Why do you say this to me? What do you mean?” Fang mentioned in particular that they were best friends, but An disagreed .

“Yes, best friends, so what? Since I’m her best friend, she should learn to share you with me . Anyway, she has been monopolizing you for a year, and it’s time to let you go . ”

It’s been so many years since this happened, but Fang Hao still remembers An’s matter-of-course expression clearly . Later, he rejected her with no hesitation . This kind of woman who is so selfish as to hurt her best friend is the most disgusting to him .

Ding Manman didn’t know anything about this incident . On the one hand, the relationship between the two girls is really good; on the other hand, Manman is really innocent and kind-hearted . If Fang told her about it, she would be heartbroken . Therefore, he chose to keep silent . But, since that day, Fang keeps staying away from An Ya .

He once vaguely warned Ding that she should not trust An Ya with everything, but at that time Ding Manman could not listen to him at all and he had no other choice but to let her alone . He thought that he would never again have any relationship with An Ya in his life .

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