Love with Danger in the Purple: Being Beloved by the Hardhearted Avenger

Chapter 17

Chapter 17

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“Fang Hao, I know you were drunk last night, so I won’t blame you for what you did to me . But how could you judge me like that? Actually I just passed by your box . . . ” Murmuring ruefully, An Ya picks up a piece of clothing thrown aside last night to cover her naked body, which manifests clearly that she is a piteous victim .

Fang Hao might believe theses words if they were uttered by someone else . But since they are said by An Ya, they deserve careful exploring .

“You said that I had sex with you last night because I was drunk . I’m wondering: was it I who have blocked the door?”

Fang Hao looks towards the door to the box with no lock at all, which is a measure carried out by “Charm” . But now, against the door stands a table, preventing people from entering .

A trace of unease flusters across An’s eyes . How could have she forgotten about this? Fang Hao doesn’t ignore any movement of An . Seeing her rattled expression, a sarcastic smile curls up his mouth .

“How could you explain this? Was it possible that I blocked the door while drunk last night?”

Faced with Fang Hao’s questioning, An Ya looks extremely awkward . When Fang Hao almost loses his patience, she has to answer slowly .

“I heard that owing to Manman you have been haunted by sorrows these days which you tried to wash away with potent liquor . I came here because I was worried about you . . . Last night I passed by your box whose door was not well-closed, and found you totally drunk lying in the sofa . I cared about your safety so I entered the box . But you, probably driven by alcohol, held me tight and stopped me from leaving, shouting Manman’s name incessantly . I was too weak to free myself . So . . . in the end, it ends up like this . ”

What An Ya said somehow alarmed Fang Hao . After all, what happened last night was just like some mist in his mind . He can just vaguely recall that he was overjoyed when seeing Manman back and nothing else .

Therefore, Fang Hao is not fully convinced about An’s words . What’s more, he has a feeling that she is lying . His skeptical expression is revealed to An Ya clearly . She then lowers her head, saying grievously with a disappointed expression .

“I know you have always been prejudiced against me . I won’t blame you for what happened last night . Moreover, I won’t tell anyone about it, even Manman . If you are still not satisfied, I will leave right away . ”

With these words, she really starts to get dressed . Subconsciously, Fang Hao turns away from her and soon hears the door opened and closed .

When Fang turns around again, there is no one left but the messy ground in the box, which is a sign of the chaos and craziness of the previous night .

A mixed expression spreads over Fang Hao’s face . He is still Manman’s fiance, but he’s had sex with her best friend . He could even imagine Ding’s heart-broken look when she learns about that .

At the thought of this, Fang Hao cannot help kicking over the table in front of him . Even so, his mind is still in a mess .

An Ya leaves the box and walks directly to the gate of “Charm” . It is already noontime . The originally upset-looking AnYa stands up straight the next second .

A smile of triumph appears on her delicate face . Her complacent look turns her into a totally different woman from that in the box who wouldn’t make any complaint, even though she looked wronged .

At the thought of the moments with Fang Hao last night, An Ya feels that her heart is filled with so much joy that she can’t help talking to herself: Ding Manman, Fang Hao is your fiance, so what? Hasn’t he slept with me finally?!

While, Ding Manman in City A has no idea of what happened for she is now bothered by another person .

“Sister Manman, let’s go . Let’s go shopping . You’ve been resting in the hotel for several days and it’s time to hang out . ” Sun Ling’er sits on Ding’s bed carelessly and wakes her up, yelling to take her out .

“I don’t want to go out . ” With these words, Ding covers her head with the quilt . Early this morning, Sun Ling’er ran into Ding’s room and asked her to go shopping with her and she declined . But she has obviously underestimated Sun’s perseverance .

Sun Ling’er keeps taking Ding’s quilt off her face patiently while shaking Ding’s arm gently and saying coquettishly,

“Alas, Sister Manman, you will get sick if you go on lying in bed like this . People should exercise more, instead of being confined to the room for a long time . It happens that my brother will be out all day . Even though you go out, he won’t be able to find it out . So let’s go, Sister Manman!”

At Sun’s words, Ding’s expression turns somehow ironical . How could he fail to find it out? The second she takes one step out of the room, he will be informed .

In the end, Ding Manman succumbs to Sun’s strong perseverance . Reluctantly, she gets up, puts on some make-up, gets dressed and goes out with Sun .

They walk out of the hotel without being hindered, but Ding Manman knows that someone must have notified Zhong Shaoting of her every move .

The feeling of being monitored makes Ding have no passion for shopping at all . When Sun Ling’er is wandering around excitedly, Ding just watches her in silence and feels amazed at Sun’s abundant energy .

Now, they come into a well-known jewellery store in which all the jewellery is of the latest fashion and ridiculously expensive . But as for the daughter of a wealthy family like Sun Ling’er, she has no concept of money at all . She buys everything she likes regardless of the price .

Actually, in less than an hour since they are out, their hands are full of shopping bags . All the things are purchased by Sun Ling’er .

When Sun Ling’er keeps buying in the jewelry store, Ding Manman just sits quietly in the sofa . Just then, Sun, who is selecting necklaces, glances at the silent Ding in the sofa and says, “Sister Manman, don’t just sit there . Come to select some necklaces . These necklaces are well designed . If you like, I will buy some for you . ”

Ding Manman declines her politely, which is totally ignored by Sun Ling’er who shoves Ding right in front of the glass counter where the necklaces are displayed . Then, Sun excitedly points to those glittering necklaces and urges her to choose .

“Just help yourself! You may select whatever you like . It seems that you are not in a great mood these days . It is said that women are able to vent their unhappiness through shopping, so sister Manman, come and pick whatever you like . ”

Sun Ling’er says heroically . The expenses really count little as for Zhong’s Group .

Sun Linger’s words somehow touch Ding Manman’s indifferent and lonely heart . Formerly, she more or less repelled Sun just because she is Zhong’s sister,

But today, it is not until she notices the concern in Sun Ling’ er’s eyes that she realizes that Sun is just an innocent little girl . It is Zhong Shaoting’s fault and she shouldn’t blame others for that .

“All right, thank you . ” Sun’s concern warms her heart and a beautiful smile curls up the corners of her mouth slightly .

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