Love with Danger in the Purple: Being Beloved by the Hardhearted Avenger

Chapter 18

Chapter 18

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Seeing Ding’s intoxicating smile, Sun Ling’er is stunned for a while before she comes to herself .

Sister Manman looks so pretty while smiling . Even she, as a girl, can’t help being deeply attracted . When Sun recovers from the distraction, Ding is staring at a necklace in the display case .

Originally, Ding Manman just wants to browse through the items casually . After all, she has no interest in choosing such things as necklaces at present . But her eyes are caught by one necklace .

At the sight of that necklace, the rims of Ding’s eyes turn red instantly .

This necklace is the present from Fang Hao on her 20th birthday, and she still remembers the scene when he gave it to her .

“Manman, this is for you . ” Fang Hao handed a red velvet box to Ding .

“What’s this?” Ding Manman was a little curious . After opening the box, an extremely delicate necklace came into her view instantly, which was really a great surprise for her .

“This necklace is named ‘Eternal’, representing the eternal love between us . ”

Under the dim light, the young man’s sincere words deeply moved Ding Manman, and it was just on the same day that she accepted his proposal .

Later, Ding learned that this necklace was designed by Tiffany &Co, the new product of which wouldn’t come out until at least one or two years later . In order to get this necklace for her, Fang Hao went to Paris and made use of many personal relationships . Finally, he got it in advance for her, which made Ding deeply moved .

Since that day, the necklace had been around her neck inseparably, even when she took a shower .

However, this necklace which she has been protecting carefully was lost on the day when she was kidnapped by Zhong Shaoting, which made her upset for a long time . She never expected to see it here . Now her heart is filled with mixed feelings .

The necklace displayed in the case is brand-new, while Fang Hao and she are now separated in two places . She can’t forget the look in his eyes, full of disappointment and puzzlement .

Even if they met again, Ding Manman is not confident that their former love would return .

Recollecting the past good times she spent with Fang Hao, Ding Manman cannot hold back her bitter tears, dripping down right onto the glass case where the necklace named “Eternal” is displayed .

Ding Manman’s abnormal reaction catches others’ attention . Sun Ling’ er is taken aback when she sees Ding Manman suddenly burst into tears .

“Sister Manman, what’s the matter?” Sun Ling’ er asks with great concern . She is confused why she’s crying .

“Nothing . I just remembered the past . ” Ding Manman quickly wipes the tears off her face which still keep dripping down . Sun Ling’ er is a little worried and about to say something .

All of sudden, a group of robbers break into the mall . Hearing the screams, Sun Ling’er and Ding Manman look back subconsciously, witnessing the thrilling scene .

A group of masked robbers like madmen burst into the mall, with guns of various lengths in hand . They fire at the ceiling wildly as soon as they enter the mall .

The moment the guns fire, the people in the mall where screaming sounds are heard start to dash around in panic . Many of them run towards the exit crazily, and the robbers then rush into the jewelry store and start their violent robbery .

The two girls have never seen this kind of situation before, so both of them are deadly scared by those horrible gunshots . Ding Manman is the quickest to realize the importance of escape .

But when she takes Sun’s hand and tries to escape in chaos, Sun squats on the ground in fear and doesn’t dare to move .

“Stand up quickly, or we’ll be damned when they come over!” Looking at those terrible robbers, Ding Manman feels anxious and restless .

“But . . . my legs . . . have no strength . ” Sun Ling’er cries out with anxiety . She also wants to run, but such a naturally timid girl is so terrified by the bloody scene that she feels her legs become too weak to run away .

“Stop talking now . They are coming towards here . ” An uncontrollable fear is revealed in Ding Manman’s voice . These robbers are quick in collecting, obviously well schemed . After finishing robbing in other jewelry stores, they rapidly come over towards the one Ding and Sun are in .

Ding Manman immediately pulls Sun Ling’ er to squat and hide below the chairs . Now they have no chance to run out of the store, but to hide there, just hoping that the robbers will only take the jewellery without hurting people .

“Sir, Miss Sun has taken Miss Ding out today . ” Song Chen informs Zhong Shaoting of the news, who is sitting in the back of the car with no response .

Going out may be good to her lest she should have too much time thinking too much in the room . Zhong Shaoting hopes that the last suicide incident will never happen again . He hasn’t tortured her enough, thus she has no right to die yet .

After the day he had her, he hasn’t visited her again, maybe because he saw the swelling in her left face when he got up the next morning, or because he saw her worn-out figure after being tortured all night .

Seeing Ding Manman so weak and fragile, Zhong couldn’t tell his true feelings . He just feels that he wants to escape from something, which is the reason why he hasn’t visited her in the past few days .

But he still appointed someone to monitor her . After learning that she has been confining herself in the room for several days, he begins to worry that she might commit suicide again . Such a strange feeling makes him very uncomfortable .

Until he heard the news from Song Chen that Ding Manman has gone out today, he feels his heart is somehow relieved . It seems that his sister can also do him some favor except for making troubles .

When Zhong Shaoting is still praising Sun Ling’ er in his mind, what Song Chen says after answering the phone next minute proves that he is totally wrong .

“Sir! Now comes the news that a group of armed robbers broke into the mall where Miss Sun and Miss Ding were shopping . The mall has been closed . Our informants are unable to see the situation inside clearly, but it is certain that Miss Ding and Miss Sun are still inside that mall!”

Song Chen’s tone suddenly becomes intense . You know those robbers are armed with guns . Even Zhong Shaoting widens his eyes .

“Go to that mall quickly!” Zhong Shaoting says in a low voice, with his face clouded gradually . Song Chen doesn’t dare to hesitate and turns the car in the direction of the mall .

By the time they arrived at the mall, it has been surrounded by armed forces from the outside . The onlookers are blocked from entering .

“Sir, what should we do now?” Looking at the armed forces outside ready to take action, Song Chen cannot help feeling panicked .

“Call Shaoling and ask him to use his men . ” Gazing at the mall in besiege with a dark and gloomy expression, Zhong Shaoting says indifferently .

“WillChilde Ling agree? It is his most important army . ” Song Chen’s words show his doubt and lack confidence . Childe Ling has such an eccentric temper that no one can gauge . Thus no one can order him to do anything .

“Just call him! Don’t talk so much nonsense!” Zhong Shaoting casts his fierce eyes directly at him, which makes Song Chen immediately shut up and starts pressing the number on his phone .

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